Date: 9th July 2020 at 8:15pm
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Tottenham Hotspur

Dean Court

Premier League

9/07/2020 6:00 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Paul Tierney

Bournemouth Tottenham Hotspur
Ramsdale Lloris
A Smith 63 Aurier 92
Ake Alderweireld
Kelly Vertonghen
Rico Davies
Brooks 66 Sissoko
Lo Celso 45
Stanislas Lamela
King Kane
C Wilson Bergwijn 45


Stacey 63 Ndombele
H Wilson
66 Son Heung-Min 45
Lucas Moura 75
Gedson Fernandes 92

Game Statistics

9 Goal attempts 9
2 On Target 0
8 Corners 12
11 Fouls 14
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
36 % 64

Following on from Monday evening’s narrow victory over Everton at White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur’s Thursday evening fixture saw us head to Dean Court to face struggling Bournemouth.

With it looking likely that any kind of Champions League adventure for the 2020/21 campaign was now thoroughly off the cards, fans simply wanted to see a performance that renewed some hope for the months ahead given our now, long lasting, struggles on the pitch.

It was a lively enough start and Spurs could’ve had a penalty inside of the opening five minutes, but the referee thought Harry Kane went down a little too easily, so the calls were dismissed. It wasn’t a deliberate push, but I’d have said stonewall myself.

We were on top, but they carried more of a threat in the first half and Jose Mourinho made changes at the break.

It seemed to work as well (for a bit) but despite the chances, we didn’t test their keeper and it seemed to fizzle out as a contest for me – but maybe that had more to do with what looked like a serious injury to Smith and the subsequent delay in play.

The game did then get a bit tasty in the final few minutes with Bournemouth having a disallowed goal and some heavy tackles going in, and in stoppage time they had another goal ruled out by VAR and we had another penalty decision turned down.

No shots on target, not what anyone wanted but thoughts to Smith. The game may be summed up by the fact I didn’t even see the first time they had the ball in the net.

Night all.

Unused Bournemouth Subs:

Boruc, S Cook, Surman, Solanke, Danjuma Groenveld, L Cook, Surridge.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Sanchez, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Skipp, White.

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103 Replies to “Spursy Takes On A New Meaning As Bournemouth SomeHowe Take Us To School – Match Stats”

  • Hi HT – I did say that I thought that the likes of Chelski, Madrid and Man U – we’re not loyal to their managers especially recently of which JM was 1 for sure at all of them so that in part answer’s your question of why he’s been asked to leave at all 3! The burden of expectation is ridiculous at these clubs – the most successful club in Spain and the world and then the most successful club in England and in Chelski one with aspiration’s to topple these other 2 for example – any hint of weakness and the manager gets the chop – it’s happened regularly as I said at both Madrid and Chelski for year’s now and since Ferguson left – the same at Man U! The fact that they eventually had to turn to the likes of Zizou, Frank and Ole says quite a bit about the merry go round at these clubs – they ran out of top experienced manager’s and had to recruit novices quite frankly and see how it went – fair play to Zizou at Madrid but perhaps JM put big foundations in place between 2010 and 2013 (read below further) and as for Frank and Ole – neither is really doing that well to be honest but what other choice do both those clubs have now after so much chopping and changing?!

    The club’s at which JM won the CL he was never asked to leave, Porto and Inter – he left because as you say he was poached, but both those clubs desperately wanted him to stay! I just read that at Madrid – he actually won 2 records whilst going on to win the La Liga title – most wins and most goals scored in a season – that’s not that bad surely?! At Chelski originally it was something similar also especially as regards record points. I think the problem was that both Chelski and Madrid coveted the CL and that was the reason he was removed because in terms of titles he won 3 at Chelski and 1 at Madrid in relatively short spells at both! In the CL he got Chelski as far as the CL semi’s and at Madrid he never failed to make the semi’s in his time there either – also 1 might argue he built the foundations for both to then go on and reach finals and actually win it – Chelski reaching the final as early as 2008 (JM removed 2007) and then eventually winning it in 2012 and Madrid winning it in 2014 (JM removed 2013), 2016, 2017 and 2018!

