Date: 23rd June 2019 at 8:15pm
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Writer: Hot Tottingham

Spurs were running on empty for the second half of the season and for all the reasons that are more than obvious. I will add to that by reminding everyone that the squad suffered injury after injury after injury as well…So, I believe we did remarkably well, all obstacles considered. And for me, it showed that the team/squad is progressing and certainly not regressing. And contrary to what so many said and will still say, I thought that our squad showed strength in depth that belied all the negativity about its apparent lack of quality and resolve.

Thing is, after two TW’s without signing anyone (and with an apparently far inferior squad to our main rivals), I kept reading on here and all over the social media that Spurs would be lucky to finish in the top 6 of the PL and were also very unlikely to get out of our CL group. I. constantly read and heard all and sundry talking about the poor form of many individual players. Similarly, the criticisms of our manager’s overall tactics and game management was all too frequent.

And yet, we somehow finished 4th in the PL, reached a semi-final of the Carabao cup (losing on pens) and of course we competed in our first ever CL/European Cup final.

If we achieved all this with so much against us, against all odds, then I can only be positive for next season. And, knowing that we now have a home to play in, our injury list has all but vanished and our lads have all much more experience than they did 12 months ago, I can say with confident assurance that I think we can only step up yet further next season.

Some of the criticisms against our team last season are justified. But only if we choose to mostly ignore the truckload of crap that we had going against us. And to overcome it all in the way it panned out, is something I am very proud of as a Spurs supporter. I am as disappointed as anyone in not doing even better and winning a trophy or two. But I’m certainly not down about it.

And, whatever happens in this TW, ins and outs; I look forward to. next season with relish and joy. I could of course speculate nervously and be very apprehensive about the coming unknown but, it’s the unknown and the unpredictable that excites me as a football fan and long-time THFC supporter.

Bring It On!

Besides which I’ve been reading the same old same old on here year after year about how we are going to almost definitely regress as a team and club. Especially if ENIC remain as our owners. And yet we have moved forward so much since I first posted on here around 10 years ago. I can’t for the life of me see why this would be denied but, no doubt it will be.

But no matter “We will go backwards this coming season”, (ahem!) so many are already saying yet again! LOL! I suppose if one says it often enough, one day it WILL be so. One day, perhaps, the nightmares will come true. So, chin up all! Hahaha!

Up The Spurs! Again!

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