Date: 29th May 2021 at 8:00pm
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After a long, hard and ultimately disappointing season for Tottenham Hotspur, we have a busy summer in store now as we look to both sort out our managerial situation as well as strengthen the group via the transfer market – as massive question being Harry Kane’s own future.

Whilst we’ll hopefully have our new manager in within a few weeks (or maybe our old manager given the Mauricio Pochettino rumours) it’s unlikely much will happen on a transfer front until we see the culmination of this summers European Championship competition.

In a world still dealing with Covid, personally, I think international football is slightly ridiculous at this moment in time, but money makes the world go round doesn’t it – Spurs fans will however have a natural interest in the tournament given the players and former players that should be on show.

If nothing else it’ll be a distraction for a few weeks – so anything Euro related can go in here VSers.

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634 Replies to “Spurs At The European Championships Thread”

  • You may be right, 123. But ownership in Paris cannot be happy that he seems to be negotiating for a way out. But, even divorced couples get together again, so post modern life is quite fluid.

    London and Paris are only a helicopter flight away from one another. Perhaps he’ll be the first to manage a team in London and a team in Paris at the same time, with assistants on the pitch lines during matches. lol.

    Of course, Brexit would make working simultaneously more difficult. Got to pass through passport checks these days. But what the heck. Boris and Macron would negotiate away anything for the right price. Poch could probably get a Scotland Yard team to speed his way–if Scotland still has a legal relationship with London.

    Maybe Poch will have to settle for managing Rangers and Celtics simultaneously. Now that might bring action onto the streets of Glasgow.

    So, that’s the way it will be. Poch will manage THFC and PSG at the same time, if not Celtics and Rangers. But he surely won’t be going to Real Mad or Braça anytime soon.

    Maybe HK will alternate matches played in London and in Paris. It will double his chances of winning something. The real competition will be whether he scores the most goals in which city. I think he’ll score more in London, as Neymar and Mbappe will not let him see enough of the ball in Paris.

  • Geof,

    Is it true that if someone mentions Tottenham today in Australia that would come to mind is the largest plague of mice in Australia’s history?

    Maybe we should send Gareth Bale to help? Tottenham is in Wales–of the New South kind. Are the farmers losing their farms to mice in and around Tottenham. Gareth to the rescue. If JM were still at Tottenham he’d solve the problem. He’d manage the mice into stumbling about aimlessly and they’d eliminate themselves.

    • TK …. I didn’t know the plague was at somewhere called Tottenham. I was only aware it was in the eastern states, a long way away.

  • Reports now out that Poch has asked formally to leave PSG. it’s N17 or Madrid, by the reports. If he’s an idiot he’ll go to Real, and we will be lucky that he’s handed over the proof that he’s an idiot and we didn’t get him. If he’s smart he’ll turn them down and come to us.

    We should know in a bit, no?

    Or will he go by mistake to Tottenham, NSW to fight mice by the billions? They produce litters of 6 to 10 every 25 days. Wow. That’s makes for a lot of mice very quickly. Worse than Arsenal supporters.

  • Gone really quiet this morning, only gossip is linking us to a double signing of Conte plus former Juventus DoF Fabio Paratici. Conte would be better suited to Real or PSG.

  • That said, ZZ would be well suited to PSG being french and having the experience of managing big names.

  • Right now, I’m pretty sure that the only ones that know anything about who our future manager might be, (or is about to be) are the ones not talking or writing about it!

  • Herr Flick hasn’t been confirmed as the new Germany coach yet has he? I wonder if Renee has has any insider knowledge?

  • Aurier wants to leave and go back to his first love PSG, couldn’t have worked out better, we could swap him for Poch and his team. 🙂

  • Must laugh (mohahahahaHA)
    Aurier is making an announcement about his future at Spurs, Fek, as if he’ll be missed, get him on a boat or plane to France ASAP.

  • I can remember only one really good match by Aurier at Spurs. I can remember dozens of plays in which he could not have been positioned worse than he was. This is not someone who will be greatly missed.

  • There we go Aurier announces his willingness to leave Spurs, funnily enough his “Bestie” Sissoko now wants to go as well. I expect N’Dombers will follow next.
    But those first two can leave, any old time, and, if we get a few quid for em, all the better.
    I’m almost relieved that they will be gone, Dave and Dier next.

  • There has to be some degree of poetic irony when TK says MP shouldn’t go to Madrid because it’s a club in chaos, and then arguing that he should come to Spurs…

    I’m not saying MP should go to Madrid, and I’m not saying Madrid isn’t a club in chaos. But what I am saying is that we are every bit in the same situation, also a club in chaos. And if the reasoning is that MP should steer clear of clubs in chaos for his own sake…

  • I’m not sure I would describe either club as being in chaos but both are certainly in need of a rebuild. You could argue that Real are a bit more in the doo doo than we are though.

  • Real Madrid, its board, and its supporters are unused to anything other than doing what they want when they want. They cannot do that now. Their sense of chaos thus is outside of their experience. For Spurs, what is happening withe us these days isn’t all that unusual. We can take our chaos is stride. Real Madrid cannot. Even Zidane advises staying distant.

    I stand by what I wrote. Madrid will not be a pleasant place to go these days. Steer clear. Spurs chaos is a walk in the park. Real Mad madness will bring out the Falange.

    • I’m not saying that managers shouldn’t steer clear of the RM job. I’m just saying that in view of the job at hand, and the difficulty in dealing with Daniel Levy, Spurs might not be a pleasant job to take either – which may be why so many rumoured candidates have declined.

  • Real Madrid were closely identified with the Falange dictator, Francisco Franco from 1937 until his death. We know their history of dealing with what they perceive as chaos.

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