Date: 18th October 2018 at 5:00pm
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Speculation surrounding the future of Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino is certainly not new. Whether the media hang it on summer frustration with a lack of spending or restricted budgets owing to the new stadium meaning he couldn’t chase his preferred targets.

The media has a few angles that they can rotate between in an attempt to keep basically the same story mildly fresh and alive, and his new five-year deal plays into that with unnamed sources claiming they’ve asked him why he hasn’t already quit etc – Here.

The problem is for fans of Poch, given his ties to Guillem Balague, even the most cynical and sceptical when it comes to the media has to concede, is he simply saying what his mate can’t?

Whilst there are those fans who genuinely don’t see him going anywhere now, given he’s stayed this long, plenty of others still believe it’s only a matter of time – especially as he continues to be linked with the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid.

The Telegraph claimed recently that Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe would be the ‘leading contender’ to replace Poch if he left.

I’ve got nothing specifically against Howe, he’s done a fantastic job at his current club but given the improvements we’ve seen under Pochettino, what makes anyone think Howe would be the man to replace him and take that next step.

How close is too far away in spite of the issues at the club at the moment, and the fact I’d say everyone appreciates we can certainly perform better than we are. Isn’t Poch doing what one comment wants – win despite not being the best and simply getting the job done?


2 Replies to “Some Spurs Fans Are Already Lining Up A Replacement For This Man But Let’s Hold On A Bit”

  • We need a goalkeeper another goal scorer also a top midfielder and dont let toby and danny go ,then we might win something and be in the champions league every season

  • No manager with even a modicum of commom sense or any desire to succeed is going to be prepared to go to Man United so long as Ed Woodward is the EVP/CEO. Even Mourinho would decline if he had it to do all over again. Ed Woodward is a very good Tee Shirt salesman who has no football team assemby skills but who believes he is an talented acquisition GM. his risk averse bookkeeper’s approach predominates his efforts. He has undermined his managers and continues to do so. You can forget any thought about Pochettino signing on for Man U. while Woodward is still there. Man U is destined to be a mid-table team for years to come.

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