Date: 29th May 2021 at 8:00pm
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After a long, hard and ultimately disappointing season for Tottenham Hotspur, we have a busy summer in store now as we look to both sort out our managerial situation as well as strengthen the group via the transfer market – as massive question being Harry Kane’s own future.

Whilst we’ll hopefully have our new manager in within a few weeks (or maybe our old manager given the Mauricio Pochettino rumours) it’s unlikely much will happen on a transfer front until we see the culmination of this summers European Championship competition.

In a world still dealing with Covid, personally, I think international football is slightly ridiculous at this moment in time, but money makes the world go round doesn’t it – Spurs fans will however have a natural interest in the tournament given the players and former players that should be on show.

If nothing else it’ll be a distraction for a few weeks – so anything Euro related can go in here VSers.

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634 Replies to “Spurs At The European Championships Thread”

  • 1) I hope Kane doesn’t get totally knackered in Europe. We need him fresh and healthy when he arrives back a N17 to play under Poch again.

    2) I hope Kane gets totally knackered in Europe so he’s not of any immediate help to his new team, Man Citeh.

    Who knows which way the wind will blow? It could bring him back or toss him hither. My hopes for how Europe go for HK depends on whether he’s coming back to us or not.

    If he wants to go to Citeh to win a CL final, why go. They just like us–losing in the final. lol. He might as well stay.

  • That injury causing shot on De Bruyne was disgraceful. Should have been a red card. Tainted the cup win for ChelSkum.

    • Agreed TK, how can it be fair when a disgraceful foul robs one side of their best player in such an important match while the perpetrator gets away with a yellow and stays on the pitch. Sets a dangerous precedent doesn’t it?

  • TK well done first (3)post(s)
    Re City and Chelsea, was really just something to watch on a Saturday nite rather that than Euro vision.
    That’s right, they don’t give us any points in Euro vision, as they can’t beat us at footie đŸ™‚
    Just hope that over the Euros, we don’t buy a player based on his, Euro performance alone, if. We are scouting players at lest let’s look at their club form as well.

  • Niall,
    scout a player based only on performance in the euros and that’s all and you sign Sissoko.
    Man Citeh looks so out of sorts today that it might induce HK10 to stay. They really looked like they never really showed up. Walker was surprisingly energetic, but most of Citeh were missing today.
    That’s how many wins to Skum over Citeh recently? Tuchel has the secret to beating Pep? get studying Pochiman.

  • I guess that puts paid to the myth of Peps godlike status. It was funny watching a match that I wanted neither team to win, ha ha, but it was a great game and I couldn’t help but be impressed by the team in the darker blue. If only our lot could show half the desire, commitment and technical ability they demonstrated. Pundits were saying City let themselves down, no they were just out thought, out fought and outplayed.

  • LT….you summed it up very well, the Chelsea players worked their butts off to close down City whenever they got the ball. Ability is only part of the story, there is no substitute for hard graft if you want to be a winner.

  • For me watching that game last night, it showed to me that the Chavs incorporate 2 ways of playing, very well I hasten to add,
    1 press/get in their faces
    2 park the bus and hit em on the break.

    Also they actually passed to each other, with team mates looking for and wanting the ball, so many options were given to the player with the ball.
    Not quite perfect but almost. COYS

  • there must be incredible allure to becoming the manager of Real Madrid, but Poch would be moving there while RM is on the cusp of a profound collapse. It’s always been a viper’s pit, but facing a decaying squad and reportedly serious financial problems. Surely he’s weighing the truly mind boggling top-of-the-world nature of Madrid vs the opportunity to come back to a place he knows well and is largely and widely loved. there’s also the fact that he’s said in the past he wouldn’t go to RM because of his earlier association with their serious rival club where is spent time.

    Surely Poch is wide open aware that RM would be quite likely to chew him up and spit him out. But he could leave with a huge bankroll in his pocket.

    If he does go to Real, my choice–for the litle to nothing that it’s worth–is for us to import a manager from Ajax. I’m not with much enthusiasm for Brenden Rogers. But what do I know. I’m a self acknowledge knobhead. Totally.

  • Surely Poch knows from observing Bale that Madrid Money doesn’t make a man happy. Neither Poch nor Bale can be happy deep down at the prospect of living in Madrid while awaiting being hated by so many mad supporters.

    Let this be a lesson for Harry? You can be loved in north London, or just another schlump in RM or Manchester.

  • TK….you reasoning as to why he wouldn’t go to RM is good but it is Barcelona he said he wouldn’t go to as he played for/managed their city rivals Espanyol I believe.

  • A would be princess can stay relatively unknown or marry into the royal family. The latter makes you wealthy and famous, but it’s not necessarily worth it. Check out Harry’s mom and wife.

    Remember that the Real in Madrid translates into royal in English. Nothing like living in a glass palace. Royalty isn’t Reality (oddly, the other root of Real). The logo of Real Madrid has the corona on top (yes, the same root as corona virus). It’s not a crown that one wears easily. Poch knows this. He lived nearby. Speaks the language, I hear, but with a funny accent. (They say Argentines are Italians who think they are English but speak Spanish badly)

    Come back to where you belong, Mauricio, and that’s not being a pretender to a crown in Madrid.

  • Any manager who takes the job at Real Madrid now is an idiot. That’s a club in an historical mess. A truly low ebb in their history. Is Poch so foolish as to go there? If he is, then we shouldn’ twant him here. If Poch signs with Real Madrid, we should say a prayer of thanks that he isn’t coming here. It would reveal him for a fool. If he’s smart he’ll escape PSG and come back to us. If he’s not smart, we won’t get him back but will be lucky as his bad decision will reveal what has not now been revealed–bad judgement.

    Reveal to the world that you’re not an idiot, Mauricio. Eschew Real. Beat it our of Paris before the politics of that club eat you. DL looks great in comparison. His stupidity is only vanity-project variety.

  • Barça would be a more intelligent choice than Real right now.

    I think your memory got it right, though.

    But Mauricio should not go to Real. It’s a club in chaos.

  • the last comment was a response to TQ2. I think it was Barça to which Poch said he would not go. But he also shouldn’t go to Real in its current condition. He is not likely to succeed there and would end up owning their failure that is well underway already.

    Thanks for correcting my bad memory, TQ25 purrs.

  • Truth be told, Spain might be leaving the era in which Real and Barça dominated all else. This may not be the last time that someone else wins the league. The tide may have turned in Spain.

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