Date: 10th January 2020 at 6:13pm
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  • In the absence of Kane, can Jose come up with a way to hurt Liverpool. I doubt it. Will he manage to stop Liverpool’s attacking threat. Again, I doubt it. The once Special One will be exposed for what he is, a once great manager who has been left behind by the modern game. Spurs 0 Liverpool 5

  • DH – not much hope for tomorrow – we need some major signings but like you yourself have said along with me and others (including JOD to be fair) where is the money coming from?! £40m I believe a season to cover the stadium costs minimum, no CL revenue next season, the only viable players we could sell to get a decent kitty together are HK10, Sonny and possibly Dele but where would be without them?! Relegation zone most probably. As I said yesterday it’ll probably go down as a master stroke to have built world class top of the range infra-structure when interest rates were rock bottom but living it in reality is boring and even worrying given our form in the Prem over 12 months. As a share-holder I find it OK business wise as am up quite a bit but would prefer to see us flying as we were a few years back as we were under Poch which would mean much more profit, as a fan quite frankly borderline had enough of not challenging on a regular basis and feel for all our supporters who are so bloody loyal as shown on here for example that it’s ridiculous. We’re paying top dollar as supporters and the club so far are not matching upto it – I’ve got family saying to me what gets said on here – what’s the point in the stadium when the squad ain’t upto it – kiss goodbye to HK10, etc, etc, etc.

    Struggling to take having to write off this season already but there’s not much hope at this point….!

  • Listening to JM (just read some stuff about transfers and needing time and we’ll never be kings etc) is depressing (not that it’s his fault) like it was depressing listening under Poch – when are we finally going to make the moves to become a proper top club?! Loyalty cuts both ways – if we pay top dollar in season tickets, etc we expect to get value’s worth. Fed up of spending 30 years on the side lines waiting for us to finally arrive properly again.

    I’ve been spoilt internationally with Spain and Portugal in the last 12 years (finally I might add) but Spur’s at club level is f-ing depressing. Just when it looked like we were going to crash the party……..! I’m still hopeful for next season and beyond but without CL revenue and as an attraction, stadium costs around our neck and the likely sale of HK10 – I don’t know why – maybe I still have faith in the portugeeza JM but he’s got 1 tough task ahead of him let’s not make any mistakes about that.

  • Fernandes to Utd apparently – probably around £60m – cheap given his talent and record and the fact that Maddison is rated at close to £100m or so and is nowhere near as an accomplished player as Fernandes is. If Utd sign a quality striker they’ll be right back up there for next season making it even harder for us to get back in the CL places. Chelski will soon be spending also – that leaves us and Arse with our brand spanking new stadiums looking up at them like muppets – wonder how long the fans will put up with it for before telling both clubs to stick it?! Very depressed tonight as you can obviously tell.

  • The bloke that rarely gets a mention – Joe Lewis.
    Where is he in all of this. Club brought for £22 mill and he want £2 bill plus for it, but prepared to invest diddly squat beyond that initial investment. He bowls up when he fancies in his “yacht” (liner) and otherwise soakes up the sun in the Bahamas, occasionally selling a David Hockey painting to swell his coffers more.
    I love this club but whilst he and the bald gremlin are in place, sucking us dry, frankly I’d rather they squirm. If that means low to mid table at best and a half full stadium, so be it. That’s the only time these thick skinned parasites may wake up and either properly invest in the squad or even better, do one.
    Yes they’ve built a shiny new stadium and training ground ( please excuse me I forgot about the tsunami of talent coming through – Doh stupid me) , but only to line their pockets further. Property in London rarely loses value, players age and do.
    I appreciate financial fair play, but there will never be anything fair about it whilst ENIC are in town. Bring your liner Joe, one last time, and take the bald Mogwai off with you into the sunset ( whilst you’re at it, take José too). Jesus wept – so am I ! !

  • Forgot to say – if Leicester keep the crux of their team together and along with Wolves keep improving, us and Arse will be very lucky to even get top 6 and the poison chalice of the EL – CL was nice while it lasted though. Everton and Wet Spam could also be on the way up depending on how it goes for them.

    Kill me now lol!

  • Ade LOFL – £22m was the initial buy in off Sugar I believe, they then bought further but it’s still well under £50m I reckon that they spent in total. The club is currently valued at over £500m but that is nowhere near the actual offer it would take to buy the club off them – probably anywhere from £2-3bn. Even though your post had me cracking up I have to start agreeing with the sentiment to a large degree!!! IT IS DEPRESSING BEING A SPUR’S FAN and there’s not much signs of it changing!

