Date: 9th July 2020 at 8:15pm
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Tottenham Hotspur

Dean Court

Premier League

9/07/2020 6:00 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Paul Tierney

Bournemouth Tottenham Hotspur
Ramsdale Lloris
A Smith 63 Aurier 92
Ake Alderweireld
Kelly Vertonghen
Rico Davies
Brooks 66 Sissoko
Lo Celso 45
Stanislas Lamela
King Kane
C Wilson Bergwijn 45


Stacey 63 Ndombele
H Wilson
66 Son Heung-Min 45
Lucas Moura 75
Gedson Fernandes 92

Game Statistics

9 Goal attempts 9
2 On Target 0
8 Corners 12
11 Fouls 14
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
36 % 64

Following on from Monday evening’s narrow victory over Everton at White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur’s Thursday evening fixture saw us head to Dean Court to face struggling Bournemouth.

With it looking likely that any kind of Champions League adventure for the 2020/21 campaign was now thoroughly off the cards, fans simply wanted to see a performance that renewed some hope for the months ahead given our now, long lasting, struggles on the pitch.

It was a lively enough start and Spurs could’ve had a penalty inside of the opening five minutes, but the referee thought Harry Kane went down a little too easily, so the calls were dismissed. It wasn’t a deliberate push, but I’d have said stonewall myself.

We were on top, but they carried more of a threat in the first half and Jose Mourinho made changes at the break.

It seemed to work as well (for a bit) but despite the chances, we didn’t test their keeper and it seemed to fizzle out as a contest for me – but maybe that had more to do with what looked like a serious injury to Smith and the subsequent delay in play.

The game did then get a bit tasty in the final few minutes with Bournemouth having a disallowed goal and some heavy tackles going in, and in stoppage time they had another goal ruled out by VAR and we had another penalty decision turned down.

No shots on target, not what anyone wanted but thoughts to Smith. The game may be summed up by the fact I didn’t even see the first time they had the ball in the net.

Night all.

Unused Bournemouth Subs:

Boruc, S Cook, Surman, Solanke, Danjuma Groenveld, L Cook, Surridge.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Sanchez, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Skipp, White.

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103 Replies to “Spursy Takes On A New Meaning As Bournemouth SomeHowe Take Us To School – Match Stats”

  • Another terrible, boring display from Spurs. I wonder what Jose is teaching them in their training sessions. What is the game plan? There doesn’t seem to be one except keep passing the ball backwards and sideways. Is this what he is paid £15M a year for. How many times did Aurier get in good positions with the ball up near their penalty area and did not even look forward but passed it straight back to centre backs. Mind you nobody was moving into an open position up front. It looked like they didn’t want the ball. Scared of losing it. What has happened to Son? Is he playing like Mourinho wants him to?
    The one thing Mourinho has taught the team is how to give away free kicks. Never seen Spurs give away so many as they are at the moment.
    I can see why Mourinho doesn’t want to play Ndombele. He wants to move forward and try to create chances. Obviously that’s not what Mourinho wants him to do. How dare he try to win the game?
    The solution is clear. Mourinho has got to go!!! The sooner the better!!!

    • Ekkaboy….the first post on page 2 always appears immediately, it’s the following posts that are the problem.

  • Well that was total CRAP! I have never, well I cannot remember a time when during/after that I have been so angry with my team/club.

    Backward/sideways passing always pointed out, well what about how many times we passed straight to the opposition? giving back possession.

    Sunday the NLD, my oh my and to add insult to injury Michael Oliver is in charge.

    I just don’t know what else to say as everything has been covered, so I am going to give up.

  • I have to say… Jose and the players are not on the same tactical game page. As posters on here have said. HK10 non penalty and a cherries team revitalised playing spurs… or was it a spurs reduced to the relegation qualty of play? No shots on target, that is not good enough.