    Poch even though did not win anything, came close enough in pretty much every competition hence why he lasted so long and also the burden of expectation was not very high given our standards in the last 20 years – he did have a decent young squad for most of that time though to help achieve what he did.

    Unfortunately this season like you yourself have recently commented about manager’s not being given time (JM suffering heavily of this above all for being at the world’s best club’s in the likes of Madrid and Man U especially and even Chelski if you look at their record over the last 20 year’s or so) – it started very poorly and thus he was relieved of his duties – it’s the way it goes – more loyalty should have been shown especially as Poch was never properly backed in the transfer market like other top manager’s have been but that’s how it was and is – modern bloody football and in our case – the Levy way!

    I hope this helps to answer some of your question’s HT if not I can try again – it’s good to talk lol…….!

  • Hi HT – as regards Davies – he has played a lot more in the last 2-3 season’s I agree but that has as you agree been down to Rose’s injury problems and then especially subsequent lack of form – this said in that time Spur’s have gradually got worse and for example last season scraped 4th and this season will finish outside the top 4 for the 1st time in 4 year’s! These last 2 season’s our defence has been woeful and Davies has been a mainstay of it in that time especially in the Prem – so he has to take part of the blame for it for sure and for me is not good enough to be a 1st team regular in a top 4 side – you’re only as strong as your weakest link and our full-backs compared to when we had the likes of Walker and Rose and were challenging for the Prem (in part having a tight defence and an excellent attack) are now very poor by comparison! In their prime Walker and Rose were being linked to Man City, Man Utd, etc – coveted by the best – who has Davies been linked to in his time with us – nobody unfortunately!

    Also in last season’s CL run – it was nearly always Rose (especially the knock-out stages) who Poch turned to and not Davies even when Rose was being criticised for being off form, etc and not upto his previous standards. Indeed I still remember him playing against Ajax and Liverpool from the start for sure!

    Glad you agree that we need another LB lol – at least we agree on something!

    Also you did not answer my question as regards – Sess – what a do about this problem?!

  • I never said he didn’t do well…. I know very well his records… But you seem to ignore my main point about Jose.

    It’s about not continuing to move teams forward with more of an eye to the future and with more entertaining football. This has been my whole point throughout.

    Owners have backed him with loads of dosh and even extended his contracts only to suddenly stop him in his tracks. I don’t care what anyone’s opinion is of him, his personality or style but what I am pointing out is actually so. I’m going by what I have seen with the football. What supporters have said. And what owners have said and of course the owners actions in getting rid.

    It s apparent that at Chelsea and United the owners want to concentrate more on promoting youth and thinking long term. They don’t want to spend the vast sums that they do, watching their huge investments in managers and players not come to fruition. They will hire Jose for his immediate impact but would prefer a man that they can see into the future with on all kinds of levels… And believe it or not they also want to save a bit of money too. And, they want their supporters to be happy with the football.

    Its cheers Jose, thanks for the cups but the footballs now boring and we have all had enough. Goodbye!

    And Jose don’t mind. He’s made millions just from leaving these clubs, aside from his wage. More than some managers earn in an entire career…… But even so, a player such as Pogba is an even bigger investment and a bigger draw than a manager like Jose, for a club like MU. They wanted him playing, not on the bench where Jose put him. They want the supporters chanting Pogba’s name, not booing the likes of Jose…

    Levy kept Poch because he was looking to build his team from the bottom up and he progressed on a limited budget and promoted and greatly improved younger players. It was when this stopped working that he was fired. Jose may yet win us a cup. But if he doesn’t provide all of the rest that Poch did, he’ll be gone….

    Jesus, even our win vs the Gooners yesterday was just a fancy version of Pullis but with much better players than were at Stoke!