    Even in our most recent glory, glory days we choked big time – Leicester and Chelski Prem wise and Liverpool in the CL. It was all their for the taking – oh well – hopefully 1 day we’ll get it right finally/eventually…..!

  • Me too El Jefe. Here’s the crux for me-
    Would you rather have the worlds “best” stadium and training ground ( for now as others will build better), and the team and standard of football we have now, or would you prefer the old WHL and the football ( in the main), and atmosphere,we we’re treated to in the main in the last few years there.

    I know where I sit.

    I appreciate long term sustainability and all that gubbins, but the day I can’t be arsed to go to the ground to watch a game (first season in memory I haven’t been and that’s with said new stadium), the day I turn a match off before half time as the football is so GRIM (Saints game), and the day I darent watch a game ( today), says it all for me.

    I don’t matter much at all in all of this but times it by the the growing numbers that feel similar, and that ain’t a good place to be. The only solace for me as per the earlier post is the ol’ Joe and Gizmo will likely like this pattern even less.

    £15 mill a year makes a José the best paid manager in Engkand if not the world. Great headline but (another ENIC treat), still way cheaper than buying 2-3 top notch players and their accompanying wages. A smoke screen at best but anyone even having to borrow the family brain cell ( fortunately it’s my turn today, hence the posts) knows far better.

    One last thing underlines it all. Kane ruined due to over reliance and we’re in ( apparently) for some Pole for £28 mill, whose by all accounts has scored less goals recently than a roller skating camel might go Ben the chance, as cover. Cover my arris that’s like losing a I-phone 11 and replacing no it with two plastic cups and some string.

    I’ll never stop fundamentally supporting but the ENIC goons run me close.

  • El Jefe & Ade…..good points there and beliefs, well done! you have brought me down to your point of disillusionment, Lol!

    As yourselves am a loyal supporter, some 60+ years, but am also the ever optimist and will 99% of the time live in hope of the good times, same as I am still trying to work out how a good team becomes “crap” over night, ok past 12+ months.

    I still believe today we will get a result, if not I will have my hard hat on for a barrage. COYS

  • No need for your hard hat Pompey yid your just as much intitled to your view as everyone else,even if I’m the complete opposite to you in my views of the club.Mourinho will have to park all the buses in London this evening if where going to get anything out of this game. All I hope is Liverpool are sluggish and not on top form if they turn up fully at it we may get slaughtered.Mourinho out telling the media we will never be transfer kings haha tell us something we don’t already know ,only line he missed out from Enic copybook was but we have best stadium in the world and training centre .TO DARE IS TO DO ….NOTHING .

    • Pauric….It is a Spurs hard hat lol! thanks anyway, yes agreed we all have different opinions, but I will always be an optimist, “changes” do occur, and finally love your capitals “slogan” lol! COYS

  • Ade……..while I don’t go along with the need to use insulting descriptions of board members to make an argument I do totally agree with your feelings regarding today’s game.

    Like you, I don’t think I have ever been so unsure about whether or not watch a Spurs game for fear of seeing our great club humiliated, our defence has been so poor of late it is easy to see Liverpool scoring loads of goals. I really do hope I’m wrong and the players put in a solid performance and make a decent game of it.

  • Having read the 3 pages of this thread…. Lots of doom & Gloom posters. Yes Enic (levy / joe) have improved the infrastructure of the club, but this was at the cost of football side. Poch did a fantastic job of doing top 4 finishes, semi finals in cups, and 2 finals (league cup & CL) BUT.. players have burnt out after 5.5 years due to the high pressing game and training methods. Similar was said by Southampton players…over the last year of his tenure, Poch did himself no favours with players / fans in game management and playing HK10 in CL final and saying he would leave afterwards and other sound bites.

    Now we have to rebuild due to the above and Jose needs transfer funds from Levy. The season is not over until the final whistle of the last game…. so we as spurs supporters have been optimists for many years and need to keep faith with the club management, Levy / Jose (as we have no choice) and review at season end.
    I will be at WHL today see Liverpool and then Middlesbrough in the cup. Hopefully for spurs, some kind of a result in both games… COYS

    • bl108spurs….very good post there, I am in agreement with you there, esp about rebuilding, try and enjoy the game today. COYS

  • DW… I fed up of posting on here and nothing is shown. Spent time reading and posting… so I won’t bother until site is running properly… regards to all posters.. if you can read this !

