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  • 123Spurs,it’s all well and good saying Poch wouldn’t spend money on signings but exactly what money was available???minimal I would think going on the history of Daniel Levy and there’s any amount of evidence over the 18 years or whatever number of Years he’s been in charge.Poch pointed out season after season he wanted players of top quality because already had the nucleus of a good team but where always 1 or 2 players short, but quality costs and that’s route of the problem where Levy concerned.Regarding Poch been at fault for the squad ageing ??? Off all the managers to level that against Poch most certainly would be the last manager that could be thrown at.This guy built his name up bye working with young hungry players ,once again Danny boy would be the odds on favourite for that allegation to be levelled at.Harry Redknapp was sacked and the fans said it was his fault we had such ageing squad and that levy would never let that happen again ???well let the lord strike me down ,it’s happened again .Dont get me wrong Harry was famous for his older players but maybe he wasn’t completely culpable????or are you putting that down to Poch also??? Yes Poch made mistakes I.e. Playing Kane in the final but look at Jurgen Klopp i believe he lost 3 or 4 European finals before he tasted success and for me he’s the best manager in the game at Poch made mistakes but he was never backed 100% actually 50% would be closer which really says it all .when Poch came to this club we where a basket case and he kicked ass and got us look like a proper team on a shoestring of a budget compared to the top teams that’s the reality .

  • We need a RB and a DCM ASAP aswell as obviously a STR. If KWP goes as he should do because needs game time to learn (and not at our expense) – that’ll be 2 down without reply including Trips in the summer at RB leaving only Aurier and possibly Foyth as cover. Aurier has done OK since JM came in but not done enough to convince that he should be the 1st team regular long term. Personally Aarons is a good shout but he won’t be available until the summer when Norwich get relegated so would expect us to move for him then. Dier has done OK but again like Aurier not done enough to convince that he should be the 1st team regular long term so we need a new quality DCM – wouldn’t mind Soumare who could eventually form a deadly duo with N’Dombele long term both for us and for France – what a statement signing he would be. N’Dombele has shown he is pure class from few outings has had, now it’s just a question of getting his fitness to the required level and he will fly – would be amazing if we could get Soumare to partner him aswell. Up front we need to sign someone decent – HK10 will be gone for most of the rest of the season and Parrott is still too young even for next season so we could do with a quality signing here to cover and then push HK10 all the way on his return.

  • To be fair 123 and DH/Pauric I think we had a very good manager in Poch and now a great one in Mourinho – hopefully he will be backed a lot better than Poch was because I think for the club we are with our proud heritage as pioneers in the game in England (1st domestic double, 1st European Cup, record FA Cup holders with 8 at one point in time, etc) we deserve much more than we’ve got for the last 30 years or more and now with the new stadium and infra-structure being the best in the world we need to concentrate on backing the 1st team squad to make waves again domestically and internationally. It’s not going to be easy given that City and Liverpool are undoubtedly 2 of the best in the world now and also we have to get on top of the stadium costs first but hopefully there will be clever and targeted investment into the 1st team squad and we can start winning. We don’t necessarily need to be buying at the top end of the market either – City and Liverpool have only done so on 1 or 2 occasion’s the rest being clever investments of relatively top young talent and nurturing of such. Yesterday I also mentioned FC Porto and Leicester to further back up my point that miracles can be achieved even on a shoe string budget and we nearly did so last season also by getting to the final of the CL. Although this season is probably a write off in itself we could still use it to fully blood the likes of Sessegnon, N’Dombele and Lo Celso not to mention further buys in readiness for what’s hopefully to come in the longer term. We needed the stadium, we’ve got it, now once we get on top of the costs I think we’ll return to being a major force again, we just need to stretch our patience that little bit thinner for a year or 2 whilst we get readied for a new assault on honour’s or atleast I hope so and am optimistic of such after this season.

