Date: 12th March 2018 at 4:12pm
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There`s been a lot going on in recent days on and off the field at the club and today has proven one of those where a lot away from the pitch has happened.

We`ll get to that in a minute, though.

After a pleasing weekend we certainly have better prospects for the remainder of the season despite Harry`s injury and I think we`re going to finish in the top four if we keep our performance levels to that benchmark.

Champions League football at the new ground is something we all want to see but after the club announced the process for season tickets next year, not all of our fan-base is particularly pleased.

The club has announced a lot today on social media but this seems to have got one of the biggest reactions.

Let`s take a look on Twitter at some of the response, then, as we edge ever nearer to moving to our new home.


14 Replies to “Update For Next Season Causes Stir Among Fans”

  • AT these prices they damned well be ready to sign Messi and Neymar to play for us in the inaugural season. This is not the Spurs we fell in love with. Not at these prices. Maybe that plan of paying off the stadium in one or two years. WTF?

  • If we want to be competitive on and off the pitch I guess that’s the cost of a new stadium and a quality squad. Blame the money larks like City and Chelski – then again if it weren’t for their spending – would the kind of money in football nowadays have been available?! Sponsorship and TV money might only be were it’s at because of these rich owner’s and they’re play things or maybe long term it’s actually good business for them and definitely for us.

  • To be fair, £100 a game is not really that expensive … if I could guareente I will be migrating back to the UK by August then I would buy three no problem…

  • Not expensive? It is for me and many others I should think. I struggle to pay half that much for a game… I may have to resort to what I often did as a kid, when turning up at White Hart Lane without a ticket or the money to buy one. Find a way to bunk in. Or, move in and secret myself in the building somewhere before it officially opens and then walk out of the tunnel on match days as an ageing mascot, hand in hand with Harry!

  • Well I suppose it’s time for fans to put the money where their mouths are. If you’re advocating for Levy to spend more on transfers, pay Toby, pay Kane, give MP a raise, etc… backing the club financially should be no problem. The South Stand tickets are pricey but there are more reasonable seats available. I’d have no qualms paying up as long as the money is reinvested in the squad. However, if it’s to pay those prices, see our best players leave year after year and see the club build new player lodges, I’d be disappointed.

  • Well, I don’t complain about the cost of players myself and I don’t advocate for the club to be overspending… But even so, one can only afford what one can afford… As a youth I used to beg, borrow and steal to supplement my small income from summer jobs etc, to watch Spurs or my favourite Rock bands on a week by week basis. As an adult i still want to watch Spurs week in and week out but even at recent, current prices, I have to pick and choose my infrequent visits to N17 and other places. I’m not complaining, just stating the facts of my own situation and my spending.

  • Ticket prices have always seemed to be in step with my particular circumstances. When I left school and started work I wasn’t earning much but football was still a working class sport and it was cheap. As ticket prices rose so did my income. The prices for the new stadium are a bit of a shock but nothing I can’t afford. I sometimes wonder though – if I was starting work now would I be able to afford to go to matches ?

  • BelgianSpur – “see our best players leave year after year” . I’m obviously missing something here, could you give us a list of all these players who’ve left ?

  • There are many people that would’ve been working hard for the 35 and more years that I have jod that would still find it extremely expensive given that it’s a luxury of an entertainment and not a necessity. As well as those that are young but well off and can afford it. The new breed of supporter.

  • Do I really have to list the names? I’m all for a good discussion, but if the starting point of the discussion is refusing that we’ve ever lost good players to other clubs because we couldn’t match the wages they were being offered, or the buying club’s ability to win things, what’s the point?

  • The tickets might be expensive but look on the bright side …. Levy & Co will be able to enjoy a lot more corporate lunches and the squad could get a pay rise.

  • BS … You have to admit that Spurs did not WANT those players to leave. The players asked to go and there’s not much anyone can do about that. Of course the club could force a player to see out his contract but …. good luck with that! So, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the club. Cynics might say Spurs were not meeting their wage demands but I don’t remember any player using that for a reason to leave; it was more about going to clubs with a higher profile and bettering their football career to win trophies (and I know you couldn’t blame them for that). It was not related to their financial circumstances.

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