Date: 29th March 2020 at 8:30pm
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With the current hiatus in the 2019/20 fixture list and no real clues as to when, or if, the campaign will continue or be voided – we all need a bit of distraction as we know transfer rumours have already spiked and there will be more nonsense on the newsfeeds than even Donald Trump can muster in a single off-script press conference.

While away the time here with chat, nonsense and even good news stories doing the rounds to help keep our spirits up during this period.

And above all else, as we self isolate or social distance – follow the advice – but don’t forget to say ‘morning or evening’ to folks and check if those close to you (or even the random neighbour you don’t really know) are okay.

We’ve all seen stories of the worst of us, let’s make sure we continue to do our part in being the best of us.


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  • Here’s hoping that the VS community comes through this period of plague alive and healthy. Be well fellow Spurs supporters. I wouldn’t mind seeing this season voided, but let’s see all of us come through alive to support our Spurs when the beautiful game returns. COYS and come on you Spurs supporters and your families. Hunker down and survive. And take Pilote’s advise and wash your hands.

  • I ditto everything TK said, and will also add, if you have to go out for important things, smile and acknowledge everybody else you may meet, it is surprising what a nice smile can do some peoples well being.

    Keep smiling and safe to all my fellow Yids in these dark days. COYS 4 ever.

  • Any one reading, am bored now, have completed “Er in doors” “to-do list” of about 10 A4 pages lol! any idea’s/suggestions what else can be done, lol! COYS 4 ever

  • Never mind afternoon napping Danny, don’t you have some chasing up to do with the IT department? Page 2 will soon come round again! lol

    • Nowt has changed TQ2 – just in case my last message was missed in the other thread.

      “I’m already at the top of the line, with the expert on this software within the company – but he handles multiple sites, not just Vital, I can’t push it higher – just waiting for him to have another play and hope he gets to the bottom of it this time.”

      Again, once I hear something I’ll pass it on but he sounds swamped with things at the moment.

      ps – I’m getting too old now not to have a nap of sorts!

  • DW…thank you for the suggestion, but those days are long gone lol!

    TQ2S….patience is a virtue lol! mind you, how long must patience last? because after all we are Spurs fans and we are still waiting, think there is a song in there somewhere lol! COYS 4 ever

    • Not much else is happening, I’m trying to catch up on some beauty sleep – God knows I need it.

  • DW….. surely VS Spurs are the top site for posts and articles from members in this franchise? if not then in top 3 at least. So should have a fully functioning site months ago… ??

    • Honestly have no idea 108, I only know my own ‘stats’ – no access (understandably I guess) to other writers true figures on here, and certainly not sister sites on the network.

  • Danny… only have to visit the other PL Vital sites to see that this one is the best supported, and that still applies even after losing a good number of regular posters a few seasons ago due to some pretty fierce clashes between a small number of the members. We may only get about 100-200 posts per article now but there was a time prior to the exodus when it wasn’t uncommon to get over 1000 posts on a match thread if we lost! 🙂

    • I’ve never actually looked TQ2, when I have browsed around it has been for content ideas lol

  • I’m actually quite embarrassed that our club are applying to the government for furlough money to pay our 500+ non playing staff. If the players are on an average say of £75k per week, if they all took a pay cut of 50% for the duration of the shutdown there would be more than sufficient funds to pay them within the club. If the players can’t manage on £37.5k per week during this crisis then shame on them, there will be thousands of ordinary hard working people who are far more in need of any government money that is available.

    • Should never have announced this without confirmation on the first team in my humble.

      • Danny….it’s even more embarrassing that Levy has announced it as “the non playing staff will have to take a 20% pay cut” as if the club is going to pay the 80%! 🙁

        • Yes, the ‘where appropriate’ is poor given we know full well it’s been lumped straight to the taxpayer, and it’s also incredibly poor the club aren’t making up the remaining 20% for those staff. The Directors surely don’t need a wage?

  • Not to mention the near £300k per week Jose is reportedly on, although I’m a bit dubious that he is actually on this amount!

  • TQ2S, thats so simple, taking a 50% pay cut, say 10 of them = £375,000/500 = £750 a week, doubt if many are on that, so pay cut could be less, as I said simple, a 33% cut by 10 of them = £500 a week for the 500. COYS 4 ever

    • PY….the whole squad can afford to take a pay cut of 50% without it hurting them, wouldn’t be fair to put the load on just 10 of them.