    Now Arsenal sunday… as in previous years form of the teams go out the window, and both step up their game, I do hope we see a spurs taking on arsenal and playing fast moving counter attacks. Defence Sanchez will back in Verts dropped, Lamela out and the rest as last night.

    • The Cherries really weren’t that good block 108, they ran around and pressed us a bit but it was us that made look as good as they were.

  • Yesterday, when I wrote on VS that Harry is not paid £200k a week just for his usefulness at defending corners. I was being sarcastic but serious too. According to the NBC commentary last night, Harry had cleared at least 4 corners before he had even stepped once into the oppositions penalty area. And then on MotD, they showed a heat map of Harry for the entire game. The red-hottest part of the map was indeed in our penalty area.

    The irony in all this , is that one of the very few times he did show up in their penalty box, he was blatantly fouled and yet oddly even VAR apparently couldn’t see it. In real time I shouted penalty… If there were supporters in the ground, even the Cherries fans themselves would’ve also shouted penalty! The entire crowd would’ve seen a penalty and yet the closest man next to the players actions didn’t see it.

    Not that it would’ve made any difference to the game as a spectacle. And, I was even getting to the point of wishing the Cherries a win as I would like to see them stay in the PL.

    Many online supporters have defended Jose’s tactics and put the blame, solely on the players. Well, it’s true, the players were crap. But by the same token it was more than obvious to me and many others, that the game-plan was also utter crap! And I had half-heartedly predicted it before changing my mind and making a more positive forecast. I was right the first time. And if a fool like me can so easily predict Jose’s approach to this match, then a clever guy like Howe would have known it too.

    But that’s not so unusual for coaches to have a predictable style of play. But our easily predictable tactics last night were enough to give Bournemouth hope before it had kicked off. And honestly, they deserved a win much more than we even deserved a draw… I feel that we should have points deducted for such a rubbish showing…

  • Despite me saying that the Cherries deserved the win, block 108… I thought they were awful too. But better than they had been before last night. Spurs made it so easy for them to be/look better…

    I said I won ‘t be hounding Jose out of Spurs. And I won’t. But I ain’t gonna defend the indefensible. And I remember defending AVB, Poch and Sherwood on here. But I never saw anything anywhere near as bad with those guys.

    Plenty of Spurs supporters were wanting Poch gone last season to the point that they were dismissing a top 4 finish and even a CL final. Well, if that was bad then what does Jose have to do to make it better than that? Because right now, it is worse than earlier this season, under Poch. The results are no worse but the football being played, is.

    And what makes it all the more upsetting for me? Is I think our players have given up. And Hugo must now be thinking to himself; It’s one thing having a pop at Son but I can’t be taking them all on.

    Maybe he needs to have an angry word or two with the manager!

  • I have to laugh at certain people on this all of a sudden dispairing of mourinho’s negative tactics and anti football what the bloody hell did you expect???? Did you not see Man utd rein??? Sacked bye Chelsea sitting in mid table and abusing the teams medic. THE MAN IS FINISHED HE’S WASHED UP, he’s that bad the tide wouldn’t take him out. This is what happens when you walk away from investing in the football team Daniel Levy and fat Joe,but we have the best training facilites and best stadium, who needs the minor part of a football club” THE TEAM “.

  • Who are you talking to/referring to Pauric. Names? Because it’s easy to be smug in your own views but also to show absolutely no objectivity whatsoever…

    I myself have been predicting the football we will inevitably see via Jose’s tactics….. And that is even before Poch was fired and Jose was hired! It’s why I said very clearly on here that I didn’t want JM anywhere near our club.

    But, I still think it’s unfair to fully blame Jose for what the players were already showing before he arrived. And to ignore the highly absurd situation we are all in. (The Pandemic!) It must also be effecting the whole thing in many negative ways for the club… It’s owners, the players and yes, even the manager.

    So, what’s so easy in all this that makes Levy and Lewis so wrong in all this?