  • I respect where Pauric and DH are coming from in relation to Poch and what he done for us over 5 years. However we were always the bridesmaids. We did well and didn’t win anything. Again I accept that he may have been under extreme finincial constraints and as some say had limited I put as to purchase of players. But he must have had some say as we seem to have a few Argentine players I would still argue he had a final nod on others. As I stated in an earlier post he maybe has taken us as far as he can just like Brenda Rodgers did with Liverpool. I love and respect what he did.I feel he lost the dressing room and players respect this season and the players signed this season were below par fitness ways which has been shown lately. Whilst many don’t like him for various reasons Jose is now our manager we need to get behind our team including him and hope we win something. Like it or lump it he has a history of winning trophys. I just hope that the guys upstairs get behind him with some finincial backing to bring in a few new faces. Which are Jose’s choice if we aren’t doing well then we get at him. Don’t forget we have had a new stadium and new manager to get used to this season.

  • I am really concerned following recent match reports, our U23 side and our U18 youth team have both turned in poor results in the past few days which had lead the coaches of both teams to publicly criticise the attitude and commitment of their respective players. It seems this malaise has now filtered down from the first team and has infected the entire club, maybe with the exception of the Women’s team.

    What on earth is going on?

  • Tottenham are just as likely to lose against Liverpool as any other PL club are, just now.

    But, I also believe that we can beat them. Let’s just wait and see…

    We have not been great at any time this season. But nowhere near as bad as many of you are making out. If we were, it would show… W’ed be close to relegation, out of the CL and already out of the FA cup.

    Fact is, the season is not actually over. And fat ladies, skinny ladies or any other kind of lady at all, has nothing to do with it… It just is not over, until it’s over….

    Come on you Spurs!

  • HT….quite truthful in what you say, “we’d be close to relegation, out of the CL and already out of the FA cup” but for me and others, here in lies the problem, for just about a year now we have been nowhere near the form we have been seeing prior, the simple question I ask is – Why! there are a hell of a lot of questions/queries that lie in that simple question, thus frustration from the fans, the negatives and the optimists alike.

    Though I have commented how crap I felt we were in certain games, I am still the ever optimist and believe something will happen/change shortly. COYS

  • Jod, Do you think we need to sign anyone. If so, do you have any names.
    Personally, I don’t see what is wrong with saying that we need a new right back or defensive midfield player without giving names. Most of us have full time jobs and do not have time to scour the world looking for such players.

  • Apparently, Levy is hoping to sign Lo Celso at a cut price. Not worth it. He has does nothing yet. Bit like an under 11 schoolboy. Too lightweight. Foyth may be off…thought he had potential originally but erratic. KWP out on loan. He will not make it. Apparently we are after a striker who hasn’t scored for a couple of years. But he is cheap. We are now very weak at full back on both sides. Central defence is ageing. Sissoko and N’dombele injured. Dier is totally out of his depth..gone backwards. Winks too lightweight and tippy/tappy. Dele waltzing around. Lets hope for something better on Saturday. Time fora huge upset. Hmmmm.

  • HK10 and Sissoko out for the rest of the season pretty much – JOD how can you still say people are being boring by discussing the need for replacements/new signings? Who knew how good the likes of Sonny and Dele would turn out to be – blatant no name players when we bought them who are now household names especially amongst our faithful, as they should be.

    Even with HK10 and Sissoko available we were struggling to push for a European placing so it’s clear new signings were needed anyway let alone with these injuries now.

    With KWP being potentially loaned out, even Foyth’s future being called into question by his agent and Trippier having been sold in the summer – we blatantly need a new 1st team RB.

    WIth HK10 out – again blatantly we need a new striker – Parrott cannot be expected to cover fully.

    With Sissoko out, N’Dombele regularly injured and the same could be said of Winks and Dier and Wanyama likely sold again we blatantly need a 1st team DCM.

    3 players I think we’re in desperate need of and even then would just paper over the cracks.

    Verts will be 33 soon so we need a new LCB as a long term replacement – Tanganga surely cannot be expected to take up the role.

