Date: 9th July 2020 at 8:15pm
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Tottenham Hotspur

Dean Court

Premier League

9/07/2020 6:00 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Paul Tierney

Bournemouth Tottenham Hotspur
Ramsdale Lloris
A Smith 63 Aurier 92
Ake Alderweireld
Kelly Vertonghen
Rico Davies
Brooks 66 Sissoko
Lo Celso 45
Stanislas Lamela
King Kane
C Wilson Bergwijn 45


Stacey 63 Ndombele
H Wilson
66 Son Heung-Min 45
Lucas Moura 75
Gedson Fernandes 92

Game Statistics

9 Goal attempts 9
2 On Target 0
8 Corners 12
11 Fouls 14
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
36 % 64

Following on from Monday evening’s narrow victory over Everton at White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur’s Thursday evening fixture saw us head to Dean Court to face struggling Bournemouth.

With it looking likely that any kind of Champions League adventure for the 2020/21 campaign was now thoroughly off the cards, fans simply wanted to see a performance that renewed some hope for the months ahead given our now, long lasting, struggles on the pitch.

It was a lively enough start and Spurs could’ve had a penalty inside of the opening five minutes, but the referee thought Harry Kane went down a little too easily, so the calls were dismissed. It wasn’t a deliberate push, but I’d have said stonewall myself.

We were on top, but they carried more of a threat in the first half and Jose Mourinho made changes at the break.

It seemed to work as well (for a bit) but despite the chances, we didn’t test their keeper and it seemed to fizzle out as a contest for me – but maybe that had more to do with what looked like a serious injury to Smith and the subsequent delay in play.

The game did then get a bit tasty in the final few minutes with Bournemouth having a disallowed goal and some heavy tackles going in, and in stoppage time they had another goal ruled out by VAR and we had another penalty decision turned down.

No shots on target, not what anyone wanted but thoughts to Smith. The game may be summed up by the fact I didn’t even see the first time they had the ball in the net.

Night all.

Unused Bournemouth Subs:

Boruc, S Cook, Surman, Solanke, Danjuma Groenveld, L Cook, Surridge.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Sanchez, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Skipp, White.

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103 Replies to “Spursy Takes On A New Meaning As Bournemouth SomeHowe Take Us To School – Match Stats”

  • José thinks the sign says “To dare not to do.” He doesn’t want the lads to do as he wants, he wants them not to do anything but wander about looking clueless and aimless. He’s pulling off one of the greatest managerial scams of all time: to accept a massive pay check for worsening the performance of the team. Time to lock down this team until they recover from the JM pandemic.

  • HT I feel we were as lucky in the Man City CL game as we were unlucky in the CL final. I feel we have had more than our share of bad luck and poor decisions.
    1 Leicesters’ PL winning year. They hold the title of most awarded PL penalty kicks for that year.
    2 Our stadium debacle. I would argue that the season we finished 2nd had we been at WHL we would have won the league as I seem to remember we stuttered initially at Wembley.
    3 Successful world Cup. Many of our players suffered from being in the latter stages of the 2018 world Cup giving us little time to rest and regroup for the next Premier title. I would argue that this ruined Trippiers Tottenham career. Our team that year started to burn out around January 19.
    4 Injuries to many key players Kane, Lloris, Sonny, not to mention the Wanyama, and Dembele loss.
    5 player contracts and signings. A focus on the New trading facility and Stadium saw a lack of focus on investment in players, renewing contracts, recruiting proper replacement players, finding good academy prospects, paying Premiership wages.
    6 Manager issues. Il go no further on that.
    7 Chairman/owner issues.
    8 Just pure bad luck with var.. This season alone. Pen against Newcastle (not given), Kane pen Bournemouth (not given) Son sending off Everton, Goal disallowed Sheffield, offside goal Leicester.
    Im sure there are others that people will bring to mind.
    I’m sure other teams have had their trials, but, I would argue that ous have been a unique set of circumstances. Someone get a Shamen in to remove the Curse lol.

    • But another example of good luck vs bad luck is that many supporters thought it was “lucky” VAR decisions that got us to the CL final in the 1st place. My opinion was that VAR was only doing it’s job and got it right…… And then was it a bad VAR decision that saw us 1-0 down so early on after Sissoko’s (accidental) handball ……. Was it that Spurs were unlucky or was it because of a change in the hand-ball rule? Or was it that Liverpool were lucky? 🙂

      Was Harry unlucky to not get the pen vs Cherries? Were Bournemouth unlucky not to score because of an unlucky hand-ball? Or, was that lucky for Spurs? Or was it again because of the new hand-ball rule? LOL!

      I hope you get my drift.

  • Hi HT – last season we amassed quite a few points before the new year – then in 2019 we were woeful and scraped over the line in the Prem to 4th and that was mainly because Arse completely bottled it at the end there – we were very lucky to finish top 4 based on performances and results in the 2nd half of the season.

