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2021 Transfer Thread – Something Else Spurs Need To Get Right This Summer

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With Tottenham Hotspur securing seventh place in the Premier League table for 2020/21 with our final day victory over Leicester City, we of course pipped rivals Arsenal by a point which was a good reason to smile.

There’s no denying though that this is now a huge summer for the club, we have the ongoing managerial search, there will be the distraction of the European Championships and then, not only will fans be focusing heavily on how we choose to strengthen the group, a big topic of talk this summer will be whether or not Harry Kane finally moves on.

If Kane does leave, he surely goes with the best wishes of most, but a move abroad would be more palatable for fans who wouldn’t want to see him lining up against us. A departure would significantly boost our transfer kitty, but it would also be another major headache to solve – not just in terms of finding a quality replacement, but it might see others address their own futures, so the calibre of our incomings would also need to send a message that minus Kane, we are still looking to break that ceiling.

Let silly season begin…

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  • 123spurs says:

    1st, need a new manager 1st,
    Diego simeone please step forward

    • 62rovinella says:

      So my 1st contest is back in place???
      No more bickering????

      • Marky says:

        Well with the kids breaking up from school, that 1st contest should be great this year…

    • 62rovinella says:

      Zidan might be free but Levy’s pocket would have to get parole or released from prison

      • Hot Tottingham says:

        Hi 62… You say that, but Jose was earning more at Spurs, than Zidane earns at Real…

  • Geofspurs says:

    Congrats 123, first one as new dawn approaches.

    Thanks for the thread, Danny.

    As with potential managers, I have no idea who we should bring in as I do not watch enough other football to have a valid opinion.

    I guess it’s more a matter of firstly identifying the positions we need to improve rather than the players we need to fill them. And we seem to have quite a few such positions.

    We’ve staggered two steps back, the next few weeks will decide if we can stand upright again let alone move forward.

    • 62rovinella says:

      I do believe the caliber of manager we get will depend on levy and his willingness to properly strengthen the squad,and not just make promises he does not intend to fulfill….get in someone to deal with transfers and back off , identify proper players….not pound store bargains…
      This is or should be the final chance for levy and Joe Lewis to show their intentions on the pitch and not just their pockets….coys

  • Geofspurs says:

    If we are not intent in improving the squad significantly then there is no point in bringing in an expensive manager …. the cheapest one out there would do. Unfortunately, without improving the squad and appointing a decent manager we may not finish quite so high in the table next season.

  • TQ2Spurs says:

    If you spent enough to buy a team full of Messi’s it probably wouldn’t matter who managed the side.

    I don’t go along with the thinking that you can only recruit good players by spending zillions of pounds. There are many examples where our competitors have unearthed absolute gems for whom they have paid very little in today’s terms. I do believe this is where our club needs the biggest overhaul so that we stop wasting money on potential that doesn’t come good.

  • Geofspurs says:

    Hi TQ …. That’s true. The trouble seems be be with our scouting system and the lack of youngsters coming through the academy. At the moment we have a superb stadium and academy with little returns.

  • block 108 spurs says:

    Geof… yes we need the new manager and a DOF…. then levy hast to step back from meddling in team / squad of who plays or not. Levy / joe / THFC board must get their act together, and combine resources of INPUT funding for the team, and not keep all of their potential massive profit returns from the sale of the club & infrastructure. The old saying speculate to accumulate is very apt again for THFC now.

    Hopefully the events of poor transfers (or none at all !) our players not working for poch / jose and more rival PL teams at the top 8 positions over the last 2.5 seasons and covid-19 financial effects has shaken up Levy & co.

    At a guess we would need some £200m + net spending on quality players to catch up to city, utd, pool, chelsea. Time will tell how ENIC will respond…

    • PompeyYid says:

      block 108, your first para is the one, its the way forward.
      A new coach and DOF is imperitive, to get us started again.

      Some say we are going to be Poundland shopping now as we are skint, but if you look carefully bargains can be had. COYS

  • BelgianSpur says:

    I fully agree with Geof. There is no point hiring a world class manager if we do not give said manager the proper players he needs to make the team better.

    I also agree with TQ2Spurs that in theory, how good a player is doesn’t always depend on how much he cost, and indeed quite a few of our rivals have proven that. Sadly, this is where reality comes back in – our track record of recruitment in recent years is appalling overall, and we just cannot think that our recruitment team is good enough to unearth gems with any sort of regularity.

