Date: 20th November 2018 at 7:30am
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On the one hand I’m surprised this has become a thing, on the other given social media I’m not at all surprised but Tottenham Hotspur’s decision to launch an NFL themed Spurs shirt to promote the fact we plan to host American Football games at the new White Hart Lane hasn’t gone over well with many in the fanbase.

It’s a decent enough design I think and if you’re into that kind of thing, crack on I guess, it’s certainly not as daft as the half and half scarves and other things we see these days in the game, and personally I’m off the belief if you like it buy it, and if you object to the £95 price tag, then put simply don’t buy it.

I won’t be.

I can however more than understand that after the announcement we were contributing £250k to Richard Scudamore’s pension pot as well as other claims that we won’t be in the new stadium until March, well the timing could certainly have been better when it comes to those fans who are a little bit more vociferous in their criticism and frustrations at things off the pitch.


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  • Levy has effectively had an interest free loan by getting his grubby little paws on our season ticket money knowing full well that the new stadium would not be delivered on time! In any other business this would at best be called sharp practice and the company concerned would be brought to task,but Levy as usual gets away with fleecing the loyal fanbase without any hint of recompense to those who have laid out exhorbitant sums for something that to date doesnt exist! Enough is enough!!!! Support the team,detest ENIC!

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