Date: 13th March 2018 at 1:08pm
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Written by Geofspurs

Over the last couple of seasons there have been a few criticisms aimed in the White Hart Lane direction; mainly by rivals hoping they will become fact, or media pundits trying to stir the pot. Is there any truth to these criticisms? Are they fact or fallacy?

Criticism 1: Wembley is a ‘hoodoo’ ground! Really? Has anyone taken notice of the Wembley games this season? This criticism can be consigned to the waste paper basket of a desperate media reporter trying to make a name for himself at the expense of THFC. The theory is; ‘big’ yourself up by putting others down. Sorry, Mate …. it didn’t work! Obviously we can expect more of the same when we relocate to our new stadium. That won’t work either. Verdict: It’s a fallacy!

Criticism 2: Spurs never do well after a European game! Never? A look at the recent fixture and results list strongly suggests otherwise. Although, to be fair, it wasn’t the games after the European matches that were a worry last season; it was the European matches themselves! Our squad has now evolved to the point where we are able to manage concurrent competitions by rotating individual players as required. That bodes extremely well for the future. Verdict: It’s a fallacy!

Criticism 3: Spurs are a one-man-team! No, not Llorente! They mean Harry! The most recent statistic in this regard would suggest the opposite; Spurs had to wait until Harry left the pitch before scoring four goals against Bournemouth. Well, okay, Mr Kane is arguably the most important squad member at this time because of the position he plays in and the way he plays in that position. Most top teams have one or two of those ‘special’ player; Spurs are just lucky that our one is better. Spurs have also played through a couple of relatively lengthy periods without their leading goal scorer over the past three seasons with Son, Dele, and Eriksen accumulating a significant amount of goals on a regular basis. Kane, not playing, doesn’t appear to have had any disastrous effect on our final league position, or even resulted in a noticeable goal drought. As I’ve said before; if Spurs are a one-man team just see how many goals Harry scores if the other players stay in the changing room during the match! I guarantee his new boots won’t have a golden sheen on them at the end of the season. Verdict: It’s a fallacy …. with, at a pinch, a teeny, weeny, microscopic, minute, element of fact to it! But don’t quote me.

Criticism 4: Spurs don’t win enough points against other top five teams. That was true, once. The reality now is that the top teams take points off of each other; the points mostly going to the ‘home’ team on the day. That’s normal, unless it’s this season and we’re talking about Manchester City. A brief look at our results shows that we are now getting a far greater share of the points than used to be the case, even if most of them do come from home games. The road to glory has always had ‘win at home and draw away’ as its bottom line. Verdict: It’s a fallacy!

Criticism 5: Spurs have not won enough trophies in the Premier League era. This is the criticism where all those people born out of wedlock have me over a barrel! They’ve got a point and I’m having trouble putting a spin on it. Verdict: It’s a fact …. but is quite likely to become a fallacy in the near future!

There are other criticisms doing the rounds so feel free to add them to the list.


39 Replies to “The Unstable World Of Spurs Fallacies!”

  • Levy doesn’t have hair! Harry has a slight speech impediment. Dele dives! Rose is greedy! Aurier can’t take a simple throw in without being sent off! Lloris is too small to be a goalkeeper. Eriksen can’t play in the big games… Dier is dire! Poch is chubby and Argentinian! Dembele can’t play more than once a year and WHL is being replaced by the longest bar in Britain (so what!), and will also be hosting games from a sport the Americans call football but just aint soccer! I could go on…

  • Lamela is a sending off just waiting to happen! I checked, he has never been sent off in his entire career. We’re still waiting Erik. What’s your problem?

  • And, Llorente, the bus stop is outside the ground not in either of the Wembley penalty areas. That’s for parking only… So stop standing still there waiting for something to happen. Get your Oyster card out find a bus stop, wait for three to come along at once, take a step forward and catch that big red bus all the way back to Spain! Adios! Bonjour!

  • I think this forced break will do harry good, he has looked a bit knackered lately. And it gives him a chance to work on his espanol before he completes his move to real this summer. Oh wait that?s another media produced fallacy. Not the bit about his looking knackered. Son to Barcelona, Toby to Arsenal oh and Sissoko to follow Kane to Madrid

  • Tim Sherwood is a lifelong Spurs fan and would have been a better manager than Poch long term 🙂

  • My comments are all factual. In fact, I’ve read similar versions of them all on here, so they must be true.

  • muttley, I still think that to be true about Tim! Also, that Townsend is the next Bale and Tom Carroll is the next Modric and Kane is the new Andy Carroll and someone called Caroline will be my next wife! And, Sissoko is the new Gazza, albeit without the alcoholism. And, some as yet unnamed Chinese multi-billionaire will be the new Levy! Mark my words…

  • I see some opposition fans are criticising our new stadium ‘for looking like an airport’? Idiots! Of course it does. What did they expect? THFC are flying high.

  • Spurs were about to be sold to a Saudi prince who was going to pour money into the team, but he was locked up in Arabia in a luxury hotel functioning as a prison and accused of being some sort of Mossad agent because he was called a Yid supporter. My favorite Spurs myth.

  • Geof I see you did have to concede what many of us have been saying for years, namely that as a club our trophy return during the ENIC era is at best disappointing, or at worst just unacceptable. When one looks at the quality of player that has past through our hands, the historical stature of the club, our inability to win more than one League Cup in the 16 years of the regime is just hard to accept, especially when one looks at some of the clubs that have won major trophies, one remembers the likes of Wigan, Portsmouth, and of course Leicester City . Given our draws so far it would appear that this maybe our year in the FA Cup. While we are still in it, this should be prioritised, you get remembered for longer as winners as those finishing 3rd or 4th do, so lets see what transpires.

  • Frank … Of course I want Spurs to win trophies. I can boast with the best of them. It’s just that It’s not the priority for me.

  • …That’s another thing, memories. People talk of teams only being remembered for the cups and titles a club has won. Remembered by whom? ……. I quite distinctly remember finishing 2nd in the PL last season as much as I can remember THFC being relegated in 76. I remember one off goals that didn’t necessarily win matches, sendings off, own goals, Bales hat trick in a CL game we lost. Gazza’s running around a lot, Ralph Coats floppy ‘Bobby Charlton’ locks, Glenn Hoddles goal of the year v Forest at WHL, sat behind the Park Lane goal, watching it fly in but we still lost 3-1 and it was in a year the team also got thrashed 7-0 at Anfield and only managed to finish in 10th or 11th in the first division in the year we were promoted back to D1, 78-79. I remember watching Spurs opening match that season and the sheer joy of watching Villa score on his debut at Forest in the City Ground. I remember not showing my joy because I was surrounded by Notts Forest supporters. 1-1. I remember great days bad days and mediocre days watching THFC. I remember some great cup wins too. But I wouldn’t have much memory at all, if it were only for the cups. And our last title was when I was just aged 1!

  • Jesus! I can remember the look on particular players faces at WHL, pitch-side, when they scored certain special goals, be it last year or 40 years ago, probably more so than I remember the result!

  • We have been at our best for a long time, arsenal have been at there worst yet still manage to have more trophies, yet when we were in arse position we won ***** all. If ppl on here are happy with winning nothing because of our stats an style of play so be it. But if our stats are so good etc why haven’t we won’t a cup, oh wait, we are young we are learning we are gaining more experience each year, so deluded.

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