    The CL run was indeed incredible but we got away with murder based on our performances and results – especially against Man City and Ajax and we barely scraped through qualifying in the first place – the only convincing result was against Dortmund – could not defend to save our lives from there on in – lucky goal by Llorente against Man City ( could easily have been given as handball), VAR helping us out, Sonny and Moura heroics, etc – we got there yes but as far as I’m concerned we were very lucky to be there and I know many others agree! I also know full well you disagree with this and respect your decision and argument all the same!

    THe football for the whole of 2019 was poor and boring like I said even where we dominated possession it was mainly backwards and sideways – again as many criticised on here aswell at the time! Also the results were not forthcoming as they had been in the past and we really struggled – indeed it was argued on here we were putting in relegation form quite frankly!

    • Yes, EJ. But our final PL position is down to the entire 38 matches played. And if the 1st part of the season was as poor as the 2nd part, we would not have been in a position to then take advantage of Arsenals late run of poor form. And their season was as up and down as ours was. And it was of course in the latter part of the season that we were playing those last few CL knock-out matches that got us to the final. Our 1st few matches in the CL had many supporters believing that we would not even get out of our group let alone go all the way…

      Swings and roundabouts…. For want of saying something more clever 🙂

  • HT – I am a big fan of JM as regards when he was at Porto, etc but not really when he’s been in the Prem for obvious reasons! But yes he himself has said he see’s Sess as a LB eventually and I would like to see sooner rather than later what he can bring to the team. Davies is decent but is not top 4 material for me especially on a regular basis – we need better and I was hoping Sess could make the position his own ASAP and save us having to spend again on that position! Again here I know a lot on here are of the same opinion that Davies isn’t good enough, that they want to see what Sess can finally bring and that at the moment we probably could do with another LB to come straight into the 1st team if we want to challenge for top 4 again!

    • I don’t get the phrase; But so and so is not a top 4 player. Not least when they have played regularly in a team that has most recently been playing in the top 4…. (That’s Spurs by the way).

      Sessegnon has never played for a top 4 club. And, the one season he played in the PL before becoming a Spur, was for a team that were relegated… So, does that mean he is also not a top 4 player? I mean he actually isn’t is he? Spurs have not been in the top 4 since he joined.

      Harry Kane was often called a championship player by Spurs supporters no less, and not good enough for the PL let alone Spurs… Well that was as meaningless as me saying I am a top 4 supporter and you are a mid-table mediocrity fan!

      Davies has helped THFC be in the top 4 and reach a CL final and he plays as a regular international. Albeit for Wales. 🙂 Yes, he is not an amazing world beater of a player and Barca will not come looking for him. But in the real world Spurs are not Barca. And historically, we are not at the level of Man U or Liverpool when it comes to winning stuff. We are more Wolves, Villa or Burnley or Leeds. Even Notts Forest did better in Europe… We are a great club. But we are not Barca, MU or Pool! Sad but true…

      It’s all relative and in my eyes young Ryan Sessegnon has shown real good talent when playing for Fulham but that means nowt until he can step up at Spurs. And right now there’s no way he is a better choice than Davies. Otherwise why the hell is he not even getting off the bench?

      As I will keep insisting, Spurs supporters cannot expect an entire team of greats and another great to sit on the bench as cover. Not Yet. And that has been so ever since Spurs began. We cannot expect 2 Kanes. 2 Hugos blah blah… I mean where was Hoddles twin? Did Greaves have another Greaves waiting in the wings to step in? Who was the great reserve keeper that Jennings kept out of the team.

      And, why on earth do people insist on saying it’s okay to play shit football with a man that’s won stuff. But it’s not okay to have played very good football with a man who hasn’t won stuff? Surely we should respect the Poch more than the Jose… I mean Poch managed a crap Spanish team and then the Saints. He didn’t manage the likes of Real etc… If you pay for Messi you don’t expect Soldado to turn up . And, If you pay for Jose you shouldn’t be seeing effing Pullis!

      Sorry, I’m ranting again…

      All I know is that we have won trophies with many, many players worse than Davies and most of our squad right now……. You know in the days when just one record Spurs signing is all you’d get every once in a while. And as for the rest of the team? Well it was up to the manager to be creative. And good managers got the job done and won stuff with players just like Davies. Just like Winks or Sissoko and even A young so and so like Championship Harry may just come good if he can graft for it.

      Being the best manager really isn’t about being the best paid and the highest spender. Poch lasted 5 years, winning nowt. Why is it I get the feeling that even if Jose helped Spurs to the title next season, he’d still be fired the following year? Because even winners don’t wanna be bored year after year. And that means owners and Chairman as well as us pathetic little supporters. You know us lot that tend to despise footballers for their wealth but equally dislike chairman that don’t pay even more for them…….. Funny that!