    Answers on a postcard please to:

  • Pauric bang on. This is worse than I can remember as even in the 90’s we still tried to score. It’s painful and until ENIC do one we are stuffed. They won’t sell as want as many £’s for their paltry (when compared with what they apparently want to sell for)£22 mill investment, as their sticky wee claws can grab. Property markets (let’s face it our value isn’t in the playing staff anymore) will likely be highly volatile for a while so seems a classic rock and hard place.
    No idea where we go from here just know I cannot stand watching us currently, something I thought I’d never say.

  • To be honest I have no bloody idea where the blame lie’s…
    Some thoughts…
    Yes Levi should have invested more in sounder player’s.
    What did Poch advise him, we have no idea, only media shit stirring.
    Did the players stop playing under Poch, so he gets booted out.
    Do the players regret having or even not respect JM.
    Is the change in ideas to much for the little darlings.

    Now here is a synopsis of the situation we find ourselves in… use a pet dog for example, you let it run about doing as it pleases, crap anywhere, sit/lay where it likes, you then decide right discipline, start teaching right from wrong, thus punishment with plenty of NO’s and of course well done’s, reward treats where required, dog soon learns.

    But what about human beings, our players who basically have been treated like favourit kids and can do as they please, as in game time – go out there do as you please, express yourselves if they score we will score more, while all the time being “big upped” by the media and pundits, everything going to their dear darling heads, but when it came down to importance, the pressure showed and generally/100% they effed up.

    Along comes a disciplinarian coach, the dear darlings are now under shock and awe, we are being told what to do and we do not like it, thus are not responding, they cannot be punished like your pet, so maybe they will take longer to learn/adjust, just a thought, so take it easy with me lol! COYS just

  • Have not posted on here for a couple of years, missed the likes of coopsie, peterballb etc.
    this season this team has been AWOL , no heart, no ideas. can’t blame Jose or Poch but I do blame Levy
    and the board, what was it 4 transfer periods where we did not sign anybody ??? I know Poch
    said he didn’t need anyone but that was bulls**t. Great stadium, well done Levy, sad team well done Levy !!!
    the Buck surely stops at Levy. COYS

  • Good point PY. I’m with you. There is no one reason for our malaise at present. Look back, for what ever reason (which I don’t know) Poch lost the dressing room or maybe his relationship with Levy broke down, or his passion went with lack of investment. At the tail end of his reign we were crap. We brought in a new manager JM (who is distasteful to MANY). We are still crap, in fact even worse,.
    Is it as PY eluded to the brats have thrown their dollies out of the pram because they can’t adjust to a different style of play or has Jose lost his magic (yet boring) touch.
    Just dunno.
    Will still give him a while longer.

  • Gr8 piece on the sacking/replacing of Poch by eurosport. Com. Good reading. Made me think again.

  • How can anyone defend Jose and his abysmal, archaic tactics. He looks bored even drunk at times. During the game he was doodling on a piece of scrap paper instead of encouraging and coaxing like Eddie Howe. Jose is a big head living on a couple of past glories. Ghastly inane interviews never holding his hands up and saying I messed up. I am sure the players are confused and bemused by his defensive tactics. What on earth is Kane doing as an extra central defender? ( He will have his head turned in the summer!) No decent player will want to come to this mid table team with a useless coach and miserable chairman. So it will be bargain basement buys and loans to hopefully keep us out of the relegation zone next season. I was really looking forward to Spurs after the lock down. I didn’t think it could be worse than before. How wrong I was. I even wanted us to lose in the end last night hoping it would preempt Jose’s sacking . Sadly, we luckily scraped an undeserved draw so Jose lives for one more match. Now I am hoping that Arsenal thrash us so we can get rid of this abysmal coach who is ruining our club. Such an almighty embarrassment. We deserve so much better. Worst football in decades. Actually the worst ever and I started supporting Spurs in the 1950’s.

  • Pauric – if directed at me – made the same complaint about the long ball by Toby/Jan last year under Poch as it was similarly used too often for my liking – in-effective a lot of the time and gets boring especially as you just hand over possession to the opposition without making them work for it! Good weapon in the armoury but know your limits!

