Date: 5th April 2020 at 7:15pm
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With the confirmation the other day that Tottenham Hotspur would be utilising the Government’s furlough scheme for non-playing staff employees at the club, the reaction and fallout from that decision has been palpable.

With no sign of a comparative pay cut from the playing or coaching side (and questions remaining about the Executive level), it has left plenty of fans with a very sour taste in their mouths for a whole variety of reasons.

I think Vital Spurs member TQ2 sums it up very nicely.

Was the club wrong to place staff on furlough?






I feel embarrassed to be associated with PL football. I am in despair, it is absolutely shameful that the PFA are trying to deflect the criticism that is rightly coming their way by claiming that the NHS would lose out by £200m through lost tax income if PL players took a 30% pay cut. How much Government money is going to go to all levels of the game through the furloughing scheme that could be paid for within the game by spreading the load more fairly?

I have to kind of defend Levy and the growing number of PL chairmen by saying that clubs will be taking a big hit on income right now and it would require the playing staff to agree to sacrificing some of their enormous wages in order for the club to have sufficient funds to continue paying the non-playing staff for any length of time. It is totally immoral for the clubs to have to take money from the Government pot to pay non-playing staff while still paying such ridiculous sums to players and coaches. We should remember, it is the players union that is fighting against/delaying any pay cuts.

As I said previously, I no longer feel able to contribute through media subscriptions or any other way toward this industry that is showing such total disregard to the unprecedented situation we are facing as a society. We keep being told we are all in this together…this clearly isn’t the case despite some of the personal gestures being made by some players.

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