Date: 23rd June 2020 at 10:23pm
Written by:
Tottenham Hotspur
2 – 0
West Ham United

White Hart Lane

Premier League

23/06/2020 8:15 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Craig Pawson

Tottenham Hotspur West Ham United
Soucek (og 64), Kane (82)
Lloris Fabianski
Aurier Fredericks
Sanchez Balbuena
Dier Diop
Sissoko Noble
Lo Celso Rice
Lucas Moura 72 Soucek
Alli 59 Bowen
Son Heung-Min 86 Antonio


Lamela 59 Felipe Anderson 71
Bergwijn 72 Lanzini 71
Winks 86

Game Statistics

15 Goal attempts 10
4 On Target 2
9 Corners 4
12 Fouls 7
2 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
65 % 35

Friday evening’s tie only returned a point for Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho, but it was 90 minutes back in the tanks of players, and Tuesday evening’s clash with West Ham United was another opportunity to pick up a win and close that gap on the Champions League places.

Back at White Hart Lane this evening we certainly started the brighter.

For a change, we dominated possession in the first half and certainly created good chances. Son Heung-Min did have the ball in the back of the net, but the Video Assistant Referee ruled it out for offside. There were reasons to be positive though, especially as the visitors had been restricted to only one chance of their own. Onto the second half, where hopefully we’d seize the advantage properly.

West Ham did step up more in the second half and created some chances of their own, but Lloris was untested largely and our stream of missed efforts continued, until we forced a credited own goal by Soucek with 25 minutes remaining on the clock.

Harry Kane proved Jose Mourinho right as he hit a second in the 82nd minute and game over – three points and Champions League hopes remain alive and the result certainly wasn’t unfair given the times we should’ve tested Fabianski but fluffed it.

Given everything this season, we’ll certainly take that though.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Gedson Fernandes.

Unused West Ham Subs:

Yarmolenko, Wilshere, Ogbonna, Ajeti, Costa Silva, Randolph, Johnson.

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133 Replies to ““Merse Is That You, It’s Jose” – Spurs’ Restart Is Back With More Of A Bang As West Ham Get Hammered – Match Stats”

  • To me Bergwijn vs Moura is a non debate. Why ? Mourinho seems to want to play with two fast wide players either side of the centre foward., I don’t think either Lamela or Ali has that kind of pace so that means Son, Bergwijn and Moura. Son is the best of the three but clearly over the course of a season you are going to need all three. The real problem is the lack of a back up centre forward.

    Transfer speculation is even more pointless than usual. every professional club in Europe has taken a financial hit and will have less money to spend. Which,given the laws of supply and demand, should mean prices will drop. Until we see what kind of fees players are actually commanding any comments are meaningless.

  • Professional people that get paid for being football experts; pundits, commentators and writers etc., have said stuff about Harry this past week that was so ill informed and silly, that I have just laughed it off.

    When he scored vs WH, the NBC commentator made a big deal that Harry had finally scored his 1st goal of 2020. I read the following day from more than 1 source that Harry had finally broken his scoring drought this year, etc.

    Harry got his injury on the 1st of January vs the Saints. Before that match he had scored a goal in the previous 2 PL matches. In the PL he had, up until that point, not gone more than two games without a goal. So, since his injury he has played a total of 2 matches, making that just 3 appearances in 2020, and scored in the second one!

    Drought! What drought?

  • jod – you already have a couple of players – namely Ziyech and Werner – that provide benchmarks for prices.

    If those 2 transfers are anything to go by, it shows that certain clubs will still spend lots for the players they covet.

    Overall, on average, we might see a drop in prices, but for the very best players, the market will remain strong.

  • I agree with that, jod.

    As far as Mourinho is concerned, he has said on more than one occasion that he is a big fan of Lucas and has been for a few years. And although he has recently praised Bergwijn, he also said that in January he was just a second choice for Jose to see him come to Spurs. Which was an unnecessary and rather backhanded compliment toward Bergwijn, if you ask me. And why say it to the media?

    Anyway, if it was just a straightforward choice between the two, then Jose has a difficult choice imo. My preference would be for Bergwijn right now. But just because he has been pretty good so far and scored some neat goals, he still hasn’t had much time yet for us or Jose to know just how consistent he might be over a longer period.

    Anyway, they are both quite different players to me. And that is a good thing if we are talking “horses for courses”. I thought Bergwijn was very helpful defensively vs United. Whereas I don’t think Lucas would’ve been anywhere near as effective in protecting Aurier as Steven was. Against WHU, the protection we saw from SB on that right side vs MU, wasn’t really needed.