  • Hi HT – but the 3 club’s we talk about – do not look into the future – they are the epitome of the here and now culture in football – all that matters is winning trophies this season, etc and even league titles aren’t enough – the CL is expected aswell – it’s quite frankly ridiculous when you consider that there are several club’s in each league and even more so in the CL capable of winning in any given season and who also spend big money aswell – it’s not limited to 1 or 2 clubs only!

    As regards style of play – I don’t fully see the problem myself – it wasn’t pretty with Poch for the last 12 months either – there has been a general malaise around the team for nearly 2 season’s now – like I’ve said even when we dominated possession it was all sideways and backwards with little or no penetration and generally poor results – I want to see us score goals, not concede them and win matches – simple as! Also when you play players like Lo Celso, Dele, Moura, Bergwijn, Son and HK10 together and they have time to gel as JM is trying to do – you should get your fair share of good attacking football, especially if they perform upto standard on the pitch – let’s hope this is the case from next season but also you cannot abandon your defensive duties otherwise it becomes an uphill struggle – hence why I want us to invest in defensive players to bring the level up to that of our attacking players of whom some are actually world class especially Son and HK10!

  • P.S. I know we can’t do a Liverpool and buy the likes of Alisson and VVD but we can certainly do a Leicester and look for the Maguire’s, Soyuncu’s, Ricardo’s and NDidi’s who all cost £20m or less – nothing to stop us doing that than having some bloody good scouts – hopefully we can get in JM’s favoured man from Lille finally and he can start doing the business for us, either that or the present bunch seriously up their game!

    We need a DMC, a RB, a LCB, a LB and ideally a STR aswell! Just because we are currently struggling with money it doesn’t mean those position’s don’t need filling in the squad but I have to agree finding the bloody money is another question altogether!

    Starting base: Toby, Davy, Dier, Tanganga and Davies.

    Vert’s likely to leave unfortunately – let’s see what JM thinks though on this.

    Rose, Aurier, KWP, Foyth, CCV and Amos not good enough (anymore if ever were some of them) and need to be sold ASAP!

    I have to be honest and say I’m not particularly happy with selling Foyth and KWP as they are still young and bound to improve but neither has ever done anything for us unfortunately and money wise for sure needs must surely!

  • P.P.S. Forgot to mention Sessegnon but he could likely be leaving on loan as I don’t think JM trusts him at LB at the moment and we can’t go a whole season with just Davies by himself there and with Vert’s likely off – we need another LB desperately, just like we do a RB! Anyway will leave it for now and see what happens this summer……..!

  • Folks – I’ve seen the understandable criticism again about comments, but again there’s not a lot I can say sadly on top of what I’ve already said. I would ask out of respect for me, people don’t use what I like to consider my site, to find a new home. I would also say I also have a life, which means I’ll err at points such as not providing a match thread for the last game – and whilst I understand why people would think it’s a malaise – it’s not, just on occasions I have more important things to think about and deal with in my life.

    Lots has changed, and whilst I know a few think Covid is an excuse, it’s not. People have been furloughed in the wider company and I can only imagine ad rates have gone though the floor – I have sent a reminder the issue is outstanding and I don’t for a second believe the community here is being dismissed as I’ve spent enough time bugging people already and plenty has been tweaked but sadly to no effect, yet.

    I know I’m still a newbie, I know the site isn’t what it was because others have naturally ceased posting (long before we had posting issues) and I can’t change that. I can just be me. And putting it bluntly as I haven’t hidden I get a reward from my page views – this also effects me – so please don’t think I’m ignoring you. But the lad who knows this stuff isn’t just beholden to this site, especially on an issue that doesn’t appear to affect any other Vital sites folks.

  • DW – no worries – there is still an issue – an hr slot or so between posting and appearance but atleast they eventually appear and it’s certainly much better than what it was for sure when the problem first arose – anyway keep up the good work mate and hopefully this will be fixed and everything back to normal ASAP!

    • Cheers El Jefe, the last tweak did seem to improve things from what people have said, here’s hoping the next tweak sorts it once and for all!

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