      I think that was more than just one rant……….

      Spurs 4-1 Gooners! I’m serious!

  • We blatantly need Levy to back JM as best possible – the league table does not lie unfortunately – nor does our surrender in all the cup comp’s this season – woeful! I agree JM has to to his job as a coach but he is seriously limited by the talent of each player – there’s only so much you can get out of each one based on their ability! Poch was seriously struggling with this also and thus was eventually replaced! As regards N’Dombele we have to hope he comes good – that’s all that I can really say but yes so far very disappointing no doubt! Sess again very disappointing – fully agree – hope eventually and sooner rather than later that he can make it with us and hopefully as a LB as it seems is being indicated by JM, etc! Further indication of this is we have Sonny and now Bergwijn as LW’s so where is Sess going to fit in but at LB surely (and eventually)?!

    The money would have to come from loans based on future earnings – speculate to accumulate and there must be some/it’s coming from somewhere because JM has clearly indicated there will be incomings (and possibly outgoings – (helping to add/build a kitty here) – let’s wait and see is the best I can offer for now obviously………..!

    The attack – Sonny has been way off since the restart, even Moura and Lamela, no Dele pretty much, Lo Celso and Bergwijn still finding their feet in advanced roles, although HK10 has done OK and is now regaining full fitness and hopefully full form aswell so the attack will come good as far as I am concerned – it’s the defence that worries me completely – let’s see what gets done about it in the transfer window but against Utd we only conceded a penalty and have kept 2 clean sheets in the last 2 games so I think there are small signs we are improving defensively but still much more to do – perhaps JM’s influence starting to show after the mini pre-season during the lockdown, etc?!

    Like I said in an earlier post – let’s give him next season based on a summer transfer window and a full fresh term and then see where it goes from there and base our opinions on better facts……..!

  • Hi EJ and Niall.

    I’m pleased that you responded to my posts because a lot of what I wrote was me just asking questions.

    I mean, I haven’t got a clue, really. One minute I was backing Jose, the next I’m having a go. One match I’m praising players and the next, I am thinking what a load of rubbish…

    It is difficult to make sense of everything right now.

    I mean no one is saying we can beat Arsenal tomorrow given the last few performances. But we are still good enough on paper to beat them. And Jose has a hell of a lot more experience than Arteta. (Who was coached by JM at Barca)…

    But, right now it seems odds on that they will destroy us……. But this not yet a fact! 😉

  • TQ – sounds interesting – let’s see what the club actually come up with if anything at all as regards HK10 possible cover?! My guess though is nothing but we’ll see! JM did say we could not repeat the mistakes of this season so who knows………!

  • There is no such thing as “better facts”, EJ. But there are many different ways of interpreting them…

    My complaint about Jose is a long standing one based on many years of watching his teams and seeing his tactics become less and less effective. And, it’s not just about the results with JM, either. It’s about how he goes about building a team for the future. He wasn’t sacked by MU because of not winning anything. He was fired more so for not backing younger players with a mind to the future. It’s why Solskjaer will be more likely to retain his job whilst not yet winning anything. But, it was also about the football too. And the United owners not only wanted a younger squad to shine and move them forward but also to play attractive football that will keep the supporters happy. It was the same with Roman at Chelsea. And yet 3 times he won them titles. But Roman wants his toy-team to give him joy as well as trophies… And he wants his young players coming through… It’s not a coincidence that we now see this happening at those two former clubs of JM’s and, with rookie managers and not a stale and safety first, old Jose…

    All that said, I am also willing to give Jose his chance in (hopefully) much less challenging circumstances than we have seen in 2020…

    • 123… But that doesn’t explain son and Kane’s bad form or which is their dominant side. But, their both two-footed! And Hugo knows how to use both his hands!

      I’ve no idea what hand Jose prefers. But his helping hands are proving to be a hindrance just now…

  • Hi HT, by better facts I meant more of a bigger sample to judge upon than what has been so far (only half a season or so, with no pre-season, very poor start to come into, injuries, CV/Covid 19, etc) – that’s all!

    I for one want to give JM a fair chance ( as you also appear to want to HT) of proving himself – let’s see what he does!

    On the rest we’ll have to agree to disagree unfortunately lol but it’s all good – it makes for a good discussion and everyone has their opinion after all – sometimes the same, sometimes different but all tend to be relatively valid most of the time!

    • EJ it is obvious that we don ‘t agree on certain things. But I will insist that the points I made about why Jose gets the sack even after winning stuff really is so.

      But if I am wrong, why does he get fired, even after winning PL titles and CL finals? Why do great players stop playing for him? Why do club owners say thank you (after winning stuff) but, you can F off now!

