Date: 23rd June 2020 at 10:23pm
Written by:
Tottenham Hotspur
2 – 0
West Ham United

White Hart Lane

Premier League

23/06/2020 8:15 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Craig Pawson

Tottenham Hotspur West Ham United
Soucek (og 64), Kane (82)
Lloris Fabianski
Aurier Fredericks
Sanchez Balbuena
Dier Diop
Sissoko Noble
Lo Celso Rice
Lucas Moura 72 Soucek
Alli 59 Bowen
Son Heung-Min 86 Antonio


Lamela 59 Felipe Anderson 71
Bergwijn 72 Lanzini 71
Winks 86

Game Statistics

15 Goal attempts 10
4 On Target 2
9 Corners 4
12 Fouls 7
2 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
65 % 35

Friday evening’s tie only returned a point for Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho, but it was 90 minutes back in the tanks of players, and Tuesday evening’s clash with West Ham United was another opportunity to pick up a win and close that gap on the Champions League places.

Back at White Hart Lane this evening we certainly started the brighter.

For a change, we dominated possession in the first half and certainly created good chances. Son Heung-Min did have the ball in the back of the net, but the Video Assistant Referee ruled it out for offside. There were reasons to be positive though, especially as the visitors had been restricted to only one chance of their own. Onto the second half, where hopefully we’d seize the advantage properly.

West Ham did step up more in the second half and created some chances of their own, but Lloris was untested largely and our stream of missed efforts continued, until we forced a credited own goal by Soucek with 25 minutes remaining on the clock.

Harry Kane proved Jose Mourinho right as he hit a second in the 82nd minute and game over – three points and Champions League hopes remain alive and the result certainly wasn’t unfair given the times we should’ve tested Fabianski but fluffed it.

Given everything this season, we’ll certainly take that though.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Gedson Fernandes.

Unused West Ham Subs:

Yarmolenko, Wilshere, Ogbonna, Ajeti, Costa Silva, Randolph, Johnson.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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133 Replies to ““Merse Is That You, It’s Jose” – Spurs’ Restart Is Back With More Of A Bang As West Ham Get Hammered – Match Stats”

  • jod – In Chelsea’s case, I read an article recently, saying that Chelsea had raised funds when they sold Morata and Hazard among others, and they were then handed a transfer ban.

    This would mean that they never got the chance to spend the money raised from player sales.

    So in essence, they still have a rather larger transfer kitty, which is FFP compliant, to be spent in the upcoming window. Scary.

    Regarding El Jefe’s comments about Liverpool’s spending, I think you are both right in some ways and wrong in others. Yes, the purchases of Van Dijk and Alisson were largely funded by the sale of Coutnho.

    However, according to Transfermarkt, in the last 5 seasons (roughly how long Klopp has been there), Liverpool have a net spend of 119,53 million euros (572,88 million in player purchases, 453,35 million in player sales).

    And the spending had begun under Rodgers too. The year before, Liverpool had spent 151,43 million on players, while selling 99,27 million worth of players.

    So that’s close to 30 million net spend on average, with their CL-winning season showing a net spend of 140+ million!

    There is this perception that Klopp has worked magic at Liverpool, but the reality is that the club has spent fortunes on players in the last 5/6 years. For every Coutinho, Suarez or Sterling they have sold, they have spent 30 million + on the likes of Van Dijk, Alisson, Keita, Fabinho, Benteke, Salah, Mané, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wijnaldum, Firmino, Lallana… (with quite a few of those players beating not only club transfer records, but world record fees for a GK and a CB in the process).

    Liverpool have quite simply operated in a different financial world to us, and trying to argue otherwise just isn’t rooted in reality..

  • but, if you’re referring to those guys as back-up to Dier/Sanchez with Jan past his best and possibly soon leaving… Then I’m with you… 😉

  • Well BS, apart from Klopps obviously good coaching skills, some of his “magic” has been the specific players he has purchased, that have then shot Liverpool to their CL and PL titles. Spending large sums is not the be all and end all of it. It was buying the right players for key positions. Especially VVD and the keeper. They turned a goodish defence into a great one. A leaky one into a tight one… The difference in being 2 x runners up and into being 2 x winners.

