Date: 23rd June 2020 at 10:23pm
Written by:
Tottenham Hotspur
2 – 0
West Ham United

White Hart Lane

Premier League

23/06/2020 8:15 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Craig Pawson

Tottenham Hotspur West Ham United
Soucek (og 64), Kane (82)
Lloris Fabianski
Aurier Fredericks
Sanchez Balbuena
Dier Diop
Sissoko Noble
Lo Celso Rice
Lucas Moura 72 Soucek
Alli 59 Bowen
Son Heung-Min 86 Antonio


Lamela 59 Felipe Anderson 71
Bergwijn 72 Lanzini 71
Winks 86

Game Statistics

15 Goal attempts 10
4 On Target 2
9 Corners 4
12 Fouls 7
2 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
65 % 35

Friday evening’s tie only returned a point for Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho, but it was 90 minutes back in the tanks of players, and Tuesday evening’s clash with West Ham United was another opportunity to pick up a win and close that gap on the Champions League places.

Back at White Hart Lane this evening we certainly started the brighter.

For a change, we dominated possession in the first half and certainly created good chances. Son Heung-Min did have the ball in the back of the net, but the Video Assistant Referee ruled it out for offside. There were reasons to be positive though, especially as the visitors had been restricted to only one chance of their own. Onto the second half, where hopefully we’d seize the advantage properly.

West Ham did step up more in the second half and created some chances of their own, but Lloris was untested largely and our stream of missed efforts continued, until we forced a credited own goal by Soucek with 25 minutes remaining on the clock.

Harry Kane proved Jose Mourinho right as he hit a second in the 82nd minute and game over – three points and Champions League hopes remain alive and the result certainly wasn’t unfair given the times we should’ve tested Fabianski but fluffed it.

Given everything this season, we’ll certainly take that though.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Gedson Fernandes.

Unused West Ham Subs:

Yarmolenko, Wilshere, Ogbonna, Ajeti, Costa Silva, Randolph, Johnson.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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133 Replies to ““Merse Is That You, It’s Jose” – Spurs’ Restart Is Back With More Of A Bang As West Ham Get Hammered – Match Stats”

  • HT – some good posts. I’ll sum it all up for you. Jose out – ha ha.

  • The N’Dombele situation is interesting. For me he is one of the most gifted players in Europe. Signing players of his ability was previously only a dream for Spurs. If Jose is as special as he believes he is he will find a place in the team and he will get the best out of him. It seems to me that his treatment of certain players over his career has not only soured his relationship with that player but also with the rest of the squad.

  • jod – my point is that you just can’t make a blanket statement that every team is going to be affected.

    We’re going to be affected. Liverpool might as well. But some clubs backed by mega rich owners willing to throw personal money at the project (Chelsea is one of those clubs) will just continue as they have been. And unfortunately for us, those clubs operate in the same league as Spurs.

    And if Doncaster is right in saying that UEFA will likely be more lenient on FFP, that will only play in the hands of those free spending clubs.

    The reality is that some of our direct competitors will strengthen for next year, coronavirus or not. And that it’s only going to get hard for us to make the top 4.

  • you put your Harry in
    Your Boas out
    Sherwood in and Harry out
    You do the Pochettino and you turn around
    That’s what it’s all about

    Woah, the Tottenham Hotspur
    Oh oh the Tottenham Hotspur
    Oh oh the Tottenham Hotspur

    Jose in and out, out, out! … (Eventually)

    • HT….very good oki koki, you have obviously got your mojo, Mauricio Or JOse, back lol! COYS

  • wentworth – you’re entitled to your opinion. It’s not that I am particularly a fan of Jose, but I respect his track record of success, and I would rather look at facts rather than subjective opinion. I just think we have to give him a chance. I just fail to accept that somebody as incompetent as you say he is has won so much. Something doesn’t add up.

    You said:

    “Poch had a warm relationship ans supportive and encouraging. Jose has a big ego but is not really interested in Spurs. Poch loved our club”

    As true as that may have been, that doesn’t mean that MP was able to win anything for us. Being liked and being successful don’t necessarily always go hand in hand.

