Date: 16th August 2021 at 8:00pm
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Given the turmoil at Tottenham Hotspur over the summer, few expected us to open up the 2021/22 campaign with such a flourish as we left Pep Guardiola crying into his Grecian 2000 (or is it Grealish £100million?) with a thoroughly well deserved victory on Sunday.

In the absence of Harry ‘will he, won’t he’ Kane, players stepped up and performed admirably against the reigning title holders and the ever reliable Son Hueng-Min secured us the win ten minutes into the second half.

It was a confidence booster and as we go into Thursday’s laughable Europa Conference League clash with Pacos de Ferreira, few will be expecting any difficulties as long as we again perform how we did on Sunday.

We might even have Kane back as he’s been named in the squad by manager Nuno Espirito Santo.

Two wins from two would set us up nicely for Nuno’s first return to Molineux at the weekend and it would certainly raise spirits with ongoing transfer sagas.

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165 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Looking To Pacos Away de Ferreira To Move Out Of The Laughable Conference League”

  • First! 🙂

    I think the lack of any reaction to the win on social media by Kane speaks volumes, seems to me he has gone in his own mind already.

    I had to look up the standing of our opponents on Thursday and they are mid-table in the Portugese premier league but still shouldn’t be of concern to us. I predict a comfortable win even in the away leg and I’ll go for a Geof.

  • Does it actually matter whether we win this game or not ? I’ve seen us burn out players before through not prioritising games, I don’t want to see it again.

  • jod …. I agree. I can’t help thinking it’s a good game to lose. Or, at least play the youngsters and squad members who would benefit from some game time. If we win, good. if we lose, it’s not so bad.

  • I expect nuno to rest most of 1st team for this one. New signings and rodon a few youngsters. HK10 a doubt in case of injury before his £160m transfer is concluded?

    A Geof score prediction seems a good bet. COYS

  • Agree Geof. It’s a competition we should play the kids in, and whatever happens, happens.

    I just don’t see the point of this competition, really. At least not for Spurs. It seems like a distraction with no real benefit, unles you’re a very small European club and this competition represents the only way to experience Europe.

    If we play strong teams in the competition and do poorly, the jokes will write themselves. Best case scenario is winning it, in which case we’d be getting a little bit of prize money but nothing that would really significantly impact our revenues, a qualification for next year’s EL (which we really should be getting through the league anyways), and a Mickey Mouse trophy which people will probably still laugh about.

    All the while having to deal with long European trips to places like Azerbaidjan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other exotic destinations we’d never have to travel to in the CL, and only very rarely in the early stages of the EL.

    It would probably be more beneficial, financial or otherwise, to forego the hassle, in the hope of seeing our league form improve. Finishing a mere one or 2 places higher in the league table would probably be more beneficial to us overall.

  • Rather concerned that we still have no offers on Winks, Sissoko, Aurier, Doherty. We definitely need to offload this group who have shown that they cannot improve. A decent creative midfielder should replace this lot. When Kane goes, we could have over 200 million to spend on another right wing back, midfielder and striker. Tanzania and Skipp deserve their places. We have the basis of a well balanced side. Sell 5 and buy 3.

  • Looks like we all have the same thoughts on this one so far I’m much in agreement play the squad players and a few youngsters, this is a nothing competition with little kuedos if we win it.

  • This Competion whether you like it or not is for winning, win it! CL next season, probably easier than getting 4th in the Prem, also winning breeds winning, so for me! Spurs go for it. COYS

  • wentworth – Just because you want to sell someone it doesn’t mean anyone has to buy them. That even applies to Kane since City only appear to want him if they can get him cheap. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen fans explaining how much money the club will get for players who aren’t good enough, if we don’t want them why would anyone else ?

  • PompeyYid – So there are still fans who believe the proper way to play is just run the players into the ground, none of this sports science nonsense.

  • Jod. Every player has a price. We have bought players that no one else wanted at the end of the transfer window. Saha and Nelson come to mind.Better to sell them cheaply to rid the wage bill and buy players we really need. The four I mentioned are well past it and need to be gone.

  • Ok I will bite! What the fuck is wrong with you Jod, I never once said or believe, “the proper way is to run the players into the ground” all I referred to was taking the Euro thingy seriously, which ever way the manager Nuno see’s how to play it I will back him.