    • Hey PY, ive been shielding following surgery in February so stayed clear of the virus thankfully. Yes, high press needs guys with good engines, counterattacking needs pace. I think Jose is on the right track but those swashbuckling days under Harry and Poch were exhilarating.

      • Morning LT, thanks for your reply, glad you are safe, as is my missus because she is very, top of tree, vulnerable, keep on keeping safe. COYS

  • Jod is right, transfer talk is meaningless. Chelsea were willing to pay Werner’s buy out clause but Liverpool were not. We have no idea what the market will be like. We just took out a £175m loan which needs to be paid back by next April (there are circumstances where this repayment can be delayed a year). We also have a £112m loan for the stadium which needs to be repaid within the next year (again Levy may be able to negotiate an extension. To date we have a massive loss of income -gate receipts, additional stadium events, reduced TV money – and as far as I am aware we have not reduced our running costs. I expect UEFA to relax their FFP rules due to the current crisis but this will only play into the hands of owners who are prepared to put money into clubs (Abramovic). We know that Joe Lewis won’t do this so we will rely on loans, free transfers and a zero net spend in the next transfer window. All of the current transfer gossip is just that, gossip. COYS

  • Hi folks just taking time to say it’s good to see a bit of debate back on this site. Good to see many of you posters back and talking about football, team selection, tactics transfers etc… Hope you are all keeping well. Glad to see many regular names back. Stay safe. We are nearly there.

  • Given what you’ve just written Doncaster which is a top post by the way and also accepting what JOD has said originally – I’d look to keep Vert’s for another season and hope that Dier can continue to hold his own as a CB hence negating the immediate need for a LCB as I was wanting and felt necessary. That said no getting away from thus needing a DCM especially if Dier is not going to be available for that specific role as will be playing as a CB or CB cover all season. We have a lot of CM’s but none that i a true/proper DMC – Hojbjerg certainly sounds interesting so he’d be 1 of 2 signings I’d make and we’re being constantly linked especially given his contract situation so appears to be a realistic target – furthermore we can hopefully throw in KWP to reduce the fee as he’s already at Southampton on loan so again one assumes and hopes they’ll be interested in taking him permanently – hope so anyway. With KWP thus leaving and Aurier being erratic a the best of times that brings me to my 2nd and final signing – Max Aarons at RB who is playing for a soon to be relegated Norwich and again with whom we’ve been constantly linked so again possibly a realistic target. Up front even though I feel ideally we need cover for HK10 I’d be willing to forego again and let him get on with it with the usual suspects like Sonny and Moura covering if necessary not to mention possibly Parrott aswell! 2 signings is all I’m asking for – both in situation’s were transfers will likely be favourable also and we can raise some funds by selling Rose, Foyth, CCV and Amos for starters not to mention KWP going in a part swap deal for Hojbjerg aswell. Maybe then Levy and the board would not have to dig very deep at all to bring these 2 in – just my take on the transfer situation overall based on our specific requirements furthermore!

  • B.S.You can continue to be a fan of Jose. I find him boring ,conceited and no longer able to motivate and encourage his payers. Poch had a warm relationship ans supportive and encouraging. Jose has a big ego but is not really interested in Spurs. Poch loved our club and if that miser and dull bore Levy had supported him we would have won silverware if thats all you can think of. I like to be entertained with exciting,fast flowing football. As it is, we are now a club that will stick around in mid table, scramble points from lowly teams and get the run around from the top four who play attacking , we need to score and win teams while we park the bus. Having been a Spurs supporter since 1955, I have seen managers come and go from Bill Nicholson to One Day Ramos. Sadly Jose is a George Graham and totally unsuited to the Super Spurs. Enjoy the boring mediocrity. Give me the excitement of Poch’s top four exploits and Champions League final (which we could have won without the disastrous hand ball penalty.) Watch this space. Jose is a dull conman.

  • Top fpur gone with that Chelsea win and no way will we catch Utd for fifth either, so no CL next season.

    Ok we beat Westham but its still torture to watch. Its boring and its not for me.

    Im dont now not going to bother with the last 7 games. Levy was so stupid letting Poch go. Should have got Toby, Rose, Eriksen out of the club and brought new players in ready for pre season and non of this would have happend. Poch knew Toby and Verts were passed their sell by date and Eriksen head was gone and Rowe was Rose and he knew we needed rebuild and even when he got 3 players they arrived late or injured or unfit. Then with players not leaving those Poch wanted out and those who wanted out it became a mess and then Poch got dissolutioned and sacked.