    • PY….those figures put things into context don’t they, less than half the squad can take just a 33% cut in wages and the money saved pays FIVE HUNDRED ordinary workers an average weekly wage! Just emphasises how ridiculous the wages of PL footballers are……and then you realise we are paying it to idiots like Grealish!

  • The fact the mourinho has a job at all is amazing these days. His career and reputation were pretty much on the decline before DL decided to turn Spurs in the wrong direction.

    In another direction, hasn’t Messi accepted a big pay cut for the duration at Barça to help cover the pay of the clubs functionaries? Let Mourinho work for free for a while. Or simply put him on the dole. He is the antithesis to the way Spurs play. Let him go away. Vai embora, idiota. Vc é uma vengonha.

  • Not only that Danny, some have also made large personal financial contributions to help fight the virus!

      • Danny….one example, Messi has apparently donated 1 million euros to be split between hospitals in Barcelona and Argentina.

        • Top gesture and nice sum as well, even if he wouldn’t miss it. It’s the thought that counts really isn’t it.

  • Wow….there are some pretty harsh comments directed towards the club by the media this morning, not a surprise really, a terrible PR faux pas. Levy is reported to be working on player wage cuts but it’s a bit too late in the day, should have been the first stop in the process.

  • TQ2S….I expect the media are luvin it, another item/reason to have a go at Spurs, its bloody endless with them.

    Keep safe my fellow Yids. COYS 4 ever.

    • Morning PY…’s not just Spurs getting stick, Man City are another. In fact, all PL players are being criticised for not coming out and volunteering to take pay cuts in order to protect the wages of the non-playing staff.

  • Yes good morning TQ, totally agree, but I think what Levy said can be taken any which way depending on how you feel about him, me as normal I am sat on the fence. COYS 4 ever

  • PY, I am (in the main) respectful of what Daniel Levy has done for our club but he and the PL generally have got this badly wrong. If we don’t see some gestures from the highly paid players soon then I think we might actually see the bursting of the football bubble when this is all over as the country struggles to recover.

    • If football lumps on the taxpayer and players/directors aren’t seen to be doing their fair share (given their riches) I have started genuinely wondering if that would be the final straw for fans across the country – simply through their own arrogance.

  • Unfortunately I don’t have a dartboard on which to fix Levy’s photo from this mornings papers. I hope he enjoys his £3M bonus. His motto is one again “Im all right Jack etc”. His attitude is at least consistent.

  • Common Guys we are supposed to be a family a community. Harry Kane he’s one of our own. If he, we’re, he would take a pay cut considering he has barely kicked a ball for us this year. Common Spurs players show the way to other Premier clubs take a pay cut be a community help those within your club that need it. Can you not live on 30 grand +A WEEK. As someone said in another site, when our backs are to the wall we see what is important. It’s Doctors, Nurses, police etc not footballers. Common Spurs players give a bit.

    • Players across all clubs (bar those few who announced quick agreements – albeit I don’t agree with deferments here) have massively let themselves down. Today’s big meeting resolved nothing – I’ve no doubt whatsoever that by next week all players and the PFA will agree to a 50% deal of some kind (most likely deferment so they don’t lose out whilst normal folk lose businesses and lose out) – but I can’t help thinking it’s been deliberately strung out for a week because they wanted to maximise income and/or don’t care/are too ignorant to realise the current mood in the country.

      Folks are coming out of retirement despite more naturally being in the ‘at risk’ age category…well over a million volunteers doing the right thing…neighbours looking after their own and in some cases, strangers, and Prem footballers/managers/executives can’t live on 5k a month?

      If I accepted swearing on this site, you can imagine my next sentence.

      • I’ve said for a long time there needs to be a reckoning over the ridiculous wages at the top level in football, maybe this is the moment to make it happen. At the end of the day the wages are driven by us the supporters being willing to pay whatever the likes of Sky and BT decide, they pay stupid amounts for the broadcast rights because they know we supporter mugs will pay to watch our teams play. Maybe it’s time we took a stand and said FU and just sucked up not paying to watch live games on TV for long enough for them to stop ripping us off.

        • It’s utterly disgusting that the people on average wages get hit first utterly sickening. Tottenham players hang your heads in shame, you shouldn’t need anyone to tell you how much of paycut to take man up and take it on the chin. As for Daniel Levy I’m not surprised bye him I have no respect for him seriously showing his true colours,what about giving that bonus payment to heroes who are putting there lives at risk. If football clubs and players don’t do the proper thing then I think there signing there own death warrants.

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