    A complete overhaul of the recuruitment is indeed needed, but that a fairly long term process. If the club is intent on challenging for top 4 soon, I just cannot see any way around spending big in the transfer market, on proven players.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    123spurs- Simeone? Fine manager, but as negative as they come.

    If we have learned anything from this season, it’s that even when negtive tactics work, Spurs fans lose their minds. Simeone at Spurs would be JM 2.0. He’d be on a very short leash from day one, and fans would turn on him at the slightest downturn in results.

    Rightly or wrongly (that’s a matter of opinion), someone like Simeone just simply isn’t in our club’s DNA.

    Besides, Atletico have spent absolute fortunes backing Simeone. Every time the club has sold a big player, the club has turned around and sanctioned an even bigger deal to offset the loss. That is just not the way DL operates (again, rightly or wrongly), and I just don’t think it would work with Simeone.

    I do find the comparison with Atletico fascinating, though. Much like Spurs, they have to compete with richer clubs in their league. Much like Spurs, they built a new stadium recently. Unlike Spurs under ENIC, they actually win things every once in a while.

    Regarding the stadium and transfers, they have approached both areas far differently than we have. They built a new stadium to generate more revenues, but they were able to contain costs far better than we have. They don’t have the fancy beer-filling system in their stadium, but most Atletico fans seem to cope quite well with that inconvenience.

    They approach transfers like they actually intend to win, and don’t prioritise resale value above all else. When they brought in Luis Suarez, they probably knew that his resale value would be 0 at the end of his contract. Yet he was quite instrumental in delivering a title this year. When they sold Griezmann, they spent a fortune to replace him with Joao Felix.

    There might be one or two lessons in there somewhere.

  • wentworth says:

    Lots of speculation today that Poch is considering return to Spurs. I, for one, would welcome that appointment. There does not seem to be anyone else left.

    However, I cannot believe that the ruthless miser Levy would allow egg on his face.

    Also, would Poch be allowed to cull the current squad of so many ordinary players. We have at least 9 that can go and be easily forgotten.

    If Kane stays, we need to build a team around Lloris(?), Tanganga(?), Hojberjg, Skipp(?), Dele, N’Dombele (?), Kane and Son….ok for a 6 a side squad but some massive gaps to fill with no youngsters of note coming through. The ones not mentioned can be sold off; the ones with (?) are uncertainties.

    The next two months will be very interesting to see if the powers are willing to invest or just muddle through with “poundstretcher” bargain buys.

  • Geofspurs says:

    WW …. I’d prefer to see a new creative MF instead of Ndombele, who spends so much time running circles with the ball that he doesn’t have time to look up and do anything creative with it. As you say, the next two months will be very interesting.

  • Geofspurs says:

    BS …. I agree that a complete overhaul is called for. The trouble with that, as you point out, is that it will take time. We might be waiting another season or two before we can realistically challenge for the title. The TW will give an early indication of just how long the wait might be.

  • 123spurs says:

    No to poch, it will end in disaster, half the players are still at the club that got him sacked. He failed at psg. I just hope we don’t get a “yes man” a whole new back 4 is needed, if the likes of dier and sanchez are playing next season. The problems are not been sorted or been fixed.

  • Frank says:

    Regarding the transfer window activity at Spurs, our Mr Levy needs to break the habit of a life time, to not spend a pound when a shilling will do, with the analogy of a duck’s arse coming to mind. We need to invest proper money for proper players, not gambles on journeymen as he usually does or buying moderate players like Sanchez amongst others. We have made more transfer errors than most clubs perhaps because the decisions regarding targets are being made by the wrong or incompetent persons. This window is now critical for the recovery of the club back to being genuine top four contenders.