    The club let the best manager we had for years down and brought in a manager who doesn’t suit our style. Will he win anything, no i dont think he will. There is no togetherness with him and the players and when you have players that are not the best, good but not class then you have to make up with work effort and togetherness. Like what Poch did, its all gone and now its boring and we are falling further behind.
    Chelsea next season will have 4 strikers. Utd are now getting a better squad, if Pogba stays they will be a force next season.

    Plus Lampard and Ole have both got the better of Jose, kids just not good enough.

  • I’m pro JM all the way – think he was the only real replacement on for Poch that was acceptable – he’s a born winner and that is something we have not had for decades at the helm – very glad we managed to finally get him lol! I think so far under extremely difficult circumstances – indeed quite frankly ridiculous – he has done well and almost managed to get us back into the CL and will most probably deliver EL footy for next season – not that bad considering we were in danger of falling into a relegation scrap back in November.

    Furthermore the board need to back him properly – there’s only so much he can do with the current squad as it is – it wasn’t good enough under Poch and it is definitely not good enough under JM! If they back him properly I reckon soon enough we’ll be back fighting for top 4 and more!

  • Interesting posts… I am of a Jose opinion…. We have to remember 1 trophy in 12 yrs? What poch did was great… but NIL silverware. The new stadium took 7 yrs plannning (mainly delays by archway steel) building 2 years or so and cost some £637m a huge amount, which affected THFC / ENIC funding, which affected players investments. Yes Loz did say we should have got rid of the toxic players and cleared the air in dressing room… but would we have made the CL final?

    Sadly poch let himself down by various media comments, especially before CL final saying he would leave…and his one dimension tactical strategy in a few semi finals and CL final cost spurs in no senior level silverware (Audi Cup not inc.)

    As HK10 said this week, Jose is a winner players are here to win games, and Harry has no problem with Jose tactical way of playing. It may be a bit boring, but with poch we have been playing exciting fast moving football… with NIL silverware for 5.5 years. So lets see how we go, as 1st is to stop losing games, clean sheets…then add HK10 & co attacking play. this began on Tuesday night 2nd half. COYS

  • Near the time of Pochettino’s sacking, I remember saying that I still thought that he could turn our season around and get us winning again. But we just don’t know this do we. But if we had just carried on as we were, with no improvement at all, then what would we be thinking? More and more supporters would’ve been putting pressure on Levy to fire him. Of that I have no doubt.

    And, although I didn’t want MP gone, my memory is not a short one. And the football we were playing, up until his sacking, had become boring and predictable. And, we were losing, week in and week out. We were very poor.

    This is not the 1970’s when a team like Spurs will hang on to a losing manager and maybe still stick with him, even when relegated. As we did with Keith Burkinshaw. It just wouldn’t happen in 2020. The supporters would be going apeshit with our owners. And after a season like KB’s first (relegation) season, these days he would be hounded out of the club by its own supporters and Levy would be an even bigger enemy of many fans.

    We, as demanding and impatient supporters are to blame as much as anyone when it comes to the hiring and firing of Spurs managers in the modern game. And there were plenty of supporters wanting Poch out, even when we were playing good football and getting closer to winning stuff. There are supporters on this site right now, that were not at all impressed with Poch from just last season. And yet we did finish in the top 4 and we played in our first ever CL/ European Cup final. …………….

    Not so long ago on here there were supporters that were seriously considering a man like Pulis as our manager. Why? Because he was apparently safe and pragmatic. He would have set us up not to lose and at least keep us away from the relegation zone, blah blah. Seriously! A poor club’s version of Jose. Jose, but without any of the many trophies that Jose has won. LOL! Pulis!? Give me strength! ………

    Anyway, there are those supporters that want to win at all costs and those that want to win in style. The chairman cannot possibly please us all. But who on here wouldn’t be celebrating Spurs winning a trophy if it were Jose that helped us to it?

    I’m going around in circles here but I do know that when I praised MP on here for the great football we were so often playing, that many dismissed my thoughts as those of a rose-spectacled, happy clapper. And what was the point of attractive football that doesn’t win anything? And why are we playing this attractive football against the likes of City, Pool, United and Real etc? In other words, why is Poch setting us up to probably lose? In other words, why can’t he be more like Jose?

    If this all sounds confused, it’s because it is. But I’m not confused. I still know what I like and want. And I still would prefer to see attractive, entertaining football above all. And regardless of a trophy or two. Especially if the alternative is just the odd trophy won, but whilst suffering boredom on a weekly basis.

    I have to say though, I wasn’t bored by the last 2 matches. And I think the next 7 will bring plenty of drama and excitement to me as a Spurs supporter. And yet we can’t actually win anything… But hey, maybe I’m still just a silly happy-clapper. A fool. A wind-up merchant…. Blah blah blah…………

    Whatever! 🙂

    Up the Spurs!

