Date: 7th January 2020 at 6:00am
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On the back of a poor attacking display against Championship side Middlesbrough in the third round of the FA Cup last weekend, Tottenham Hotspur already know we now need to factor in a replay but we’ll have had all week to prepare for the visit of Premier League Champions elect Liverpool this coming Saturday.

Although results have more generally been right as opposed to wrong under manager Jose Mourinho, there have long been massive questions about how pragmatic our supposedly pragmatic style of play now is, as although we are creating chances, the games are hardly vintage or even 50% near what we know this side can do.

With Spurs now on a run of three games without victory, even the more optimistic amongst us can’t be expecting anything other than a draw at best when we welcome Jurgen Klopp to White Hart Lane. In more recent history the gulf between the two sides has never been greater and let’s face it, we aren’t even the same side that met them last year in the Champions League Final.

If we don’t back up, Halloween could return this weekend.








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28 Replies to “Match Thread – So Spurs Host Liverpool, What Could Go Wrong”

  • We need to improve the belief in team and eradicate laziness with lots more of offensive risk. The sooner goal arrives , the greater confident builds in the team. Defensive frail happens when goal arrives after desperate pressure . Belief , Belief , Belief with discipline we will Knock Liverpool down ! and step the right foot forward ! I BELIEF SPURS CAN DO ! Common U Spurs !!

  • I have already written this season off! I cant see anything changing in terms of our style or our ability to create and convert more chances and keep goals out. With Harry out (again) we are left with no genuine No. 9 meaning we have to look at other routes to goal. Our passing game has been abysmal, we’re back to the ball being passeed from one side of the pitch to the other. We have once again become predictable. The mighty teams of Norwich Southampton and Middlesborough sussed us out pretty quickly. Our inability to keep a clean sheet is only going to make matters worse as our ability to score goals will now dry up now that HK is crocked. I see no improvement in Spurs since Poch left. The Chelsea game was worse than depressing as was the Man U performance. The Norwich, Southampton and Middleborougy game showed everyone that we cant break down teams who set themselves up to keep their shape at the back after they go ahead, we even struggled against Brighton . Its not a question of us being unlucky or beacuse of injuries we have more international players on the pitch than the teams we have just played but we play and look like an invitation 11 instead of a team with purpose and ideas. Liverpool couldn’t come at a worst time, our confidence is shot, our CB’s are being left exposed too often, Aurier is just another Benoit Esso Ekotto and what Jose sees in Dier I have no idea . The Burnley and Wolves results are just masking how inconsistent a team we are and thats down to Jose. The Bournemoth and West Ham results showed how we just switch off and let a team back in because we take our foot off their throats. We are no match for Liverpool, we can’t match them in any department. Park Lane may be singing to the Shelf Side but there will be precious little else to sing about come saturday evening ……4th Place is the minimum requirement for Jose according to Levy which just shows you how our aspirations have fallen in the last 5 seasons. Poch got us within spitting distance of the Premiership Title an FA Cup final and a League Cup Final and drove us to a Champions League Final …now all were hoping for is a 4th place finish cos we aint going to be getting even close to an FA Cup Final. Jose should take a look over his shoulder at his compatriate Nuno Espírito Santo I would buy another season ticket to see us play with some of the passion and concentration that he gets out of his Wolves side. Absolutely gutted …the sooner this season is over the better weve gone from being a genuine top 4 club to Europa League fodder with a manager who would rather star in an advert for Paddy Power and have a pop at next doors technical area than come up with some idea’s on how to get the best out of our players. My only hope is that we dont get thumped by Liverpool cos if we do cant see Levy sticking with Jose for very much longer, his appointment is beginning to look like a joke……. Balls to light? Give me a break !!

  • I can see us ending Liverpool’s unbeaten run on Saturday……………… nah, just kidding!

    I’ve written the season off as well Oyveh, I honestly haven’t seen anything to suggest we are suddenly going to play with the confidence and energy that the teams above us are doing, quite a few below us as well to be fair.
    I really can’t disagree with anything you have written. The current squad is largely a busted flush and needs a serious re-build. To be fair, I think Liverpool are approaching a similar situation within a season or so but suspect they may address the issue in a far better way than we appear to be doing.

  • Oyveh….very good post, don’t think anyone can argue about it, most I believe are in agreement with you, though I haven’t quite written off the season or given up the ghost yet, for me there is still “maybe just maybe”.

    I must admit I am not looking forward to the match up v L’Pool, match up! nah! a game(hopefully). COYS

  • Hope you are staying safe over there Geof. Some of the video we are seeing over here is shocking and it’s absolutely heartbreaking seeing images of the wildlife suffering so badly. :- (

  • Just hope we can keep them down to 6. What we could do with some of their young stars. We seem to have no one who is going to make the grade. We now have a mixture of aging stars, wantaway hasbeens, hopeless signings (Aurier), no worthy youngsters, injury prone possibles. That leaves Son, Dele and Kane to build a team around. Hopeful for a five-a-side unit but we have a hell of a lot to do to get a decent 11. Its all very well having fantastic facilities (where are our young players?) and a superb ground. We just need some star players. Levy…what about it?

