Date: 24th May 2021 at 8:00pm
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With Tottenham Hotspur pivoting from Mauricio Pochettino to what many felt was a potentially winning dinosaur, but with a short shelf life, in the shape of Jose Mourinho, plenty have questioned our direction in recent years.

Certainly since we then showed The less than Special One his P45 as form and spirits worsened after what started as a very promising 2020/21 campaign.

Ryan Mason has done a good job given the inexperience he came in with (7 games, 4 wins, 3 losses), but with all due respect to Mason, there’s no way he’s leading us into 2021/22 and that leaves a massive question to be answered, even before we look at the future of Harry Kane and others, and even strengthening the obvious weak spots we have in the side that sees us almost as perennial challengers – but never winners.

We’ve already been linked with departing Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Nuno Espirito Santo, Brighton’s Graham Potter, some old experienced heads who would again be short term and then largely unknown ‘next best things’ from the European game.

With what’s at stake (and let’s face it, this was never what Daniel Levy or Enic envisaged when the new stadium was up and running – let alone Covid issues), this is a massive point in our history for more than one reason.

Get it right and we might finally laugh, get it wrong and we see an exodus of our real talent and the pessimist inside me says we’re up a creek with no paddle.

Over to you Danny boy.

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24 Replies to “Whichever Way You Levy It Up, There’s No Denying Spurs’ Next Appointment Decides Our Future – Debate”

  • Joe Lewis has amassed close to 350 mil on top of his fortune …let’s see if he’s willing to invest some in the squad.
    If not then enic may as well sell up and get out…
    Way past time to show real ambition on the pitch and stop counting his coffers like Mr Scrooge.
    Get a good manager in and back him to the hilt…time to stop penny pinching and laying blame at the manager’s doors.
    Much respect Danny……coys

    • 62, you are probably correct there that JL has amassed close to another 350 mil, but he did lose a small fortune over this last Covid period, by the way he or was 3.5 billionaire, but not cash, assets.

      I agree though maybe an injection by him this time. COYS

  • Cheers 62.

    FYI – I’ve got planned a generic Euro thread and pre-season thread that I’ll sort some point this week.

    That gives me another two slots in the Debate section to play with and I’m open to suggestions.

    I did partially wonder about ‘another clubs’ thread for wider football matters, but then thought it could likely be folded into the transfer thread anyway.

    • Silly season (transfer (….threads used to be loaded a while back…..fully loaded..
      Maybe can do a thread on how we helped Chelsea to fourth,see what they see when they come by….just for the fun of it🤣

  • Appointing the right manager is a big decision in itself, but actually backing him adequately is another discussion altogether. There’s no point appointing the best manager we can get, if we force him to shop in the bargain bin going forward.

  • The point re our next manager is a question of who still wants the job, now that Kane and possibly other key players will almost certainly leave. Given that there will not be a competitive budget available to any new man, and the club’s record over the ENIC years for sacking managers/coaches, who is sufficiently desperate for a job to take Spurs on.

  • Frank – usual drivel from you. “the club’s record over the ENIC years for sacking managers/coaches” Poch was in the job for five years, compared to most premier league clubs that’s a good spell. But the facts don’t really matter to you do they ?

    BelgianSpur – As always no explanation as to where the money comes from.

  • Jod – Poch was one example out of the twelve or so managers Levey has hired. None of the others have lasted. One out of twelve. It appears to be you that is coming out with drivel – not unusual at all from you.

  • jod – our revenues have doubled in 5 years. In that same period, our wage budget has increased 46%. In that time we have gone from the 1éth richest club in the world to the 8th richest, richest in London and 4th richest in the PL.

    The money has been coming in, but DL has just decided to spend it on his vanity project instead.

    The “we have no money” claim is a false narrative. It is just completely untrue. We have the wrong priorities, as even DL has admitted to himself.

    As always, no intelligent justification from you as to why that is.

  • Just heard Conte has left Inter….you said this a few months ago BS, and I doubted it, but seems you were correct.

    • Yes Ossie, the owners of Inter are really struggling financially.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see big players like Lukaku or Martinez be sold as well.

      But thanks for acknowledging it.

  • There are reports we have offered him 20m euros a year and promised a big transfer pot, I can believe the former but not the latter. Lots of speculation in Italy though!

  • From one ex-Chelsea C**T to another ex-Chelsea C**T(E)! No Thank You!

    This is bollox anyway… The Italian media is always full of it!

    My betting is a Pochettino return or Ten Haag. Or if we go young and local, Potter…

    My favourite choice would be Haag… Next Poch. But I’d rather not Potter.

  • HT – My favorite would also be Ten Hag, next Martinez.

    I think Graham Potter is in the “Eddie Howe” category of coaches – he’s done well enough at a small club but the learning curve would be massive. In other words, gamble.

    MP – one day, maybe, but it’s too soon. What’s changed? Same players mostly, and what has he learned at PSG that he could bring back with him?

  • I said on the other thread that I didn’t think Conte was a good fit for Spurs and that he was reported to be possibly heading to Madrid if ZZ stepped down. Seems ZZ told his players yesterday that he will be doing so.

  • It can work BS, look at Moyes who went back to Wet Spam in fairly short time. With the addition of a couple of strategic players in Coufal and Soucek (who didn’t cost a fortune) he has turned them into a side that only just failed to make top 4 where they have generally always been a mid-table side.

    • Just because it has worked out relatively well with Moyes doesn’t mean it’s the norm. For all we know it could be the exception rather than the rule.

  • I personally dont think Poch should come back it be embarrassing after one season for him to be shown the door again there be no investment from Joe or enic
    DL will then approach Roy Hodgson to come out of retirement

  • Starting to look like Conte – what a wage packet though – wonder how many years it’s going to be and if this guy for a change and at long last is going to get some decent backing?!

  • If it is Conte, part of me would be excited – it’s hard to knock his track record as a manager. But the other part of me would feel that Levy has learned nothing from the JM experiment.

    Conte, like JM, is a manager with a rather rigid view of tactics. Those tactics work – the track record is there to prove it. But the reason why those managers have done so well, is that they arrive at clubs wiling to spend whatever it takes to get the correct “system players” to make the manager’s tactics work. And that’s just not the way Levy operates.

    What if the players at Spurs currently don’t fit Conte’s tactics?

    Where JM struggled (and there is no track record of Conte being different), is that Levy will just tell them to try to make it work with the players at the club. Some will adapt, others will struggle, the tactics will only work part of the time, the results will be inconsistent, the manager will get frustrated, the fans will turn on the manager and we are back to square one.

    Either we go for a tactically flexible coach who will change his ways to suit the players at the club (going as far as the squad will go, and squeezing every last ounce of performance out of the players – whether that is enough to win anything is up for debate, but at least it makes sense), or we get a proven coach and we back him.

    There is no point only going half way.

  • Conte’s not my 1st choice, but if we get him I’ll be pleased, a top coach, yes defensively minded but Inter played attractive football this season, so unlike Jose he’s less of a one trick pony. If we pull this off to me Levy has done well again.

  • Not a manager yet, but it seems a DoF.

    Tottenham are expected to confirm Fabio Paratici as their new sporting director later this week.

    I don’t know enough about Juventus to know whether he’s any good – identifying Ronaldo is hardly groundbreaking?

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