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“Ruining our club”, “The end for ENIC” – Many Spurs fans react as 28y/o blames board for leaving

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Plenty of Spurs fans have reacted on Twitter after Victor Wanyama has revealed that Mourinho wasn’t the reason he left, stating that it was more “upstairs”, as “they didn’t give me a chance”.

The Kenya international gave an interview to Canadian outlet CBC, claiming that he felt it extremely hard to break back into the team after a long term injury.

He went on further to say that they “tried to frustrate” him by giving him a game every three or four months, which led to him becoming increasingly frustrated before Thierry Henry called him up and offered him an opportunity in the MLS for Montreal Impact.

Considering Wanyama was an important player for some really successful times at the club, it is sad to see such a relationship come to such an abrupt end.

Should Wanyama have been treated better?

No, he wasn't good enough, end of

No, he wasn't good enough, end of

Yes, he deserved more respect

Yes, he deserved more respect

In fact, he made 97 appearances for the club – exactly the same as he made at Southampton – and managed to add seven goals as well as one assist. Given these statistics, there is an argument he deserved more respect from the board at the club, and the fact he is blaming the board for his departure is probably going to tarnish his own opinion on his time there.

Unsurprisingly, with things not going too well on the pitch before the season was brought to a halt, fans were not happy with hearing this about the board.

Many referenced how this is not the first time how this has happened, with Trippier admitting that Spurs wouldn’t give him a definite answer last season as to whether he had a future.

One supporter even suggested that this could be the beginning of the end for the ENIC Group at Spurs.

Here are some of the responses below…

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  • Liam says:

    This is just another example of a player past his prime, constantly injured & overweight, blaming everyone else except himself for his very, very poor form.

    Get off the ENIC bashing bandwagom and appreciate what they have done for Spurs

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