  • TQ – you did of course state on a budget LOL – personally just think we won’t be in for him to be perfectly honest (don’t think he’s good enough for we’re we want to return to and this time hopefully achieve) but we could do worse for sure and at only maybe £25m not a bad shout especially given he’s English and broken into the national squad after a decent run in the Prem this season. Then again Leicester got Maguire whose also English and the Turkish Soyuncu both for around £20m each, would be nice to see us making some similar quality signings which don’t break the bank at all – especially as we can’t afford the complete finished article unfortunately! Let’s see what happens but a fair shout as stated no doubt….!

  • HT – do you think a defence including Davy and Eric is upto the standard of our attack in Lo Celso, Dele, Sonny and HK10 – so basically of a standard that can challenge for top 4 again and even more possibly indeed going all the way in the Prem, etc?! I don’t think they are and I think we could do better but I’ll reserve judgement and see what JM thinks and ultimately comes up with. Davy if he cut out the errors and maybe improved his distribution a bit better could definitely turn out to be a top class CB and like you say he’s only 24 and still quite far away from reaching his supposed peak, Dier let’s wait and see as he’s quite fresh to being a CB these days and he was rather easily turned by Pogba on the wing against Man U – that said great last ditch tackle on Martial at 1 point – as I’ve said earlier he’s doing OK even quite well so far barring that penalty so at worst case I respect his position as a squad member for rotation – which is no bad thing IMHO especially with our ambition’s of top 4 and more, etc!

    By the way it did more than cross my mind that the likes of Aarons, Ake and Mings are fighting relegation with their respective clubs but I would point to Robertson at Liverpool – was it not with Hull he got relegated with before Liverpool bought him?! Look at him now!!! Just 1 example that really springs to mind LOL!

    • “HT – do you think a defence including Davy and Eric is up to the standard of our attack in Lo Celso, Dele, Sonny and HK10”

      Yes I do EJ… Well, I think they definitely can be up to it given a decent run in the team together. I think our draw vs United was more about our good defending on the day than just the 1 goal that we scored. Which of course came from what was seen as poor defensive play from Maguire and De Gea at the other end. It happens!

      You have highlighted the mistakes that Dier and Sanchez (plus Winks), have made in the past 2 matches. But I will highlight the things they did well that far outnumbered those couple of errors, as you perceive them to be.

      Surely we have to concede that sometimes very good players like Pogba will get the better of them. And, when is an error an error anyway? Sometimes players are simply fooled by the bounce of the ball or the quick-footed skill of an opponent.

  • P.S. HT much respect for your loyal backing of all players through thick and thin as I have become accustomed to reading from you – it’s actually a breathe of fresh air compared to reading that they are most if not all crap and useless – always very balanced with your views/opinions -like it – helps to keep myself and many others on here in check – LOL! Long may it continue my friend…….!

    • Thank you EJ.

      When a player dons the Spurs shirt, I give them my full support. But only as long as I feel they are at the least putting in a good shift. I don’t care if that is Kane or Aurier, Winks or Ndombele. Same goes for the manager/head coach.

      Fact is, I can’t pick the team and I can’t buy or sell anyone. And for me when you are a Spur then you’re a Spur! And when you’re not, you’re not. So, it also means that even when someone like Bale or Modric eventually leave, I can easily accept it. And, even more easily accept them going if they were not to the required standard, according to the clubs management or chairman.

  • HT is right in that Dier is a decent passer of the ball, I still remember his forward over the top pass to dele at chelsea and dele took one touch and scored for us to win… Eric has the fire in him and we saw his frustration at other players messing up.. yes also at his own mistake in the Pogba penalty dive. Jose knows a good defensive player when he sees one !

  • HT – I full agree that Liverpool’s recruitment strategy has paid dividends. However, does the credit for that recruitment go squarely to Klopp?

    At most clubs, transfer decisions are made by committee.

    I don’t want to take anything away from Klopp from a managerial point of view, but he’s had his job made a lot easier by having a chairman/board willing to back him unconditionally.

    I’m pretty sure that if Levy was willing to do the same with Jose, we’d be winning things in the next 2 years. And the same could probably have been said about MP.

    However good Klopp may be, would he have won the PL and CL without being able to spend the fortunes he was allowed to spend? We’ll never know for sure, but it’s reasonable to assume he would not have.

    My point is that a good manager can be shackled by the club he’s working for, and it takes more than just having a good manager to have success.