  • Niall D says:

    Morning folks, thanks Danny for the thread, you might get 7 days out of this one :-).
    Some great incisive posts here, B108, 100 % re DOF and Manager, I think we need them first, for me there is little sense in bringing in 3 or 4 players then the new manager doesn’t want them.
    Mr Levey needs to stump up, run the finances and Butt out of transfers.
    Agreed not every player has to be a 19 Yr old speculation, or an injured ex worldie.
    There are good players out there, between 23 and 29 who are established good in their position and don’t cost the earth, other teams can scout them why not us.
    For me, whilst I wouldn’t be opposed to Poch returning, I’d prerfer that it wasn’t just now, perhaps in 2 seasons.
    But as WW says there are a vast amount of players who need to leave our club, and as Geof stated, N Dombers is not just as creative as we thought and similarly, Bergs and Moura have no real end product, Moura runs into several players in the hope of beating em all, no end pass, doesn’t look up when he has the ball at his feet.
    A creative midfielder definately needed, as I think it was in midfield that we were often overrun this season, we defended too deep and mistakes cost us dearly.
    Going to defence, complete rebuild, I’ll say no more.
    Now many of us are old(ish) blokes sitting on our respective a#ses on our safas can see this, why can’t the owners?
    I know I’ve said this before, but I still can’t believe that we were above Liverpool just a month ago, and even though we had this crap season, finishing 3rd was within our reach, and I believe that installing a decent interim manager other than Mason could’ve seen us over the line to more lucrative football, we would’ve been the the drivers seat re buying and selling players.
    But as usual we fluffed our lines, see Villa, Leeds, Newcastle.

  • BelgianSpur says:

    WW- I agree with 123spurs. What has changed since DL sacked Mauricio? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…

    Besides, MP hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory in France, finishing second in a one-horse race.

    Of the players you listed, how many can really be counted on going forward?

    Lloris will turn 35 next season and while he has been a very good player overall, it’s pretty evident that the decline has started. That’s unlikely to slow down with age. I’m not saying he doesn’t maybe have another decent season left in him, and he’s far from our biggest problem currently. But he has gone from being one of the PL’s best to being merely a decent keeper. A succession plan has to be put in place sooner rather than later.

    Tanganga and Skipp are youngsters and completely unproven. They deserve time to show what they can do, but there’s a big difference between being worthy of a squad place (which they are), and being foundational pieces going forward. Neither of them has demonstrated enough to be called that yet.

    NDombele has all the talent in the world but is as inconsistent as they come. People used to knock Eriksen for going missing; how do they feel about Tanguy then? Christian was a model of consistency in comparison.

    And if we can say that about Tanguy, how can we be confident about Dele? At this point in his career, we are down to wishful thinking, hoping that Dele can rediscover the form that once made him such an exciting player. Can he put in the hard yards, does he want to, or does he just want to coast on his talent? I’d welcome the former, but I am no longer counting on it, nor am I hugely confident it will happen.

    At present, we’ve got 3 proven performers, a couple of prospects, and a number of question marks.

  • Geofspurs says:

    ND …. You are right about Moura. The trouble is he can easily beat two or three players on the run …. but not four, five or six. If he thought more about his game and used his speed and dribbling ability in a more controlled way he would be a useful player. But maybe he’s too old to change now.

  • Geofspurs says:

    Come to think of it, Moura’s lack of understanding about how to use his speed and dribbling skills is on a par with Defoe’s lack of understanding of the offside rule.

  • wentworth says:

    Yes Geof. But look at the cracking goals that Defoe scored with both feet inside and outside the box. In fact, he is still scoring. We could have done with him this season…still well ahead of Bergweijn, Lucas and Lo Celso in terms of hitting the target.
    Belgian.. you may have noticed I added lots of (?) to my named players to keep. I have doubts but they are slightly better than the nine we should dump. Yep 3 proven performers to keep.

    • Geofspurs says:

      WW …. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always been a big fan of Defoe. I’m just comparing his apparent inability to adjust his game to suit his main skills. How many more goals would he have scored for us if he’d stayed a yard back on the pitch. Son is a good example of beating offside trap.

  • Niall D says:

    Geof 100% m8, but agree with WW re Defoe, he’s probably one of those age 34 + who can still do the job we could’ve used him as a back up for HK, always thought he put a shift in offside or not.

  • 123spurs says:

    Good point geoff, but isn’t that where coaching comes into play. Our final 3rd is poor such as crossing etc.

    • Geofspurs says:

      123 …. Yes, that is exactly where coaching comes in. I never understood why it didn’t. Players constantly making the same mistake should even be able to self-coach by watching replays. Some players just don’t seem to have the cognitive ability required.

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