    By the way I never once mentioned a player, 1st or 2nd, choice kids nadder nout, who should or shouldn’t play.

    Maybe before you respond you read posts correctly.

    Here’s a question for you are a short person? thus have the little man/woman syndrome, I think so cos why would you be forever putting fellow fans of Spurs down?


  • PY – fpr the record, if we win the Europe Conference League, we don’t qualify for next year’s Champions League. We would only qualify for next year’s Europa League.

    In essence, this is the 3rd tier of European football and winning it only qualifies you for the second tier of European football.

    Does that change your opinion on the competition at all? 😉

    • Thanks BS, of course, you are correct, forgot, how dumb of me! lol!

      No! it does not change my opinion of the comp, if your in it “try n win it” I want us to win everything, but I know we will not, there you go. COYS

      • So taking that reasoning one step further, accepting that we can’t win all comeptitions we are in, and that we’ll likely have to prioritise one over the other at some point this season, in what order would you rank them in importance?

        • Ok BS, good question here goes…..

          1 5th place in Prem, don’t think we are good enough yet to challenge for top 4, but who knows.
          2 The Euro cup thing, that we are in, also gives experience for lots of players to be used.
          3 League Cup, 2nd string, non 1st choice, mixed in, including up and coming nippers.
          4 FA Cup, basically as 3rd.
          5 Outside chance of 4th lol!

          That’s my choice n reasoning BS.

          But also remember Nuno may just make a hell of a lot of difference, so things may change, Sunday’s game showed something, of togetherness, we are a team, in it to win it, so as I said earlier who knows. COYS

          • Interesting take. For what it’s worth, and we’ll all see it differently, I’d list the ECL last. PL, FA Cup, League Cup, ECL in that order for me.

  • I think it is all fine and well pointing out that if we don’t want a player anymore, then we shouldn’t assume that other teams might want that player either. Moving on players who aren’t good enough for us is not always as easy as some fans make it out to be. Point well taken.

    However, there is an old adage in business which says that anytime you have to fire someone, it means you probably made a mistake hiring that person in the first place.

    At the very least, having to move on so many problematic contracts/players does imply that our recruitment strategy has been haphazard, at best, ove the course of several years.

    For players we are looking to move on now, such as Aurier or Sissoko, there were plenty of red flags when we bought them in the first place. I can go back a few years and look at the likes of Adebayor too.

    For some reason, we chose to take a flier on those players, or chose to overlook the red flags, and we are now looking at the consequences of those decisions. Maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere for future deals.

    • BS …. As you would be aware, discovering someone is not good enough to do what they were employed to do is often only possible when hindsight kicks in. A person could be extremely well qualified to fulfill a position but their performance can only be truly assessed when they take up their duties. It’s the risk factor.

  • wentworth – “every player has a price”, well sort of. In any market there is the buying price and selling price. If you don’t want to sell its the selling price, assuming the buyer is willing to pay it. If you are desperate to sell its the buyers price, much lower of course. In Kane’s case with three years on his contract there’s no way Levy will accept the buyers price, better to keep the player. For the rest of them the buyers price could theoretically be less than zero. That’s because the player won’t move for less pay, better to see out the contract and then negotiate a new deal on a free. So you can end up in an Adebeyor situation where City kept paying a chunk of his salary until the contract ran out. Even though there was a nominal transfer fee it was much less than they paid out in wages, so they ended up with less than zero.

  • PompeyYid – “taking the Euro thingy seriously” maybe if you explained what that actually means it would help. As written it could mean pretty much anything. Abuse just suggests you don’t know what it means either.

  • I think Nuno should play Kane…

    Kane, some kids and a lady or two…

    Anyway, I’m with the man called Pompey. I want us to win every match we play. And with whoever the players are, that are chosen to play. And if we win every match we play in this competition, then we win this competition.

    Nothing wrong with winning!

  • We should have a fire sale. Our bench was poor on Sunday….players like Winks and Sissoko taking up a valuable place. Fortunately Skipp has shown be has far more about him than these two. So they should go now. Same as Aurier and Doherty now Tanganga has shown be can take the right back spot. We need players who will improve and add to the squad not just warm the bench. Still a lot of work to do with coming and going. I am sure Kane’s silence means he is gone.

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