    • block 108……the issue is a pain and the error occurs once page 1 is full and it rolls over to page 2. You can keep posting on page 1 after this occurs by clicking on the reply button on the last post on page 1 but this doesn’t work on the single post on page 2. Some of us have kept the thread going on page 1 by using the reply button as described.

      I have been lobbying DW for some time now as this has been going on for something like one and a half months now, I appreciate that DW can do little himself to solve the issue but know that (having worked in IT myself) the cause should have been traced and a fix applied ages ago. I think the biggest problem could be that Vital Spurs is the only clubsite where comments on the debate section threads get beyond one page so they probably don’t see it as an urgent issue!

  • My biggest concern is who do we play at right back? Mane up against either Aurier or Foyth looks like an accident in the making. I think we need to stop the service from their full backs, they have provided so many assists so if we can stop them from getting so high up the pitch as often as they do it will be a good start.

    I think I would go with a 433 for this game with the following starting line-up:

    Gazza: Aurier Sanchez Toby Verts: Winks Dier Lo Celso: Son Dele Lamela

  • I’m a huge optimist hence several references to stadium half full etc, equally I have a slender notch or realism in my bones too, hence my views.
    As Pauric rightly says everyone is entitled to their opinions, that is the beauty of both folk in general and sites like this (in the main).
    I posted purely as read a lot for therapeutic reasons, but rarely post. I feel my Spurs therapy needed upping a tad hence spewing my thoughts down in writing. TQ again respect your views reinsults, although I tried to make it as light as I could given some of the words my brain wanted me to use. Whilst I doubt Daniel gives two hoots what I write (and likely to never view this) personally I’d quite like to be called a gremlin – great films and I’ve been called far worse.
    Anyways each to their own, if you still remain 100% optimistic at this time, I salute you. You are more resilient than I – I also equally hope those of you that are, turn out to be correct. I’ve never wanted to be so wrong ( about our long term success under a ENIC) than just about anything else in my life to date.
    One thing we all agree on is that we all hope we can start at least enjoying out football (even occasionally) in the near future, irrespective of results.
    Belated HNY and praise be to whoever might just be listening and has the power to make 2020 a more positive one for all connected to Spurs.

  • Ade…glad your an optimist, though it seems waning, lol! as I have said before I am the eternal/ever optimist and that’s purely because there is nothing I can do about the situation at my Spurs, it is entirely up to the owners and management staff, all I/we can do is support our team, we have been here before and as before something is drawn out of the hat, so for me Come On You Spurs for ever.

  • My team for today…..





    Thus 3 at the back with wing backs, mind 2 other changes could be Lamella and Lo-Celso in for Deli and CE. COYS

    • When Harry was out at the tail end of last season, I thought Spurs were (at times) playing the better football than in many matches before his injury.

      This of course is not a reflection on Harry Kane himself but an observation on the rest as a team and as an attacking force. And so, it doesn’t concern me that he is now out again, perhaps as much as it could/should do… In fact, I said just the same last season.

      I’m more concerned about our current left-back, goalkeeper and defensive midfielder situation. We really do miss Davies. Just as much as we miss Lloris, imo. We also miss the usefulness of Dier and Winks whilst they are currently not playing at their best. And, Sissoko and Ndombele being out is what weakens us further… And at left-back, Sessegnon is (unfortunately) not yet the answer… Will he ever be?

      Even so, in spite of our obvious weaknesses, I genuinely don ‘t think that a Liverpool win today is an odds-on inevitability.

      I’m never one for over reacting. Win, lose or draw. And my stance is always based on the next game of football itself and not just from pure optimism. I am also fully realistic. And, I am being realistic in saying and believing that Spurs can win today. I think (hope) the players and our head coach believes it too. Because belief and self belief is what is definitely needed. Because without this, we will lose. And it don’t matter who it is we are facing.

      Anyway, I’m saying that Spurs WILL win today! (And that is being optimistic) Why not?

      I prefer to restrain from being miserable before the event and then I will only react in such a way, when I’ve been given good reason to be miserable. And we ain’t kicked off yet, have we? LOL


  • TQ2.. You are right it should have been done weeks ago. So unless they fix this site soon I am done on here. as is TK. totally fed up. For those of you who remember coopsiyid.. he is recovering from injuries sustained in a fire some months ago, his flat in cornwall.

  • Can’t disagree with you regarding previous Kane absences HT, we have often looked a better balanced side when he has been out injured.

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