Date: 23rd June 2020 at 10:23pm
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Tottenham Hotspur
2 – 0
West Ham United

White Hart Lane

Premier League

23/06/2020 8:15 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Craig Pawson

Tottenham Hotspur West Ham United
Soucek (og 64), Kane (82)
Lloris Fabianski
Aurier Fredericks
Sanchez Balbuena
Dier Diop
Sissoko Noble
Lo Celso Rice
Lucas Moura 72 Soucek
Alli 59 Bowen
Son Heung-Min 86 Antonio


Lamela 59 Felipe Anderson 71
Bergwijn 72 Lanzini 71
Winks 86

Game Statistics

15 Goal attempts 10
4 On Target 2
9 Corners 4
12 Fouls 7
2 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
65 % 35

Friday evening’s tie only returned a point for Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho, but it was 90 minutes back in the tanks of players, and Tuesday evening’s clash with West Ham United was another opportunity to pick up a win and close that gap on the Champions League places.

Back at White Hart Lane this evening we certainly started the brighter.

For a change, we dominated possession in the first half and certainly created good chances. Son Heung-Min did have the ball in the back of the net, but the Video Assistant Referee ruled it out for offside. There were reasons to be positive though, especially as the visitors had been restricted to only one chance of their own. Onto the second half, where hopefully we’d seize the advantage properly.

West Ham did step up more in the second half and created some chances of their own, but Lloris was untested largely and our stream of missed efforts continued, until we forced a credited own goal by Soucek with 25 minutes remaining on the clock.

Harry Kane proved Jose Mourinho right as he hit a second in the 82nd minute and game over – three points and Champions League hopes remain alive and the result certainly wasn’t unfair given the times we should’ve tested Fabianski but fluffed it.

Given everything this season, we’ll certainly take that though.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Gedson Fernandes.

Unused West Ham Subs:

Yarmolenko, Wilshere, Ogbonna, Ajeti, Costa Silva, Randolph, Johnson.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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133 Replies to ““Merse Is That You, It’s Jose” – Spurs’ Restart Is Back With More Of A Bang As West Ham Get Hammered – Match Stats”

  • Much better performance. Despite being criticised, I have previously stated that if we dominate possession (65% last night, 35% against United), we put the opposing teams under pressure like Poch used to when we consistently finished top 4. Last night could have been Jose’s 8th game without a win so you could see his relief when Kane popped in the clincher. We had our luck with the OG but again that was down to pressure. Also pressure play saves the defence from making Aurier howlers ( only one last night which nearly cost us). We deserved the win but there was still a lot of sideways passing instead of giving our fast front runners a chase. Sissoko and Lo Celso played well except for sloppy final ball. It works well with a back 3 releasing Aurier to bomb forward. He was always in space. We need new top class full backs and after 10 seasons a decent striker to give the nackered Kane some respite. His gasping collapse for the goal celebration said it all. Klinsman was not impressed!!

  • wentworth – we all remember countless games in recent years when we dominated possession and did nothing with it, losing 0-1 despite having 70% of the ball.

    Possession in itself is an overrated stat. Leicester won the league in 2016 despite having on average less than 40% of possession.

    Besides, dominating possession is not a unilateral decision. It’s easy to have the ball when you’re playing against a team fighting against relegation, and parking the bus. We had the ball because West Ham were more than happy to sit back and let us have it. Against better teams also wanting to dictate the play (like the Man U game), the midfield becomes a hotly contested area. And in that sort of game, I don’t think we’re currently well equipped to play that way, with the personnel at our disposal today.

  • EJ – Sadly, I’m not nearly as optimistic as you seem to be regarding Levy freeing up funds for transfers.

    I think he’ll stick to his lines of “we need to sell before we buy”, and aiming for a zero net transfer spend. With all of the lost income from Covid, unless we can miraculously qualify for the CL, I just don’t know where the money is going to come from.

    Accepting that as a reality, if we have to fund the purchase of a new, starting caliber RB, we’re going to have to sell more players than the list you gave…

  • Some crucial games for Spurs today from teams just above and below us.

    I’m hoping for a Sheff U win vs Man U and the Cherries to beat the Wolves…

    I can’t see the Eagles beating Pool but I’d love to see it. I’m not concerned about the Palace threat to us right now, if they were to somehow pull it off.

    Imagine if Liverpool blew it? The title that is. Losing all their remaining matches, only to be pipped by City… LOL!

  • WW and BS this shows the way we have adapted our game. As I said earlier we are now more than a 1 trick pony. We can play possession football with high press. Or as in the Man U game we can soak up pressure limit the other teams chances and hit them on the break. I prefer the way we played last night but understand why we change tactics. Looks like Mourinho’s ideas are starting to bear some fruit. We can be hard to watch at times but as BS said look at Leicesters’ title winning season 40% possession average. On last nighs game I couldn’t help but be impressed by HK10 and his work rate. Did you see the sprint he did for the near miss then his goal run excellent. We may not get get CL football next season but I think we are on our way back. Mind you one Swallow and all that…

  • BS …. Hope you are travelling well. Your comment about Lucas having his best spell when Kane was out is the best argument for keeping him. Even if he fails to cement a first team start he is certainly a great option from the bench or to cover short or long term injuries.