    You slate Levy for not backing MP, but Levy is never going to back any manager. That’s just part and parcel of the Spurs manager’s job under ENIC. You like to think of what might have been under MP, I just don’t see the point.

    There’s a saying in French that when you state something really obvious, it’s like trying to break open an open door. “Had Levy backed MP, MP would have won things” is doing exactly that. You can pretty much say that about any manager at any club. Ironically, you could probably say the same about Jose.

    You also said:

    “As it is, we are now a club that will stick around in mid table, scramble points from lowly teams and get the run around from the top four who play attacking , we need to score and win teams while we park the bus.”

    As it is, we’re still in the conversation for CL qualification despite a disastrous start to the season under MP, who had left us in 14th place and hovering 2 or 3 points above the relegation places at one point. We’ve taken 4 points from the last 2 top 6 teams we played, United and City, and you’d imagine our results are only going to get better, the more time Jose has with the team (and that’s not just true about Jose, the same could be said about any new manager needing time to implement his ideas). You’re painting a very dark picture which is just not the reality.

    I just think you’re letting your dislike of Jose cloud your judgment. Additionally, I fail to see what sacking Jose now would achieve. It would just bring even more turmoil to the club.

  • Of late there has been a lot of very good post on ere, arguments for and against Spurs as a team, Levy and his running of the club and our Marmite manager/coach, all posts very debatable, thus good reading, well done to all. COYS

  • B.S.You have made some valid points and I respect you for that . You are right, I dislike Jose and also Levy. I think Jose will be gone if we remain mid table or below. To me he looks frustrated and bored because he is not receiving the adulation he won at Chelsea and then at the start of Man U. We are too far adrift of top four because it took Jose eight games to record a win and that was the relegation W. Ham who in fact gave us a run for our money. We were totally outclassed by Man U but as in both games we rode our luck and had a good keeper on top form. My problem is I have lived through Spurs from Bill Nicholson to One Day Ramos(!) and now Jose. So one gets a feel of how Spurs best perform. Same with top midfield players from John White to Ardiles to Hoddle to Modric to Eriksen and maybe, just maybe Lo Celso. No Lo Celso will never reach the heights but he will fill a space. I am also troubled by our lack of star young players coming through…Skipp..ok…Parrott ok..Tanganga..ok. OK unfortunately is not enough. We have magnificent training and playing facilities which obviously attracted Jose as well as he needed a job. But he is fickle and will soon lose interest. Poch was a true Spur and took us to Champs League Final which we could have won. ( Penalty ruined the game and us). He also had us knocking at Prem top 4 door for most of the time. I am disappointed with the way we play after watching the thrills and skills of Blanchflower,Greaves,Ginola, Gareth Bale, Van Der Vart. We have a knackered Kane and my favourite Son to lighten up the gloom. Will Jose be able to translate Audere Est Facere and understand “The game is about glory, it is about doing things in style and with a flourish, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom.”

    • Does anyone know what is happening with the Amazon documentary? I was hoping it would shed some light on what was going on in the last days of Poch.

  • I have also seen at WHL the great players of the 1960’s to 2020. But unlike others have moved with the way football has evolved. TV and sponsorship have replaced the old way of running clubs. We were trying in 2007 to keep up with Arsenal’s move to Emirates but lost many years doing this. Covid-19 has decimated the UK & EU financial structures. Which cannot be easlie overcome by spurs spending multi £m on players while we have severely reduced / no income and bankrupt THFC Levy will never do this just to appease some fans. The future of the club must be secured for future generations of fans.

  • I think we currently have some very exciting silky players in the mould of past super-stars who have graced us – HK10, Sonny, Dele and Lo Celso especially, N’Dombele has the potential to join this list also soon one hopes and then the likes of Sessegnon possibly also one day, etc. There’s still also tricky, exciting wingers like Moura and Bergwijn and even Lamela to entertain further – we’re at our best attacking wise in atleast 2-3 decades for sure – certainly since I’ve been supporting the club and that through most of my lifetime – but that still does not mean it’s necessarily enough to finally return to the very top and start winning trophies regularly – for that to happen we need to back JM and get the defence sorted properly – the lack of clean sheets and poor results overall especially this season prove this emphatically! As stated by many on here for a long time already – Poch was not fully/properly backed so let’s not make the same mistake with a worldie like JM – it does not make sense to bring him in and then not back him where he feels it is necessary even absolutely necessary – I just hope the board and namely Levy have the balls to go as all in as possible on the back of JM – I think he can deliver – his track record clearly shows his calibre and pedigree!

