Date: 12th March 2018 at 2:51pm
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French newspaper L`Equipe (via Sport Witness) are reporting that Paris Saint-Germain are keen on Fulham youngster Ryan Sessegnon.

Among the English clubs interested, we were reportedly leading the way to sign the 17 year old in the summer, but PSG`s interest could complicate matters.

The England Under 19 international has been in supreme form in the Championship this season with 14 goals and four assists in 37 league games. He only signed a new deal back in June, but his performances are attracting a great deal of attention.

Personally, I think a young player like him would regret joining PSG ahead of us. Under Poch, he could see his development sky rocket, and he could also get the game time he needs if Danny Rose does leave the club as speculated in the summer.

The fact that he is equally capable of playing on the wing, as well as full back, is another plus point. He has played half of his games at left back and half in midfield this season, and he would be a very good addition if we were to capture his signature.

Certainly, the money on offer from France could be hard to turn down, but let`s hope he has his head screwed on the right way by prioritising his career ahead of financial rewards. Should we sign Sessegnon in the summer? Let me know in the poll!


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  • “Should we sign Sessegnon in the summer? Let me know in the poll!”

    Did you mean to discourage discussion on the thread? lol. I’d sign the lad if he’s got his head screwed on right. Never seen him play, but he must be okay given all the hoopla over him for a long time. But if we don’t get him, so be it. I can’t get too excited over a lad I’ve never seen, no matter the hoopla. I’m happy to get players who’ve generated no hoopla, like Davidson Sanchez, but turn out to be aces on the pitch. Nothing like a nice surprise. With Sessegnon, the only surprise would be finding that he’s not as good as advertised.

  • God, I remember when it was near impossible to get on a thread with the first comment on VS. Now…. ?

  • The new Bale – sign him up and pin him and KWP down – full-back sorted for the next decade plus. That’s how you build championship winning side – Sanchez, Foyth, get them young and let them grow together.

  • I don’t watch Fulham on a regular basis. Correction: I don’t watch them at all… I’m not sure there are even that many Fulham supporters that watch the team that regularly…

    It’s amazing what media and football-fan hype can do for a player, when a kid from the Championship can receive such praise and recognition from supporters of other clubs, who most probably have only ever seen the guy play a couple of times, if at all.

    It seems that on VS, we are going to have at least 1 article about the guy every couple of months until he finally leaves the Cottagers. Whereby someone like me will say, “I haven’t a clue” and others will say, “He’s the new Bale”.

    Bale himself was young when he arrived at Spurs from the Saints and it took him almost a good 3 seasons to become a regular 1st team Spurs player of note. (Injuries, operations, Ekotto and poor form were the reasons why it took this time). And then it took a further 3 seasons for him to become the ‘superstar’ that we eventually flogged to Real for a small fortune.

    Maybe Ryan would do well to cut out the middle man all together (Spurs), and move directly to PSG or Real or Barca or?

  • HT – having watched clips of him he does look a talent and seeing as it’s Fulham the next best option in London is us. They’ll never sell to Chelski and he does kiss the badge which suggests he’d never go there and as for Arse we’re currently well above them and proven track record in developing young British talent and giving them a go. Look at Wilshere, Walcott, Jeffers, etc – not so good across the pond. Leonhardsen, Dembele, with others going the opposite way means we have a good understanding with Fulham so for all sorts of reason’s it’s natural we’d be linked and a high probability that we’ll get him if we want him which looking at what he’s doing at my actual local club (been many a time to the Cottage in the past) suggests top draw beckons.

  • I know El Jefe and I have seen him play a couple of times over the past couple of years and I was impressed whilst watching without knowing the hype at the time and so I didn’t take any special notice of him. It was the same for me with Bale and later Dele…

    I also don’t see why the guy would leave Fulham for Spurs right now only to be probably another prospect that can’t get ahead of Son or whoever and then doesn’t live up to his potential anyway. Also, I have a feeling it will be down to whether Fulham are promoted back to the PL this season as to when he will eventually leave them. He may want some time with his boyhood team in the PL before he moves. I said before on here that if I were him, I would do just that…

    Anyhow, I can only ever fully judge a player once I see him in a Spurs shirt. I’m one of those football supporters that is so biased toward THFC that I don’t have much interest in other clubs and their players, especially from the lower divisions. (Until they play against Spurs that is). I waste far too much or my precious time on the Lilywhites as it is.

