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“Embarrassing” “Actually A Joke” “Ashamed” – Misjudged Financial Announcement Leaves These Spurs Fans Disgusted

Image for “Embarrassing” “Actually A Joke” “Ashamed” – Misjudged Financial Announcement Leaves These Spurs Fans Disgusted

With Newcastle United’s announcement the other day that they would be furloughing staff and placing them on the Government’s previously announced scheme, unfortunately today, Tottenham Hotspur confirmed that they had followed suit for non-playing staff.

Earlier this morning Chairman Daniel Levy released a statement confirming the measure and announced that he would be taking a 20% pay cut along with other Directors, but it’s certainly left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans who feel that rather than leaning on the taxpayer here, the club should be taking a leadership role given the riches in the game and should’ve come up with alternative plans to protect normal staff – not least announcing a reduction in player wages.

The full statement can be read on the above link, and whilst it’s a strong message given the strange and uncertain times we find ourselves in at the moment, for me at least, it’s totally misjudged.

To Furlough Or Not To Furlough...That Is The Question?

Understandable In The Circumstances

Understandable In The Circumstances

Ridiculous Decision Without Similar From Playing Staff

Ridiculous Decision Without Similar From Playing Staff

The focus on business and industry and the big play about ‘transfers’ with the line ‘people need to wake up to the enormity of what is happening around us’, I’m sorry, but it reads as ‘me, me, me’.

“We may be the eighth largest Club in the world by revenue according to the Deloitte survey but all that historical data is totally irrelevant as this virus has no boundaries.”

Reaction on social media was certainly mixed, but there was a very common trend.

Now I don’t believe that clubs can officially reduce the wages of playing side staff without discussions with the Professional Footballers’ Association, but the playing staff can certainly offer and I would imagine it would be a good idea for them to do so, otherwise, I can well imagine this is going to turn ugly and at the best of times, footballers often don’t have a great public image, and continuing in ‘their bubble’ wouldn’t be wise.

Some will agree this move protects non-playing staff and it does, but purely from a PR perspective, I don’t believe we should’ve announced this step until we could marry it with agreement on the playing side as the lack of balance was always going to cause outrage here.

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