  • I might add Liverpool as a small example of what I have just written – up front they were sorted with Mane, Salah and Firmino so had plenty of goal threat and obviously flair and entertainment thrown in aswell but could still not win anything so they went out and sorted the defensive side by spending a fortune on Alisson and Virgil and even Fabinho at DMC and now they are reaping the rewards! We’re at a stage where our attack is very potent and even silky, etc but the defence is nowhere near as good and that means we will never deliver on the potential that the attack promises. Like I’ve said all along since his appointment – the board and namely Levy have to back JM properly – no point in bringing him in otherwise – shame about CV crisis, etc but Audere est Facere and it’s about time we proved it!

    As I said yesterday let’s find the money to buy Hojbjerg and Aarons if that’s who JM wants and then move onfrom there into next season – vital we get a DMC and a RB in this summer at a minimum! Get rid off Rose, Foyth, KWP, CCV and Amos – we won’t get fortunes for them – they simply ain’t that good indeed if they were they wouldn’t be leaving in the first place but they’re still worth something and every little counts especially for us as always lol! Shame about Foyth and he could eventually develop into a good player but sometimes you just have to part company – he’s a regular Argy international but still not showing anything for us in the Prem and it’s been some 3 years now so how long do you wait especially when we need to build funds to get 1st team players?!

    Aarons and Hojbjerg might not be straight world beaters already but I think they’re better than what we have currently in their respective positions and will thus be an individual, and also most importantly collective, improvement! I might add they should be more easily accessible given their current situation’s and if we’re constrained financially – they simply have to make perfect sense – there must be a reason we are constantly linked especially given they are position’s we need to improve upon!

  • A lot of posters here seem to forget that Poch had 5 years to get us to a position where we could win something. We didn’t do it. Yes we came close but “no banana”. I would ask given that Poch came from Southampton, the team which had both Mane and Van Dyk in the side how come he didn’t have the foresight to bring them to Tottenham. At that time as some said we were constantly higher placed than Liverpool and riding high constantly playing CL football. I have also supported Spurs for around 50 years. I read some of the almost Churchillian statements posted here I would love to win playing entertaining flowing football but as I said sometimes you gotta win ugly. The references to VDV and Moderic well VDV whilst great and entertaining had only around 70 mins in him by the time we got him and Moderic left when the price/team was right. It is a different era now I feel our time will come those who are satisfied with being the top North London club need to have a word with them selves. I’ve watched a few roll back games lately. Itilia 90 England V Germany did England deserve to win, you bet, and I ain’t English but what I do remember is that Germany won. Similarly in euro 96 same result. Winners write history. We need to be a winning team if that’s with Mourinho so be it I’ll take a slice of his vast success.

  • Read that Levy blocked a deal for Meunier because there was little or no sell on value – if true he was on a bloody free for starters lol, a seasoned international at that and a defensive partner of the likes of Toby and Jan (if he stays which could do for another year) at said international level! I hope this means we’ll be in for Aarons or some other quality RB because otherwise I cannot fathom us not getting Meunier in quite frankly especially on a free. I’ll stick by Aurier as a squad player and back-up at RB but will never accept him as a 1st team regular – he’s had plenty of chances and always come up well short! Also with Dier moving back into defence, we need a new DMC who also will become a 1st team regular – as I’ve been stating lately Hojbjerg sounds interesting for this role or another quality type of JM’s liking!

    Like I said last night we need to back JM properly and I reckon if we do and we help him sort out the defence especially that eventually we’ll come again and this time be in with a bigger chance of winning trophies – under Poch we came pretty close but again overall probably lacked the right investment to get over the line – hope that’s not the case with JM. Happy to take into consideration Block 108’s arguments on financing the stadium and that it needed building, etc but now it’s done it’s time to reap the rewards and ideally some time soon before we all end up dead LOL – look at Liverpool’s 30 year wait ended (and they actually won other trophies during that time including 2 CL’s!) – we could do with some of that after all our last meaningful trophy was in 1991 and these days the FA Cup ain’t that meaningful anymore – ask Poch for example lol!