    I don’t doubt yours and others knowledge of him as such and I am only writing from my own perspective. And very much with a cynical view of the hype that surrounds so many young footballing prospects these days.

  • It was for England that I watched him, not Fulham. But my impression of him was really as just 1 player of many that impressed me during the 90 minutes of those games. And, without me taking anything lasting from it other than enjoying those matches in general.

  • HT …. I’ve never seen him play. He’s probably the greatest player I’ve never seen, along with a few thousand others. It’s all so hard to keep up with!

  • Even in this article he is being spoken about as a potential left back to replace Rose and yet even I know that he has since moved forward as an attacking player for Fulham since they bought themselves a new LB in January. Even if we were to consider him as a full back/wing back we have Davies who IMO is vastly underrated and has much more experience of the PL himself. If we were to buy him as an attacking left-footed/sided midfielder who does he then get ahead of? Son? … I’m just asking the questions here that I never see asked in respect of the young lad…

  • Is there a scenario where Sessegnon moves back to LB though? Personally, I don’t think you’ll see him play there again after his successful transition to playing further forward. If Rose leaves, I have a feeling that we’ll need to look at someone like Bertrand or Cresswell unless we find someone from abroad. Luke Shaw seems a high risk and Poch would need to decide whether he can get him fit and firing. If we have aspirations to win the Prem, CL and cup competitions, there’s not exactly a bunch of available left backs in European football.

    As for Sessegnon, I’d love to see a player like that join Poch’s revolution. I’m also wondering whether Southgate should save his 23rd WC squad place for him. He seems to be the type that plays without fear and is an unknown to the other country’s managers. Perhaps the type of player we need on the bench in Russia.

  • Sorry their left back is a loan from the Saints. I should check my facts first, before posting…

  • HT – you are right though. Fulham brought in Matt Target and they’ve won 6 and drawn 2 with him at LB. He’s part of the platform to allow Sessegnon to move further forward in the 2nd half of the season. Even before that, I believe Sessegnon was still playing further upfield, but can’t be sure. I do have a mate who’s a Fulham season ticket holder and he doesn’t see Sessegnon as a LB anymore.

  • That is true Guyver. And probably why, (even with my cynical outlook), that I am bothering to post about a guy that I hadn’t really taken very much notice of before and had to think hard about actually seeing him play in the first place… I’d make a rubbish scout. 🙂

  • muttley, It’s what I’ve read about. I do play the devils advocate in a way sometimes, because even if I don’t watch a guy play regularly, I do look them up when they are talked about as potential Spurs players.

  • Geof, he has a twin brother also playing at Fulham, Steven. As he would probably be so much cheaper, it’ll probably be him we are looking at and not Ryan at all…

  • He looks promising. Because of the hype I actually watched a couple of Fulham games (when they are on Sky and the local pub will agree to put on an English Championship game – ie not very often ;-)) to see what he was about. In those games he looked OK but not a once in a generation talent, but it’s a very small sample size and obviously the goals speak for themselves. The question for me is that with the amount of hype surrounding the player, is he going to be worth it? Nobody knows what his best position is going to be, going forward. When we bought Bale, we did so for 7 million. I read an article a few weeks ago quoting 50 million for Ryan. I don’t think he’ll cost as much but even if he costs half, it’d still be huge for a player with a very limited track record of success. I’m all for taking a gamble on a player for less than 10 million (ie Foyth), but I expect finished articles for any player worth 25+. There is nothing about Sessegnon’s CV so far which would be a guarantee for success in the PL. Success in the lower leagues is an unreliable indicator. So accepting that we are gambling on the player translating that success in the PL, the maximum amount we should be willing to dedicate, for me, is 10 million. And I just don’t see Fulham going for that.

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