    JM is a natural born winner (check his record) so I’m happy to give my fellow Portugeeza next season and what will be a full term with a fresh start!

    Levy and the board need to back him though as best possible – no point bringing him in otherwise!

    As regards the quality of footy – the whole of 2019 under Poch was of a very poor standard so that even when we dominated possession it was all backwards and sideways with little or no penetration hence why we could not win games and even kept losing especially away! The CL run was a fluke for me and masked all the true problems which were showing up domestically and blatantly at that! This season true to form the negativity continued and Poch probably unfortunately was right to be replaced and for me JM was 1 of the few if not the only 1 worthy of doing so!


    Crouchy stating the obvious but as I was saying the same thing yesterday on another thread – we could do with 2 good attacking full-backs – Aurier and Davies are not the answer – especially Aurier!

    Has to be a priority along with the new DMC and maybe even a LCB!

    God I wish Sessegnon would step up finally and make the LB role his own and drop Davies to the bench!

    In Aurier’s case just get rid quite frankly – too error prone in defence and needs ample opportunities going forwards to hit a decent cross – we need much better for my liking and to go places! As I read elsewhere he’s been playing pretty much as a RW since JM arrived so his assist stats aren’t all that impressive really!

    Then there’s the issue of proper cover for HK10 if could be found – where’s Levy’s cheque book lol…..?!

    • EJ…….in terms of cover for HK10, there is young Irish lad – Adam Idah – at Norwich who looks to have bags of potential. At 18/19 he is already a commanding figure and has shown some great skills in his mostly substitute appearances lately. IMHO he already looks a better prospect that Parrott and wouldn’t cost a lot.

      Very sad to hear of the passing of Jackie Charlton, RIP big man.

  • EJ, I’m not sure how a team “flukes” a CL run all the way to the final. We had to play football and win some matches to get to the final. We played top teams on the way there, as did Liverpool. And it was hard work getting there. We didn’t get there by tossing coins! 😉

    What is it with Spurs supporters? We seem to expect the very best and yet call it luck or chance when we do well. When we finished 2nd in the PL (for example), it was because every other top team was apparently crap that season… I’ve read loads of examples on here as to why we were lucky when we have done well…….. And yet I have also read time and time again about how unlucky we have been as a team……

    Well, football will always see good luck and bad luck. In amongst the scoring and conceding of goals. Dodgy VAR decisions, favourable VAR decisions. Win, lose or draw. The history of all football shows this. Championships, World cups, CL finals and all have seen many a team have a bit of luck along the way in winning them. But they are competitions played over many matches. And whoever wins or is the runner up, is 3rd, 4th or 5th etc., deserves their place.

    Even the tossing of a coin isn’t about straight on luck. The coin first needs to be tossed and then the call is 50/50. And, all football matches start at 0-0. You win some, lose some and sometimes draw!

    Spurs won enough of them last season to get to the PL top 4 and a CL final. So, if it’s all about the results more so than how well we play. Why even criticise Poch and the team for all that poor football? Isn’t that in itself a big contradiction? LOL

  • Is Sess a LB? Did we buy him to play there? Id he is then there’s good reason why he isn’t playing there. He’s no better at it than Davies is. And Davies is good… But Maybe Sess is too unfit. I don ‘t know…

    Why would we play Sess when he is not the better player at this moment? Maybe Jose knows best. Maybe not?

    EJ, you’re a big Jose fan. So I presume that you must think that he does know best… 🙂

  • “Where’s Levy’s chequebook?”

    Where’s the extremely well paid head coaches, coaching skills gone to. Where’s the very expensive Ndombele’s fitness gone? Why was Sess so over-hyped? Where’s the money coming from right now without an income? Where’s our attack gone?

    So many questions?

    It’s alright… All will be well for one day at least, when we thrash the Gooners tomorrow…… LOL!

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