  • Oyveh, wonderful post. Agree with everything you say. This season is well and truly done, we won’t even be in the Europa League next season. Make no mistake about it, we may have a handful of half decent players but we are a really poor team who can’t defend, who fail to create chances and have no passion any more. Levy’s do it on the cheap footballing decisions are inevitably coming home to roost. The arrogance of the man who took it for granted that Poch would keep us in the top four and when things started to go downhill, he decides to sack him instead of doing what he should have done in the first place and back the best manager we have had since Nicholson. He then makes one of the worst decisions of his chairmanship (and there are many) and decides to appoint a manager who is so outdated in tactics, man management and the ability to build a club. The longer Mourinho stays, the longer it will take to repair the damage he will inevitably do to our club, (lack of faith in the youngsters being the most obvious one).
    We have the best stadium in the world (no expense spared). We are being charged (mugs that we are for paying) the most expensive prices in the country, probably the world. Unfortunately for Mr Levy, the attendances will start falling and the club will struggle to sell season tickets next season to watch the mid-table dross we will have to put up with as long as Mourinho is our manager.
    For what it’s worth if Liverpool are 100% at it for 90 minutes I suspect we will be beaten by five or six goals.

  • I take it from the posts there is not a lot of confidence any more lol!

    Me I am still hoping, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, or has she lol! COYS

  • Fat Lady singing? she’s been clearing her throat since last January. When the Wheel (Premiership ways)
    Started to come off the wagon. Be honest we were lucky against both Ajax, and Man C in the CL don’t get me wrong it was fantastic to have a euro final nite and at least we showed some fight and heart in those games. . This bunch hasn’t performed well this, season. I think it has been down to under investment and wages for players over 2 or so years. Plus some of the players we got in weren’t up to standard. I still think two or 3 signings would see us through Franck Kessie wouldn’t break the bank may be Aaron’s from Norwich or a cheaper option Frimpong from Celtic how about the other Moussa Dembele From Fulham as a striker. However we can play well on our day Liverpool are due a good tanking I hope we do it no lucky pens from them this time COYS.” Two wheels on my wagon I’m still rolling along.”

  • So poch was best we ever had for a long time so be it, it was all hunky dory when poch was doing well, poch let this team age, he is weak and the CL teams said it all, when it all went down hill for poch it’s levys and Jose fault, a serial winner who has to pick up the pieces.

  • Agree with the sentiment – said it last week already and even much earlier in the season but then JM had me believing again but now the season is as good as a write off – avoid relegation and then move on with future proofed planning. We’ve lost HK10 and Sissoko for most of the rest of the season so says it all really.

    We need some major recruitment as most on here state – no time like the present to start.

    On Poch did not necessarily want to see him leave and major recruitment drive was needed under him already so was very unlucky – JM again was for me the only logical step up from Poch but I did say originally not to expect miracles – he had me dreaming just before Xmas of a fight for top 4 but the writing was on the wall with the Utd performance at start of December where we were lucky to lose only 2-1 to be perfectly honest and the Chelski result at start of Xmas cemented this.

    Levy and co – not sure here – we have made steady progress during ENIC’s time at the club – we came close to winning trophies eventually and remains to be seen what happens now. Not nice hearing TQ2, Pauric etc that were a busted flush and the same goes for Doncaster stating that many season ticket holders are getting fed up, etc and will not renew because ultimately all are correct – we came close but not close enough and it’s been a long time coming since we were a major force pioneering in this game – it seemed we had finally returned with Poch eventually – remains to be seen if JM can deliver over the final hurdle – problem is we are regressing not progressing and that simply isn’t good enough.

    I rate JM and I do rate Levy but they have their work cut out to make us a top side and dare I say it a major force again – we’ve got the infra-structure in place problem is it still needs paying for in a major way so despite it being required it’s not going to provide a magic fix not unless we gamble heavily on the back of it and get lucky which is not the Levy way as we know – for a Liverpool there’s a Leeds and certainly don’t want that happening or expect Levy to come anywhere near risking that kind of situation. Leicester and FC Porto should be inspiration’s though – winning the CL and Prem on shoe string budgets – question is can JM work the magic again because for the next 5-10 years whilst we get on top of the stadium re-financing that is what is going to be needed?!

    Like I say if FC Porto and Leicester can manage it even if they were not vintage years then there will surely be further blips where we could take advantage especially with the FFP rules in place now which should make it easier for more teams to compete at the top – we’re an example lately of that being possible – coming close to winning the Prem and the CL just hope for our sakes that there is more of this around the corner and would love it to happen whilst JM is in charge and whilst I’m still a share-holder aswell.

  • 123, do you really think that Poch let this team age. He was saying for two years that the squad needed refreshing but he was ignored by Levy. If we had a chairman with any ambition, Poch would still be at the club. Levy is and always will be the problem.

  • DH, you missed the part where money was available but poch himself didn’t want to sign anyone. And poch won nothing, no trophy for top4 finishes and failed at every big game.

  • 123, you missed the part where we got to the Champions League final. Plenty of big games won there. I think we will see in the coming weeks when little or no business is done that it is Levy that doesn’t spend the money. Poch turned down signings because Levy constantly failed(or didn’t even try) to get the players he wanted.

    • DH….I would still like to know, where you get all this “fact” info from, regards its always Levy’s fault not Poch’s, just a question mate, I believe the real answer is somewhere in the middle. COYS

    • With injuries, off form etc of our squad, lets play name that team for the Pool game…

      Here we go…





      Just my thoughts lol! COYs

      • That line-up ‘aint very inspiring PY, just shows what a mess we are in. I think Dier is likely to start rather than Foyth and Lo Celso might start instead of Skipp. Can you see Sessegnon being able to handle Salah? Why no Vertonghen, is he injured?

        • TQ2S….they are just thoughts, no Verts to slow and not on form, Dier yes maybe over Foyth, Skipp for me because he is more defensive minded, but then again L0-Celso is more attack minded, I was thinking more first stop them scoring, then maybe just maybe and the crocked fat lady might just sing again Lol! but to be perfectly honest I have no bloody idea Lol! just playing. COYSS

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