  • Polite reminder Belgianspur. We used to finish top 4 with our possession game and it was free flowing entertainment. We will never reach those heights with Jose. Fortunately W. HAM came at us at the end which left the gaps. If you have the ball. You score. If you are chasing shadows, you are under pressure. Leicester season was a one off fluke. What about Liverpool this season and their pressure play. Also United who always pressure us and usually beat us.

  • It has been mentioned and noted that we are are not 1 trick ponies, ND, and agree, we are more the or rather getting to be 2 trick ponies.

    Some posters talk about possession others high pressure, both systems bring problems for both sides using those systems, so for me its entirely about timing, when and not to use the two ways, this also depends on the side you are up against.

    Possession/keeping the ball can and does knacker the opponent who basically are chasing shadows.

    High pressure has to be carried out by a fit/work horse team and can/does sometimes go against the user of the said system, how many remember when Poch first arrived, how many negative posts went on about his High Pressure game/system, one of the most used posts was….its alright doing this up until Xmas then watch how his teams slow down blah blah, then came the high intensity training to carry out the system, moans and groans again.

    So for me its finding the right balance when and not to use both systems, and I think Jose is looking to teach/coach the squad to utilise both, that’s what I think anyway. COYS

  • Lucas needs to be playing week in and week out, but right now hes just above average, and more used in a squad rotation system. But if a rare start or used an impact sub what can we expect from him, expecting miracles super sub style, I feel it won’t work with him. Same goes for ali and lamela to some degree these 3 players wont get any better

  • BS – have to agree not holding too much hope on Levy opening up the purse strings willy nilly but hopefully when we fail to make the CL as is likely in my honest opinion he might realise that if he wants regular CL, etc then there’s a minimum amount of spending that needs to be done regularly to keep the squad fresh and upto task!

    Geof good point on Moura – he offers decent cover in a number of position’s if really necessary!

    Not sure what my little list of 5 would bring in – still got to be something and that will definitely help build a kitty – then it’s over to Levy and the board to back their new manager properly especially if we miss out on CL which appears likely and taking into consideration how badly we need it – not just for the prize money, etc but also to keep bums on seats and also the players interested and happy (top class footy, better wages, it all makes sense really)!

  • 123 – I think Dele is and will be a first team regular for sure and deserves to be – top quality player – very creative and has a clear eye for goal – for me he is the ideal solution for playing off HK10 in the hole – call it the traditional no.10 role if people so wish – personally just wish he could shoot better from outside the area as I stated earlier this morning – look how many goals the likes of Lampard and Gerrard and Scholes used to score from outside the area – these are his peers and who he should aspire to emulate! I think we’ve still to see the best of him quite frankly and I sincerely hope this is so, let’s not forget he’s still a young guy and learning all the time – there’s been a lot of glimpses especially in his first full season for us where he scored a lot of Prem goals – but I’m hoping JM can get even more out of him and turn him into a REGULAR 15-20 goal a season AMC/no.10 with similar numbers in terms of assists also! He needs to find regular full fitness and sharpness and this will come with constant game time and then he needs to make that role his own and get on with it – he will no doubt be helped by the likes of Lo Celso especially not to mention Bergwijn, Sonny and HK10 to name a few! They will help him get space, create chances and bury them aswell!

    For those wanting Lo Celso to play no.10/in the hole off HK10 so far there is nothing to prove he can score regularly like Dele can and has in the Prem so for me he is better served playing and dictating from deep in central midfield as he did last night. I think we are lucky to have both of them and also that both can play in the same team and be influential in their own right. Eriksen used to make things happen by dropping deeper and looking for the likes of Dele, Sonny and HK10 especially so no reason why Lo Celso can’t do the same and Eriksen and Dele played regularly in the same team also so for me it will be a privilege to have both Lo Celso and Dele in the same team and we should reap the rewards assuming both perform to the standard they are capable of and do it regularly.

    On Moura I think he will be overtaken by Bergwijn from the looks of things and will have to settle for being a squad player – no harm in this as there will still be plenty of opportunities all the same with us fighting on 4 fronts in what will be a long and tough season next term and in a team with the creative and attacking flair that we have Moura should continue to do well especially as he did last season when he weighed in with 15 goals in total!

    Lamela’s stats supplied by BS actually surprised me – long may they continue especially as he is only a squad player at best for me but is still a vital member of the overall unit as a whole – they all are but importantly they need to keep producing on a consistent level for us to achieve our goals and they are quite high given the exploits of the last 4-5 years!