    I think we should make the Lo Celso deal permanent – he’s got potential and for £40m odd is cheap for a player of his talent, potential and age.

    Where the money comes from though I’m not so sure but that we need these signings to remain a decent force in the Prem – that we do.

  • Truth is that when Dembele left us we seem to have lost our drive. As HT says we are not as bad as some say. We can play well but it seems now in flashes rather than for a whloe game our domination of the lesser sides seems to have left us. Where have the days of 14 shots on target every game gone. However it is because other sides have upped their game. Look at Leeds against the Gooners during the week they were incredibly lucky at home to come away with anything. I still think we are a couple of good signings away from being back up there. Liverpool have been on a good run they’ve clicked and are doing well and when ever they’re not there’s always a decision or two that seems to go their way. Even Talk Sport did a feature on how many decisions they get. On our day we can beat them and don’t forget the last two occasions they beat us wasn’t there dodgy penalties given to em.

  • Something has to give on HK10 – either we buy decent back-up as it is or we sell him and sign 2 good strikers (and improve the rest of the squad also) because at the moment we’re running him ragged and that means we lose him for large spells every season and that simply ain’t good enough management of our talisman and star asset.

    Given his injury problems and our over-reliance on him due to lacking other alternatives I’d be reluctantly tempted to cash in and use the money to improve the position with 2 good strikers instead of 1 excellent one and the squad in general also.

    £200m+ we could get for him at peak value should see us being able to buy 4 players like N’Dombele/Lo Celso and that has to make sense. It’s a shame we have to sell the best of our own but to move forwards it may well have to happen and for him to be happy it may well need to happen anyway especially if Madrid come calling (always my dream to play in the white of Madrid, etcand WIN TROPHIES).

    With the stadium costs still to be gotten on top as only just moved in and re-financed and without CL revenue I think it’s going to a foregone conclusion that HK10 leaves and that we cash in especially by the summer of 2021 when he will turn 28 – I would though fully expect all the proceeds to be re-invested in the 1st team squad.

    Hopefully 1 step back, 2 steps forwards when it does happen!

  • Niall – I’ve watched most of the games this season live especially now with JM as manager as I pick them up on Portuguese Sky but we’ve been pretty woeful to be honest especially against what should be our rivals for the CL spots but even against lower opposition.

    I think we need 3-4 signings to get back to fighting for CL spots – the squad is depleted by constant injury and knackered and simply needs improving and re-energising.

    Pressing problems are RB and DCM where Aurier and Dier I do not feel are consistently good enough to keep a 1st team place especially in a team pushing for a CL spot let alone more.

    Even more pressing now is the lack of a proper experienced STR with HK10 out.

    The 3 position’s need improving on but I accept the major problem is where do we get the money from? Perhaps some clever loan signings but that’s not much good for using this write off of a season as a spring board for blooding new players and tactics etc to be ready to really go for it next season and longer term.

    If HK10 had not got injured I would have argued take a risk and leave it up front and look for the RB and DCM because at the moment I’d say we are OK with and could challenge for CL spot with :

    Lloris, RB, Toby, Verts, Sess, DCM, N’Dombele, Dele, Moura, Sonny and Kane. Then there’s Gazza, Aurier, Davy, Davies, Sissoko, Dier, Winks, Lo Celso, Lamela who can come in to help also.

  • EJ I think we are speaking the same language. I said in earlier posts we need 3 or so players to make us competitive again. We are only showing occasional flashes of what we were, Deli played a couple of good games then Erik’s on had a good showing Sonny’s goal of the month. but we’re not putting it all together for long enough. What I’m saying is that these guys on their day can get a result against Liverpool. More in hope than expectation.

  • Niall I’m not counting on anything on Saturday – I’m not expecting much from the league position this season indeed not expecting much from any competition – we’ve got some very good players but like you say until they gel again and start playing as a team we’re not going to achieve anything.