    • EJ….Levy will be waiting to knock down the price for Aarons when Norwich are relegated, could be one or two more bargains to be had from the same source as well! :- )

  • To you stating that we (the club) “need to back JM properly”; Where’s all the money coming from EJ?

    Where is the income? No supporters. No events. (Boxing, concerts, NFL, Rugby etc). A lot less in the way of sponsorship, TV money etc. But a hell of a lot of the same club expenses and running costs. Players wages being a big chunk. Huge debts to pay and so on…

    Like I said earlier, it’s time for the head coach to do his job and actually show us that he deserves to earn his enormous salary, with the players that we currently have. Jose has enough talent at the club to work with and improve upon. If he is still the talented coach that he used to be. If he is worth his wage. If he really is the “Special One”… If!

    Liverpool’s success has as much to do with Jurgen Klopp as it has its top players. But let’s not forget just how much they have spent on those players. It’s a fortune… Spurs will not be following suit, anytime time soon. I’ll repeat; Where is the money coming from?

  • EL Jef. makes some good points. Poch was a young manager when in spain / southampton. no trophy wins, a move to spurs was a big step up for him. Now we have gone through the infrastructure buildings needed, Its still a problem to move forward as suggested, due to the financial situation I mentioned. Levy has 173m loan for presumably for working capital consisting of paying the players, staff wages, utilities, season tickets refund etc. Levy would have considered how he has to bring in funds to repay the 173m next yr. The non football events will be a while yet, although Lady Gaga show in November ? I would guess He could repay part / extend part, of the BoE loan.

    Then we are left with the funding for new players.. looks like sale and buy, and hopefully Joe and board of directors input funding on terms that comply with FFP, and approval of existing funding sources, or will he dare to use part of the 173m on players… saying its working capital ??

  • What I mean’t about Liverpool spending a fortune was not about Klopps time there. But over the years since last winning the title I should’ve really said.

    When thinking about Klopps time, Liverpool have spent wisely compared to other recent title winners.

    So, it could be said that it’s very much to do with the quality of Klopp more than anything. And his shrewd dealings in the transfer market as well as his coaching skills.

    Whereas with Jose, his success story is very much to do with spending an absolute fortune with the clubs he’s worked at.

    He won’t be getting that with Spurs. His coaching skills will need to be top notch if we are to expect more success from Jose… And, given the money that Poch spent, then it’s fair to say that he did a fantastic job with us, all things considered…

    If only it wasn’t so much about the money and more about the gaffer! 🙂

  • Hi HT – as I stated in my earlier posts I’d be looking for a RB and DMC this summer especially and for that I don’t think we’ll need a massive outlay to achieve such – for starters I would sell Rose, Foyth, KWP, CCV and Amos and see what that brings in. I think we can get some decent money for both Foyth and KWP especially – decent young players – double digit millions each so one could be surprised at the kitty built up by selling these 5 in the first place. As TQ states Levy may well be looking to get “bargains” in aswell such as Aarons and Hojbjerg who I clearly stated earlier should be of interest given the position’s they play and talent held and furthermore because 1 is going to be relegated and the other is in his final yeat of contract, respectively so good deals could be available. Then there’s still freebies and loans which will be available – Meunier being 1 example already gone who should have been a good fit for various reasons already given!

    Further as B108 states maybe it’s time Lewis, Levy and the board dug deep and invested some personal funds, etc of course complying with FFP rules (which apparently are going to be relaxed due to CV crisis, etc) and made a direct investment to strengthen the squad and help get us back into the CL and thus the respective gravy train of such! Alternatively further short term loans against future earnings which will no doubt be made eventually – as far as I know all our debt is on secured long term loans – maybe it’s time to get the credit card out for some essential buying lol like I say get JM a RB and DMC which I feel is needed and then take it from there! JM already stated there is likely to be signings so there must be some money available surely – can’t all be based on freebies and loans and like I say there’s the 5 I mentioned above who could be sold to help build a small kitty. Can’t really see anyone else being sold though – think the rest are all needed lol!