  • Well we’ll be fighting on all 4 fronts next season assuming we get into Europe in some kind of way – doubt it will be CL – if it is to be – sure it will be only the EL but so be it – JM will probably take it as serious as he can so as always hope we do the best we can if and when the time comes!

  • PY totally agree. It’s when you use your tactics. Fergie was praised for his work at ManU (never a fan) However this is how he got a lot of his results by parking the bus against the bigger teams and possession football against others. Don’t start me about Fergie time, bullying Refs no pens given at Old Trafford for 10 years….
    But at least we are showing that we can play in more than one way. Under Poch we just played the same style. Which I liked. It was entertaining but we have nowt in our trophy cabinet to show for it. Hopefully we can blend the sublime with the defensive and actually get something next season.

  • Geof – I am all for having a plan B for if/when Kane gets injured, don’t get me wrong. But in that case, I’d much prefer a traditional striker, who is a closer match to Kane’s playing style, so that we don’t have to fully change the team because of an injury.

    I just think that Moura is a square peg in a round hole.

  • wentworth – there are more ways than just one to win a football game.

    Yes, we finished in the top 4 under MP by playing possession football. Mourinho has won pretty much everything there is to win playing his way. It’s a big shortcut to say that the only way to win things is to play possession football.

    In fact, tell me how many trophies we won when playing free-flowing football?

    You claim we’ll never reach the heights of MP under Mourinho. If this season is anything to go by, our average points per game is higher under Mourinho than MP. We can’t really judge on anything else because it would be comparing apples with oranges. But if you look at career accomplishments, I think it’s hugely premature to say that Jose’s way of playing will never deliver success. You obviously don’t rate his style and that’s fine. But it’s also a hugely subjective evaluation which isn’t backed up by any facts.

    Teams that have won things without dominating possession: Greece, Euro 2004, Portugal, Euro 2016, Porto, CL 2004, Chelsea, CL 2012 and countless other examples. Leicester aren’t a fluke.

  • Niall and PY – have to agree with both. Horses for courses.

    I admire MP for believing in his philosophy, but I also felt that he lacked tactical flexibility at times. He had his way of playing regardless of the opposition. Great club ethos, but we were on the receiving end of several embarrassing scorelines because of it too.

    Mourinho has an abrasive personality, so some people will just never give him any credit for anything he does. Also, some old opinions die hard.

    People have stated Mourinho doesn’t trust youth, when in reality, his record playing youngsters is as good as anyone’s. People have said he can only play one way, when in reality he shows a great deal of tactical flexibility. 3 days ago, Paul Merson threw out a blanket statement that Kane would struggle under Mourinho, because Kane didn’t fit the mould. Mourinho pointed out that strikers of all types, ranging from Zlatan to Eto’o (polar opposites) have thrived in his teams, and rightly so. And to prove the point, Kane scored against West Ham.

    I would rather look at facts than believe perceptions.

  • I am pleased Gary Lineker has tweeted to those who slag off HK10…. they haven’t a clue about playing at CF meaning he does, which of course is true.

    Also those “spurs” fans who always seem to be saying negative words…. perhaps they are trolls from rival clubs and are giving the media chances to have a go as well.

    HK10 scored 137 goals in 200 games fantastic… long may he be a spurs player. COYS

  • Horses for courses, different ways, set ups blah blah, all used to describe today’s football, but also all very true, if people want to look at the great successful managers of all teams, this is how they took each game, some call it tinkering, but generally it worked, very simple when you think about it.

    What really gets me, is those, must be trolls, who slag off of “Our Arry” one minute the greatest, next worse than what you wipe off of the sole of your shoe, I just do not get it, he is going to have down times, only human, because of injuries, non playing, match fitness and so on, but please tell me why every defender is shit scared of him to put it bluntly, whether he is on form or not, Tottenham’s talisman and long shall it be. COYS

  • Tactics have to be geared to the players available. For me it is all about the ability to defend as a team when the other side have the ball and to move the ball accurately and quickly when in possession. All that had gone under Poch for some difficult to understand reasons, but Jose seems to have restored the defensive side at least. Still too slow and too

    many loose passes going forwards

  • Tactics have to be geared to the players available. For me it is all about the ability to defend as a team when the other side have the ball and to move the ball accurately and quickly when in possession. All that had gone under Poch for some difficult to understand reasons, but Jose seems to have restored the defensive side at least. Still too slow and too many loose passes going forwards

    • LT….all that you say is very true, but whether possession or high pressure football, all that I and a couple of others have already said, brings what you say into fruition, so looks like we are all reading from the same manual. COYS

    • LT….Please accept my apologies because in my last post to yourself, I omitted to ask if you are keeping well and looking after yourself in the current climate.

      Be well and keep safe. COYS

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