Date: 15th March 2018 at 12:44pm
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Harry Kane is obviously the man we all talk about and the one that most opponents fear of all our players, but I think this season we`ve seen more of his team-mates join him as a leader.

Indeed, with such a young team it was perhaps going to take a little longer for some of our stars to realise that they can be the main men too but this year you`d say pretty much anyone on the pitch has stepped and been counted and that is promising as we look to start winning trophies.

With the likes of Son for example, we saw him score goals in place of Harry last year but it seems to me this season he is more aware of the inspiration he can be and some of the quotes he has come out with recently suggest he has really got to grips with being a leader.

With Kane out again, too, we`re looking at him to be a key man once more and with his latest comments being anything to go by, we`re in safe hands.

Let`s take a look at the reaction to another class piece of humility from Sonny.


6 Replies to “Tottenham Fans Talk Player’s Latest Class Gesture”

  • Like the fact he’s quick and 2 footed and an eye for goal added to the fact that he does the standard well aswell dribbling, creating assists, etc. He can take squad rotation from the looks of things which is lovely aswell – dream to manage! Under-rated but best left that way as don’t everything exploding in the air now he’s producing the good’s regularly for a 2nd season. Better stats than Eriksen and Alli which does literally speak for itself. Alli’s saving grace this season is assists with 9/10 and Son’s on 9 with 18 goals on top. Should see him break both record’s from last year of 14 Prem goals and 21 in total. Not sure about assists but into double figures for sure only needs 1. £50m would have to be minimum and a bargain at that for what he brings to the table. Then again we got Moura for a bargain as he’s easily worth double what we paid and £50m also already – look at the season he had last year – 19 goals and a load of assists in France. If Malcom etc is rated at E50m then so is Moura.

  • I don’t care for what any player might tweet. It’s what they do on the pitch that matters. I don’t care if he is likeable, loveable, modest, shows humility or is indeed the opposite to all that… I care even less for the one-liners that random supporters may feel the need to tweet…

    He does often play with a smile on his face, which is nice. Dele also smiles a lot… They also look quite miserable when they mess up or when we lose, which is not so nice.

    Nice one Dele, Nice one Son, Nice one Haaarrry, let’s have another one, 2, 3 ,4 ,5, 6, 7, 8…..

  • People are still waking up to how good Son really is. Like Kane he has a tremendous attitude and whatever Poch asks him to do he just gets on with it. Much like Eriksen he’s steadily improved since he first came into the premier league, I’m not sure how much more he can improve but it will be interesting to find out.

  • Son has improved his consistency which is something god I mean Pochettino bangs on about quite often. And he looks a little stronger and quicker this season also. Was good to hear the crowd singing for him.

  • DBN …. I’m not sure Son is stronger or quicker. Every player needs to play consistently to be at the top of their game. I think it’s always an issue with a good squad; how they can all maintain a competitive edge. Son has delivered in the past when he has had consistent game time.

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