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Regular readers of Vital Spurs will already know my thoughts on Tottenham Hotspur’s decision to furlough non-playing staff at the club, particularly doing so prior to coming to an agreement with the playing staff so they could rightly share the burden and show some solidarity – so naturally, I applaud the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust and their ongoing efforts to see the move reversed (which it now has been).

The full statement, as they explain their reasoning and their hopes, make perfect sense to me as football as a whole should be coming together at this moment in time, and not just protecting a club in isolation, but also ensuring the industry as a whole is in a position to come through this intact.

Sadly, given the self protectionist guff we’ve seen from Gordon Taylor at the Professional Footballers’ Association, and Richard Masters’ response from the Premier League, that thought is the furthest from their minds at the moment as they focus solely in on their own renumeration.

With the players themselves setting up their charitable NHS fund, whilst the move should be applauded, it’s left a lot of fans – like me – further disgusted with the wider attitude of footballers.

I should quickly say not all footballers and there are those who have sensible stayed quiet, but the fact it has been used by some to bite back at valid criticism in the direction of footballers and even worse, when you have the likes of Robert Snodgrass suggesting footballers should ‘earn respect’ for simply paying their taxes – the clueless bubble that Premier League football lives in is painted even more starkly.

Football’s response was never about the NHS or taxes, it was about playing their part in firstly, protecting normal club staff who make their lives possible, their club and then – for me – helping out fellow clubs and playing colleagues (who were, in turn, playing their own part and protecting normal staff).

Given the wide-ranging opinions offered up so far, I expect not everyone will agree – but given I’m so steadfast in my thoughts here, I’d certainly welcome the opposite perspective.

I wasn’t actually going to have another mini-rant like this given the topic had been well covered, but our friends over at Vital Villa had their say over the weekend, and not only was I pretty much in 100% agreement, it got my own juices flowing.

So given this isn’t quite ‘furlough’ related and comes at things from a different angle, I thought it was worth raising.

Given the announcement made by Spurs earlier this afternoon, I have had to rewrite some of the above, but I can only applaud the Board for listening to the concerns raised, and although some may question why it took so long to reverse the decision, at least it has been reversed.

I can also only applaud the following announcements.

Now, over to the players, Spurs have played their part.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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126 Replies to “Spurs U-Turn Is Welcomed But Now It’s Really Over To The Players”

  • Danny Rose claims PL players are being treated as lab rats ……… so what does he feel about the millions of key workers many of whom work for minimum wage? Does he think they are being used because they show dedication to their professions and put themselves on the front line to look after us all?

    Just another example of the selfish attitude displayed by many of the priviledged few, I am approaching 70 years of age so considered to be in the ‘at risk’ group but would still be happy to accept the risk to my health (very minimal risk in his case) if I were being paid £100k plus per week to do so. That’s the problem though, unlike the ordinary guy in the street they are receiving these obscene amounts regardless of whether they do their job or sit at home doing nothing.

  • Hi folks hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe. I totally agree with TQ’s comments re posting. The time delay in publishing posts is destroying and discussion, argument, banter with posts often interrupted by another (equally as valid) perhaps unrelated post. I would not be writing here at present but for the intervention /advice of my “chums” TQ and B 108 who advised a different search engine. I was at one stage writing blind due to over invasive adverts the screen was jumping back and fourth it just wasn’t worth logging in. As for TK’s post on this matter, surely this would be a time to fix this issue
    “Slay the page 2 Dragon” whilst things are relatively quiet. On TK’s second issue re nothing vital to talk about. Why don’t we do our top all time Spurs team. Or our best strikers goal keepers etc..
    Heres something I’ve wanted to know for sometime. And perhaps this is the place for an answer. Several years ago we had David Beckham at our ground training etc.. There was a stage where Spurs shirts with Beckhams name on them were touted. He was hinted as a shoe in for Tottenham. Where did it all go wrong cos I missed it.

  • Niall….greatest goalkeeper for me has to be Pat Jennings, I would rate him in the top 3 that have ever played the game worldwide. He’s not the absolute best striker we’ve had but I do have a soft spot for Martin Chivers, wish he could pass on his shooting technique to some of our current squad!

  • Have to admit my fellow County man big Pat was my favourite as well. Met both him and Bestie once. For me the greatest goalkeeper and footballer of their time, but I am biased. I also liked Brad Frediel as a keeper I wish we had gotten him when he was younger..

  • Niall… have started something there “name your top of all Spurs team” I will have a good think of 60+ years being a fan.

    TQ….there is only one Pat Jennings, simple “The Best”, he had hands like dinner plates lol! I also know of your soft spot for MC, he had some shot on him, though I believe one of the most underrated was Alan Gilzean, for me he had it all.

