Date: 15th March 2018 at 12:52pm
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I think it`s time Poch threw caution to the wind this weekend and played a strong side in the Cup.

We know it`s not always something he`s been inclined to do in times gone by and it has been understandable when you consider the amount of games we`ve had and competitions we`ve been in.

Now, though, we`ve only got the top four and this trophy to play for and so whilst Champions League football is a must for next year, we need to try and finally get some silverware.

We`ve been promising to win trophies for some time and this is a good chance to get one.

Behind City we`re the best side left and we`ve been playing at Wembley all year so that`s certainly a bonus. We`ve got a winnable game against Swansea this weekend, too, and so let`s take a look at what some of our fans are saying after Spurs posted on Twitter clips from our win there earlier this season.


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  • We used to hold the record for FA Cup wins – it was important – still is – hopefully we can get past Swansea and see what lies ahead – que sera, sera…..! We’ve got plenty of Wembley experience this season and then there’s been the CL games aswell against World Class opposition so it should stand us in good stead. Whoever we put out should be good enough as long as they play to their true ability.

  • E J: That was at a time when the European cup was more for Champions and not the PL top 4. It was a different priority back then and with much less pressure on managers to perform well in the PL from season start to season finish…

    Due to the widespread International coverage of European football as a whole and the sheer amount of foreign players in the PL these days, football also has less worldwide appeal in a clubs success in domestic trophies, outside of the country in question.

    This is not my own view of the FA cup. I still believe in it’s worth as a supporter. But it is evident that it doesn’t have the same appeal to the top performing PL clubs as it once had, in those times when Tottenham ruled the FA cup roost.

    This is evident when so many supporters of the Arsenal are currently dissatisfied with their club, team and manager, in spite of their recent FA cup wins.

    Yes, players and managers will celebrate winning a domestic cup and cherish the medals and, the fans will still cherish the day and the memories. But at the end of the day, unfortunately, (inevitably), the PL and the CL are now, much more, the main attraction… Especially, when even winning the PL itself still might not guarantee the clubs manager or even top player, will be around for the following season.

  • Unfortunately the case – big money involved in the PL and CL – perhaps if they allowed countries Cup winner’s to progress to the CL it would re-invigorate the competition proper. It is after all the CL – champions league.

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