Date: 16th December 2020 at 3:05pm
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I have never (and never will) used the term S****y.

Writer: Hot Tottingham

It has negative connotations to the club that I support. And if as a supporter of Spurs, I expect the club, its players and manager to have a positive outlook for playing its football and winning matches, then I feel that I should be just as positive too.

If we are poor tonight, then I will no doubt have some criticisms about them. The players, the manager or both. I might get angry. I might not. But this one match will not define my lifetimes support for them. And so I won’t be using any words that generalise and define my support for the club in a negative way. I’m always a proud Spur. Win, lose or draw. Not always a happy Spur, but proud, nevertheless.

I also agree with Jose in his dismissal of calling this match out as a way for Spurs to make a “statement” for the rest of this season. He basically said it’s just another match for us to try and win. It is so.

This is Liverpool at Anfield. Last years runaway PL champions who are currently on equal league standing with Spurs as we go into this match. We have both won, drawn and lost the same amount of matches. But Liverpool have not lost at home for how long now?!

Spurs losing will not be the be all and end all of our season. Even if we are poor on the night, in doing so…(Perhaps a draw is on the cards, anyway?)

Winning will of course, be fantastic. But if we win playing poor football and being the inferior team, does that make any kind of positive statement for the rest of the season? Of course not. But it does give us 3 points. And that would be nice.

Jose will want to win and in whatever fashion. There’s no point in any of us insisting that it should be done with style. Why kid ourselves?!

Even if we do a Villa and thrash them tonight, it doesn’t make us PL champions. Not yet! That would also be quite nice though, wouldn’t it? LOL!

I just wanna see a fair game, played with a fair amount of passion, hard work and self-belief. From both teams! And whatever the result, I hope that the players and manager have at least given me some good reason to be proud. If not, then maybe next time.

(But I’ll still not be using the S****y word. The dirty word)!

Up the Spurs!

That’s Spurs with an ‘urs’, not Spurs with a ‘y’!

Pool 1-3 Spurs!







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