    I will now try and name my fave all time Spurs team. COYS 4 ever

  • TK.. good to see you are still here… and keeping social distance from hugging DW, as Brazil is a decent social distance… 🙂 LOL.

    Niall Yes Pat Jennings was a good keeper. I’ll always remember how Pat simply plucked the ball out of the sir with his huge hands on corners and crosses. Hoddle has to be the best talented outfield player at spurs, 40 yd passes spot on to forward running player?.. no problem.. right on every time.

  • As for strikers… Jimmy Greaves clear at the top of the spurs charts.

    It may be said its a different game now.. but in those 1960’s / 70’s days players were really hard men.. Dave McKay spurs … Norman Hunter…Leeds…and others, yet Jimmy danced around them ball tied to his boot laces to score .

  • Well here are some of my absolute favourite Spurs players. My top 11 or so
    Pat Jennings
    Ledley King
    Jan Vertongen
    Chris Houghton
    Danny Rose
    Steve Perryman
    Paul gasgoine
    Glen Hoddle
    Gareth Bale
    Jimmy Greaves
    Harry Kane
    Ossie Ardelles
    Gary Mabbutt
    Clive Allen
    There you go could ve gone for the likes of Gilli, Cyril, Chivers, Mckay. But to be honest didn’t see enough of them. Anyone else up for the challenge?

  • Paul Robinson

    Steve Carr
    Chris Perry

    Van der vart


  • Pat Jennings

    Chris Houghton
    Mike England
    Ledley King

    David Ginola
    Luka Modric
    Dave Mackay

    Jimmy Greaves
    Harry Kane

    Van der Vaart
    Steve Perryman
    Clive Allen
    Alan Gilzean
    Cyril Knowles
    Glenn Hoddle

  • Off topic…As TQ2 / Geof spurs / TK / PY …may remember… 1961 England v Rest of the World. (Pele etc) England won 2-1 Jimmy G scored. I saw this game as a young lad on dads old black & White TV. From that day I was a definite spurs fan having moved from Stamford Hill to Enfield a year before. Also we had to watch (mums orders) Coronation Street… Ena Sharples etc. before any other programme Oh.. happy days they were… children were safe to play outside in the streets, no ABSO orders, bad behaviour… First colour TV programme I saw.. High Chaparral 1972. My trip down memory lane a rare thing to happen. damn you Niall… lol.

  • B 108 happy to help. I got a Spurs sew on Co ckrel badge for my white t shirt blue shorts (I had a kit)
    I was bout 7. My first colour TV programme was also the High Chaparal. My dad took us to the Jubilee pub he got a pint we got a coke and watched Manolito, and Blue Boy, Buck etc…

  • It’s all good naming the best 11, now how about the worst 11, should be interesting. I nominate PY to go first.

    • 123s….I have to ask “why me” lol! I don’t think naming the worst 11 is any easier, because we have had some right knobs playing us over the years, my biggest trouble is age and a thing called a memory, right where do I /we start lol! COYS 4 ever

  • B 108 bit of nostalgia, happy to help, BTW my first colour TV experience was also “The High Chaparal”
    Monolito, Blue Boy, Uncle Buck. My dad took my Bro and I to see it in The Jubilee Bar he had a pint we got a coke. Happy Times.

  • Argh! you lot and your nostalgia!, If I remember correctly I had been in the forces a couple of years before I saw my 1st colour tv programme, I think it was “BBC News” or was it “Benny” in Crossroads lol! I just cannot remember. COYS 4 ever

  • If someone finds a site where we all can immigrate to keep up the years long community of discussions about our beloved Spurs, post that place here. This place is dying. the owners of the site seem not to care about those of us who are here. This site don’t deserve our being here. They’re making money selling space for adverts, and we get the shaft. Time to move to another site if anyone can find and suggest one. I’ll keep checking in to see whether someone has found somewhere for us to continue talking with one another. In truth, this site has not decent support and doesn’t deserve us. Let’s find somewhere else to move to. If you find another site for us to continue the talks, please post in on all threads here so that no one is left behind when we migrate to another site. or if someone want to start another place? maybe Post-Vital Spurs site? Vital Spurs Reincarnated? 4-King Spurs Site in honour of our real Spur, Ledley?

    Come On You Spurs Supporters. Time to move to a place that wants us.

  • Any list of all-time Spurs players that leaves off Danny Blanchflower deserves a flogging. it would be like a list of all-time papers without mentioning Rizlas. Spliffs for Spurs! Going to Silly Putty. can’t abide no woman who goes around sniffing glue. Watcha sniffing to leave off Danny Blanchflower, man? Sorry i can’t take you, pretty mama.

    look it up if you need, but take a look at this yew toob:

    dare to be there or be square.

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