  • The posts on here are like a Top Class Tennis match, to and fro opinions, all have very good reasons regarding this or that, so I am just going to keep reading, as somewhere in the middle is the whole truth, therefor I am fence sitting again lol! thus a sore arse, keep the match going folks because it is deuce at the mo. COYS

  • HT – the truth is I don’t know about this massive conundrum of where we get the money from especially at the moment given all the problems surrounding CV crisis, etc but I’m hoping beyond hope that it is somehow possible so we can make some essential defensive signings this summer but I agree it’s not going to be easy and I sincerely don’t know where we will get the money from but like you say about JM earning his corn, then perhaps one might say the same of Levy and the board, etc?! Hopefully work some magic with the account’s/bank’s and see what they can come up with – the only thing I can throw up is the sale of the 5 mentioned already in my sell list – it won’t bring in a fortune but it will most certainly help – again Levy to work his magic and get us as top dollar as possible for those 5 assuming all 5 move on – personally I think they should! We’ll just have to wait and see unfortunately as usual…….!

  • Thing is EJ. I don’t think any of the players you suggest are really much of an improvement on what we have already. And to buy players of much greater quality, means spending a lot more than those few Spurs players being sold, will fetch.

    I also don’t think our defenders are as bad as you say they are, anyway. Nothing a good coach shouldn’t be able to fix. ……………….

    A great example of supporters believing that players at other clubs are easily better, is Sessegnon. And yet he can’t get a place on the team. He can’t get off the bench. And yet he is supposed to be so much better than Davies… Can’t see it myself. Jose certainly can’t….

    People expected Aurier to be so much better than Trippier. I think Trippier was underrated and had actually proved himself at Spurs. Only for many supporters to think we could do so much better. Now people want rid of Aurier for other so called better players. But I don’t think there are as many around as people think. Most supporters can only ever suggest 1 or 2 alternatives. And yet there are many more other clubs than 1 or 2 after their services if they really are considered the next best thing. And if so, they are not cheap. And that is presuming they want to join THFC in the first place…

    Supporters like to see it all as very straightforward all this. But it so obviously isn’t. Not unless we really can find better than we have but for much less money than City or United etc., will pay…

    We break our record transfer fee on Ndombele. Everyone was saying what a great buy. A bargain even. Barca wanted him he must be good. Well, he can’t seem to run around for more than 10 minutes and is now sat idle on the bench next to Ryan Sessegnon, the boy non-wonder… Jesus, Ndombele looks knackered in the pre match warm up!

    Sell him to Barca and we may be able to at least afford some back-up for the likes of someone else that is themselves back-up! (That’s a joke)…

    I will repeat. Where is the income? Spurs are currently spending, without earning.

    Oh how I wish for a manager that can work his magic with players that aren’t considered the very best but are very good nonetheless. That would impress me… Any volunteers?

    Some folks are saying sell Harry and then we can afford 2 or 3 great replacements for the positions they feel we need. Who then replaces Harry? I thought we needed back-up for him. Sell him and we have no strikers! does that then mean we have to start again with 2 new strikers? Hey, maybe we will have to sell Harry anyway just so as to afford to pay the rest of them.

    Dier and Dele were very cheap. And now some supporters want rid of them. Who is better that we can replace them with for as cheap as they both cost Spurs?

    I think Jose needs to earn his dosh. He will not be buying “BIG”. And I doubt he’ll be around long enough to build a team from scratch….. And supporters don’t want teams from scratch anyway, do they?

    I don’t care about who we may or may not buy. I care about who is playing right now. And I can easily accept that they are not all the very best. Jose is supposedly one of the all-time best. Well, it’s up to him to prove it.

  • For me and I keep saying it, we need most importantly, my opinion of course, is a no frills, I will kick my Granny, MSOB, DM, who stops all helps the defense and gets the deft footed midfielders and forward players moving without worries, for me its as simple as that, who this player is, could be I have no idea and if we were to get that sort of player it would do me for now, as JM has more time with his resident crew. COYS

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