    We have to stop conceding goals – especially now we’ve lost our main goal threat in HK10.

    We’re a 1/3 through January already and still no signings or signs of any kind of signing – that’s baring in mind we should have been planning for January since JM took over nearly 2 months ago and now with the long term injuries to HK10 and Sissoko not to mention the injury proneness of N’Dombele etc even more so in terms of making signings.

    Bit fed up at the moment – Levy and the board need to back JM ASAP and properly and I’m talking as a share-holder aswell as a fan. I know we’ve got to repay on average £40m a season over 25 years or so to cover the debt plus interest and with no CL revenue and no real money coming in from player sales (unless we sell HK10 for example) can’t see us making big moves in the transfer market which is frustrating and will hold us back both football wise but also business wise.

    Long term it will probably prove a master stroke in the years of low interest rates, etc we built our top of the range stadium and infra-structure and really gave the club a foothold but that’s hindsight speaking – in reality – living it is very boring and even worrying as it was in mid November and is starting to get again given performances and player injuries.

    Would be amazing to get a result on Saturday and act as a catalyst to finishing the season strong but I doubt it and for this reason I have already in my mind written off this season as a dud – more worrying is the lack of intent from the board to back JM so far and set in place the long term football future of the club – we could do with making 2-3 signings this January as a a signal of intent especially for next season and beyond.

  • Gazza

    Aurier Toby Davy Verts

    Dier Lo Celso

    Lamela Eriksen Moura


    This is my lot for Saturday – it certainly is capable of beating Liverpool if all gels but not going to count on it. With Sissoko, N’Dombele and Winks all missing I believe I would play with Lo Celso and Eriksen in an open triangle as JM calls it with Dier sitting back at the tip. 5 defenders, 5 attackers – we’re at home and against the best team in the country so why not go for it?! No point trying to defend we’ll concede several and get beaten might aswell try some kind of attack.

    Bench watch will be interesting – Tanganga, Skipp and Parrott should all feature on there and good luck to them – sincerely hope all 3 make it for us eventually.

  • EJ 100% on your comments. I wish we would clear the air and get rid of the fringe players. This May free up around 50 mil to get 1 or me be 2 players in then perhaps a loanee for the season. I’m with you on RB I Already suggested Aaron’s or Frimpong, a DM I suggested Kessie (may be too like N’Dombele)
    And a striker I suggested ex Fulham Dembele or Celtics’Eduard. I’m sure there are loads of others out there I’m just thinking of some additions which may not break the bank. There are those who are just complaining but not suggesting (as youand I did) which positions need changed. I agree with an earlier post there is a malaise around the place as the younger sides are under performing as well. I not counting on much for Saturday either but just like PY I am an optimist expect the worst hope for the best. COYS.

  • Niall D….as the ever optimist’s that we are, I believe as a Spurs fan, 60+ years myself, that is the way to be or you just as well break down and cry or worse, as for the Pool game on our day we can upset the apple cart, so here’s hoping, like you expect the worse but hope for the best. COYS

    • Another bit of strong rumour/news…appears agreement made with agent of Barca RB Semedo, a compromise will be had in valuation fee. COYS

      • I would love it if we could end Liverpool’s winning run, even a draw would be a good result. We have a manager who could probably find a way for us to do it but will we?

        Not unless we can suddenly instill the belief in our players that theirs have, they start every game with the belief that they can win and invariably do despite actually doing very little rotation except in central midfield which is often due to minor injury more than tiredness. Their players always seem to find energy late in games where they need a goal to get a result despite the number of games they play.

        • Danny……..this page 2 issue is getting ridiculous now, it is killing the debates on here. Can it not be escalated to someone who has the authority to get it sorted?

            • Honestly it’s not my bag chaps, there’s nothing else I can do. As said previously, it’s gone up the chain to our partners and the chap who knows this software inside and out. Once I have an update, I’ll pass it on. Promise! lol

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