  • Agree with Loz. We have become a mid-table team. We only have 3 top players..Lloris, Son and Kane. The rest are journey men and tries. If the miserly Levy had supported Poch with decent signings we could have kept our top four push. Not sure Jose has the magic touch. Too defensive and boring. Not much chance of Levy making signings…..just loans and cheapies. We just have to get used to boring football and mid-table scraps. The top teams will always overrun us.

  • From all the posts we have a very much MARMITE manager, for me at the beginning I was anti JM, then I sat on the Fence, but now unless its me trying to see good things I am starting to go pro JM, because I have seem co-hesion, team spirit, lets all work together attitudes to name a few starting to appear in the Spurs team as they play.

    We must allow for rustiness, lack of games at the mo, but I believe JM’s schemes/way to play are starting to materialise, so the future is looking a lot better, and am really hopeful for next season, this season, the target is the Europa, no chance of CL we do not deserve anyway, which JM likes and has won a couple of times. COYS

  • Wentworth, if every Spurs comment on our squad that I have read on here were the undisputed truth; then even those 3 players are not good enough. I mean, Son can’t defend, Lloris is a mistake waiting to happen and Harry is way past his best. (Apparently).

    My opinion is that we have many very good players at the club and a stronger squad than last season. And yet we have been poor. So many Spurs supporters thought we were very poor last season too. And yet?

    I don’t see poor players at the club right now. I see a season of poor performances as a team. But that’s not the same thing. We could do with a few better players for sure. But meanwhile it really has a lot to do with how the manager does his job. And Jose really has had his work cut out. As I believe any manager would have done.

    We can buy players. We can sell players. But a good manager is always crucial. And if Poch was such a good manager, what went wrong? I really don’t think it was because of such a poor bunch of players. After all, they got us to a CL final…

    Perhaps we should’ve fired MP after the CL semi-final win and got Jose in for the final. Sacked him even after possibly winning it and then re-employed Poch! LOL!

    If all else fails, sell Harry! Sell the ground. Sell the club!

    Anyway, I think I might start supporting Liverpool next season……….

  • Come on guys. Poch did well with us but he is now gone, there is no sense in saying “what if” the fact is that with him we were sitting in 14th position in the league. I think that after the CL final a lot of candles went out at Tottenham. I feel Poch at Spurs was much like Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool a nearly man. Not a bad manager but we needed to progress. As mentioned in other posts here he appeared to have one way of play. I vaguely remember a game against City last season where we constantly played from the back and they ate us alive. Similarly Liverpool did the same. As I have said earlier This is not a Mourinho love in but we are where we are and we must give him a chance. The nay sayers here who said about his defensive philosophy only need to look at the recruitment of Bergwijn arguably on of our best attacking players. I will say again Mourinho has won more with all teams over the last decade than we have won in 50 years. Even with a disgruntled Man U he won more than we could with the much loved Poch. Yes I want to play attractive football, but, I’ll take an odd ugly win to gain a trophy or two.

  • Now ain’t it about time to actually win something, can’t see it happening any time soon

  • BelgianSpur – The two players you mentioned have both been signed by Chelsea and it probably tells you more about Chelsea than the state of the transfer market. As DoncasterHotspur has pointed out Liverpool backed away from the Werner deal. I’m a big fan of Liverpool’s transfer dealings over the past few years, they’ve worked the market to their advantage better than anyone, so I think if they weren’t interested in the deal at that price its significant. I suspect that the prices of the very top players will hold up better than the rest but until there are a reasonable number of deals done its all speculation.

  • Hot Tottingham – Bergwijn to me is a more rounded,disciplined player and being younger has more room for improvement. But Moura has a physical side to his game that is at a different level. Son is better than either of them but Son isn’t going to play every game over a season. You may see quite a few games where Bergwijn and Moura both play, which would be interesting.

  • We are where we are in PL due to the performances of players and Poch from Aug. to Nov. Bad injuries affected us as well. Levy did what he had to, as we were sinking into relegation positions (14th). Jose came in and we won games. I can say there would have been a huge outcry and anger if Levy kept poch and we would now in be bottom 3 clubs.

    As to not spending top money on top players… The new stadium took 9 years to plan & build after all delays.
    Cost on £637m + more on further buildings. So we can only live within the clubs financial means. We could easily have gone the way of other clubs .. administration / bankruptcy. So thanks to Levy we are the best run/ solvent club of 38% wages to costs in PL.

    Now we are in a position of club revenues increasing we will soon be up with the top 5 clubs, so as we have waited many years to win anything, another year with Jose, the most successful club manager in the world is worth it. COYS

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