  • Woooo – B108 still remember watching that – what a goal – what a pass what a take and what a finish LOL!!!!!

  • You are right BS about Liverpool having a transfer committee. But it’s safe to presume that the manager will have his say on who that transfer committee should be pushing hard for and who is not wanted by him. Whether that player was from his suggestion or was suggested to him.

    I remember that Brendan Rogers when at Liverpool was very keen on getting Dele Alli. But even though Dele was cheap and wanted to join Liverpool (he was a fan as a boy), it was apparently the final decision of the Transfer Committee not to sign him. Apparently because he was not seen as ready to step into the first team and that’s what they were looking for. And so Brendan didn’t get his man.

    And I will also presume that it was their TC, guided by the owners that prevented Werner from joining Pool even though they were favourites to buy him. Klopp and Werner had spoken earlier in the year. But a similar thing has happened as with Dele. Except the fee was much higher, being around £50m. Werner wasn’t going to be a guaranteed starter given the front 3 regulars they already have. This would’ve also helped Werner make up his mind to join Chelsea anyway, as he is pretty much guaranteed to be a 1st choice up front.

    So as ever, it is a combination of factors that see a player join or not join a club. But managers will have their say, of course. And also will then have the responsibly for playing them or not…

    We can see at Spurs right now that some players that MP bought last summer are now finding it difficult to get a start. This could be for various reasons but MP definitely wanted Sessegnon and he had made this clear. Jose also liked him but probably has a completely different idea about his worth to THFC and his team than MP had. And so this could be the difference as to whether Sess makes it at Spurs or not.

    As far as MP is concerned, it was made clear that a big reason that we didn’t buy anyone for 2 transfer windows is because Poch didn’t want any of the players that our transfer committee had put forward to him. So, the manager does of course have his say. Even if it is Levy that often takes the blame.

    But ultimately it’s how a manager and his coaching and coaches, utilises and hopefully improves a player that influences how well that player does and how the team functions as a unit. Of course it is. Otherwise why bother with a Klopp or a Jose or whoever to begin with? Why not just buy the players the TC recommend and then get in any old (cheap) guy to pick the team.

    (And I wonder, if Klopp and Poch had swapped teams for the day of the CL final, would it have been Spurs that lifted the Trophy)?

    When I mentioned before that Liverpool had spent shrewdly, I was comparing them to the likes of City and Chelsea and MU and not Spurs. Of course the more money spent the better. The best players are mostly the most expensive. And of course it’s no coincidence that the top managers are at clubs that spend the big bucks.
    It works both ways. Managers have an advantage in spending big but knowing what to do with all that cash takes talent too. And perhaps a little sprinkling of magic, a wee bit of luck and the odd, overly biased, refereeing. 🙂

  • No, it doesn’t make sense… My post about Jan was before yours. But it wasn’t showing when you posted your post… ;-=0

    Arghhh, I’ve got a headache!

  • HT – “(And I wonder, if Klopp and Poch had swapped teams for the day of the CL final, would it have been Spurs that lifted the Trophy)?”

    This, for example, I have no doubt about.

    Unfortunately, a stroke of bad luck/an individual mistake/whatever you want to call it/… made it very difficult for us after 30 seconds. Finals are almost always very tight games, and one goal is often a massive difference. Had we luckily gone up 1-0 within seconds, I think we would have won it, and no amount of magic would have helped Klopp. Just my personal opinion of course.

    As for the rest, we both agree. It takes more than spending to win, and it takes more than having a good manager to win. You need both. But Liverpool has had both, and the credit can’t go to one of the ingredients only.

  • HT – no worries – keep them coming! As regards Davy and Eric hope you are right – if JM can’t get the best out of these 2, nobody really can so they are in good hands IMHO! TQ2 – LOL – why stop at only a nip?! Oh yeah I forgot it’s summer – not that it looks like it outside unfortunately!

  • Brandy is one of the few alcoholic drinks that I don’t like.

    I’ll take a Bourbon Whiskey, if you don’t mind. Straight up, no ice…

    Throw in some salty peanuts, followed by a Churchill cigar… All washed down with a refreshing Tequila Paloma… Gimme the young Brigitte Bardot… And, I’m good to go… In fact, I’ll be going all night long…… To the loo!

    Toodaloo! Pip pip! Cheerio!

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