Date: 13th April 2020 at 6:20pm
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With plenty of criticism aimed at Tottenham Hotspur for their decision to furlough non-playing staff the other week, earlier today the club did the right thing in the eyes of many, and walked back that decision.

Whilst sadly there was an air of ‘poor us’ to the statement released this afternoon by chairman Daniel Levy, his words were spot on in many ways.

“The criticism the Club has received over the last week has been felt all the more keenly because of our track record of good works and our huge sense of responsibility to care for those that rely on us, particularly locally. It was never our intent, as custodians, to do anything other than put measures in place to protect jobs whilst the Club sought to continue to operate in a self-sufficient manner during uncertain times. We regret any concern caused during an anxious time and hope the work our supporters will see us doing in the coming weeks, as our stadium takes on a whole new purpose, will make them proud of their Club.”

Proud Of The Club Again?

Yes 100%

Yes 100%

No, Now For The Players To Step Up

No, Now For The Players To Step Up

With the club also revealing details of how we have stepped up our work to help the NHS, on top of what we had already done, such as the ‘pitch pocket’ being used as a distribution hub for London Food Alliance, our new White Hart Lane Stadium is certainly going to see some use as we’ve repurposed areas to house the North Middlesex Hospital’s Women’s Outpatient Services.

For obvious reasons, this move will lighten the load significantly for a few reasons. Not only does it open up extra space at the hospital for those with Covid symptoms, but it also helps better isolate the expectant mothers.

The full details of our commitment to help and play our part as a club are on the above link, and with our Foundation continuing their own work, we’ve even played our part in the creation and delivery of new face shields given the link with Highgate School and become the first Premier League club to use our ground for drive through testing of NHS staff and their families.

The furlough decision understandably caused some consternation, but the overall club reaction here should definitely be applauded and leave fans proud.

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3 Replies to ““So Generous” “Never Too Late” “Outstanding” – Monday’s Spurs Announcements Leave These Fans Hugely Proud”

  • i,d like to think it was done for the right reasons, but the u turn was probally about a naming rights sponsor, needed, levy made a big mistake,blackerning our clubs good name

    • I don’t see naming rights being an issue. Nobody is going to do a deal now with the Stadium shut and people have short memories. Furloughing is irrelevant for that, especially repurposing the Stadium – that’s what any sponsor would focus on really – instant good PR – with that announcement, there’s more chance of a short term deal for me.

  • I honestly don’t see anything to be proud of here, Levy’s atrocious decision making has seen THFC being deeply questioned by the public and media alike for its lack of moral judgement in initially furloughing the 550 non playing staff. Ultimately the penny finally dropped when Levy faced immeasurable pressure from Tottenham’s own fans over his reactionary and questionable measures so much so that he was been backed into a corner and been forced to reverse this decision in a feeble attempt to stave off further criticism and save face. Personally I have long been a critic of the way that Levy is running Spurs as an actual football club and I believe his initial decision epitomises how badly he recognises what are the right interests for the football club as a whole. Given the vice like stranglehold he appears to have over Tottenham Hotspur in general I struggle to envisage a future replete with the success that our fans so desperately crave whilst he sits in control of the clubs destiny and I implore Spurs fans now to call out for his direct removal as chairman of THFC. We have seen a number of managers come and go under his faltering tenure, it is high time now for a change at the very top!

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