      I’m just asking the questions here, that’s all… 🙂

  • Mant]y supporters are calling for a rebuild. This will be incredibly difficult firstly because we have a £175m loan to pay off. We will not be buying anyone before we sell and we all know how difficult we find it to sell players with our chairman who will not accept anything other than considerably more than a player is worth. This itself will make for a difficult transfer window as I imagine there are at least half a dozen players that Jose would like to offload. The same issue will apply to signing players. Levy will haggle for all he is worth before signing anyone, no doubt leaving it until the last minute and missing out on potential targets. With no European football at all further limiting our ability to afford and attract signings I am expecting a transfer window that will leave Jose fuming and on the verge of leaving the club. COYS

  • By the way, Jose spent an estimated £360m + on 11 players whilst at Man U. And they looked to be going backwards! (And, I’m sure I mentioned this on here whilst he was still there).

    How many years did they give him? And after winning two trophies? I 1/2 years! Why so?

    It cost them 15m to sack him. So all in all, JM cost MU at least £375m in 1/12 years only for them to fire him after watching the team go backwards… I could go on…

    So why the hell am I still backing him! And, maybe Levy really should’ve known better. But Levy is human too. And he coveted Jose for a long time. Just as many of our supporters did and still do.

    But why am I not calling for his head. I should know better too!

    Ahh, but I ain’t no expert am I……….. LOL!

  • Sorry that should have read 2 1/2 years…

    At least he won ‘t be able to spend so much at Spurs… But then we can’t really afford to fire him either…… Shit!

  • HT – don’t worry. I’m sure Levy has negotiated a sensible compensation package if Jose were to be fired. He’ll be gone soon enough

  • I suppose it’s some sort of consolation that SU are currently beating Chelea 3-0 with 10 or so minutes to go!

  • Talking of facts. I just made one up and I don’t know how!

    Jose was never at Barca let alone coaching Arteta at Barca!

    Here’s another made up fact…

    Jose has never been sacked or mutually agreed to leave any club he’s been at. And certainly not after pissing everyone off, including the owners players and supporters. He has always lasted over 3 years at least and he is not Portuguese. So you don’t have to like him anymore, EJ… 🙂

  • Hi HT I’m with you in your earlier response. Sometimes I’m backing JM sometimes I want him to go. As DH says we do need a rebuild. Is JM the man for this, I don’t know.
    I still want to give him a full “clean” season with his own selection of players.
    We can’t dismiss his past achievements. They were by any measure incredible.
    He may be on the downward slope. Hopefully he has a few trophies left in him, or, he gets a second wind. Time will tell.
    Just seen the Sheffield Chelsea result. Makes you think.

  • HT …. Not sure Kane and Son are suffering from a personal loss of form, but I think they are suffering from a Team loss of form and management tactics. All of them are suffering from this in one form or another. If Kane is judged on goals scored then he is rubbish at the moment. Why? Possibly because we are more defensive therefore team members are not looking for him as much and, when they do, they can’t find him because they seem to lack the confidence to deliver a forward pass.

    Vardy, by comparison, is having a great season although he has played more games than Kane (I think?). But he is the focus point of his team when they attack. They look to play the ball into him in a way that suits his game …. just as Spurs used to look for Kane. There’s little point in looking forward for Kane when he is somewhere behind you as seemed to be the case against the Cherries.

    There is a lot of individual criticism on certain players but it seems a bit unfair to blame any one player when the team is broken.

    Anyway, just a thought. I currently have no idea what is happening at The Lane!

    • No, I agree Geof, I shouldn’t have used the word form with Harry and Son… I actually don ‘t think that most of our players have been really that poor in these past few matches. Which is why I have been ranting about jose’s tactics.

      The team has played poorly which is not the same thing… I think..

      For example I have mentioned that so many of Auriers crosses have failed. But he has put some good balls in but no one was in the box or attacking the box. Harry and Son don’t need telling to get in the box do they? Then Serge is moving forward, on the wing, he sees no one ahead to pass to so passes back. Is that his fault…

      Earlier in the season serge was only second to Dele with assists….. It doesn’t say much but it’s more telling about what he can do than what he currently isn’t doing… And I should know better not to realise this when getting angry with players that are working hard even if not performing as a team……… I really do believe it’s about tactics as much as anything.

      But I don’t know….. I’m talking a lot without any answers!

  • Niall…….I don’t think we can afford the kind of rebuild that will make Jose a success at Spurs.

  • HT even if he wasn’t a Portugeeza LOL – his record is still extremely tasty – he’s a winner – so I’m hoping he can bring some of that success to us eventually – here’s hoping anyway!

    No Arse thread yet and it’s now already the day of the match lol!

    As always am up for our games – nothing really to lose now so might we actually go for it and give a decent even good account of ourselves – hope so especially agains the Arse – we the loyal fans seriously deserve it!

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