Date: 20th November 2018 at 7:00am
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Tottenham Hotspur youngster Juan Foyth has had an interesting few weeks.

The 20-year-old finally made his Premier League debut for the club in the clash with Wolverhampton Wanderers and history will show he suffered penalty issues in the game, although granted he was given plenty of support over that as they were Hobson’s Choice decisions in reality.

The former Estudiantes youngster didn’t let it affect him and with injuries to consider, manager Mauricio Pochettino kept faith with him for the Crystal Palace tie and the youngster hit back in spectacular fashion, scoring his maiden goal and playing his part in the clean sheet as we took another three points in the 2018/19 campaign.

He then saw himself drafted into the Argentina set up for the November international break and made his debut against Mexico in a 2-0 victory.

He’s long been highly rated at the club, and in fairness given how loosely Poch has used him since his arrival in the summer of 2017 I actually thought he should’ve been loaned out to the Championship to aid his development as the lad needs games.

Thankfully, now he’s getting them and he’ll have clangers, we’ll all shake our head at points at his choices…but this kid has something about him.

Whilst fans get naturally wrapped up in the moment on things, when you add him to the likes of Harry Winks and then those in the level below like Oliver Skipp and you look at the ages of considered seniors in the group – when it comes to the future of the club I’m not so sure we should be worried, as long as we keep them together.

Sometimes it’s not a massive transfer fee or a name that’s needed – sometimes it’s simply patience.

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7 Replies to “Sometimes It’s Not A Massive Transfer Fee Or A Name That’s Needed – Patience Is A Beautiful Word”

  • For some of our fans its not really about the players you buy, its just about spending money. Its like a football version of a shopaholic, a psychological need to spend. Its why they are always moaning about not signing men with no names rather than real players. The idea you can develop your own players who are as good or better than anything you can afford to buy is something they just don’t want to hear.

  • What we need to remember…… Until poch arrived, as Levy mentioned with AVB..”to take us in a different direction” Spurs have traditionally been buying established star type of players, Hoddle being the main exception. It’s what most of the fans have grown up with through the 60’s 70’s seventies and after. So this move to home grown players is now showing good returns on the investments.. the first was Bale who arrived as 19 yr old developed (by Harry !!) and left for £86m… Harry Kane (worth about £180m), WInks, Dele, (another one who came as a £5m 19 yr old now worth £120m or so. Now we have Foyth, oliver. and others (marcus edwards..)

    IMO Bale was the turning point for Levy, and since then the home grown method has now proven Levy and poch were right to move away from the Harry Redknapp method of buying older players on long term expensive contracts, for the immediate results and protection of relegation. So indeed patience has proven it’s worth it.

    While a lot of fans feel frustrated in being left behind by trophy / title winning Arsenal man utd city chavs we had to build new club infrastructures of training ground, stadium (costing hundreads of £’m to be able to compete financially with these clubs. Patience will be rewarded soon. COYS

  • They say patience is a virtue. But, football fans in general, tend not to be particularly virtuous types it would seem.

    Earlier in the season, Spurs lost 3 matches on the trot. It was the first and (still) only time that Pochettino’s Tottenham had done so and we are into his 5th season. I subsequently read “Poch Out!” posts on VS and other outlets. And half-hearted debates on who should replace him when he (ironically as a failure) disappears off to Real Madrid… Anyone for Jose M?

    This of course wasn’t just a lack of patience simply due to his entire (trophy-less) time at Spurs but a reaction based on where we would likely end up in this season itself, given those early losses and poor showing. Worse off, of course! Guaranteed failure!

    Funnily, we currently find ourselves in the position of having our best ever PL start in spite of those early, 3-on-the-trot results. And now with yet more MP trained players getting International call-ups on the back of it all…

    This brings me to the fans that also lack any kind of patience at all with our players… Sanchez was called too expensive before he’d even played for us. (even though we apparently should always be spending so much more). Aurier, was also too expensive and bound to be nothing but a liability. Lucas was not good enough for the PL after just a handful of appearances. Sissoko will never come good. Foyth was (is) too young, inexperienced and not ‘man enough’…

    These kind of things are often said as though they should be seen as definitive statements and, not just how I often see them, as cynical (Spursy-like) speculation, jerk reactions or just downright negativity, seemingly for the sake of it. He won’t, he can’t, Spurs will never… blah blah! ………

    I remember…… Bale was a curse. Modric was too lightweight. Kane is nothing but a Championship player! And so it goes…

    Then of course it became; “How on earth can Levy even contemplate selling the likes of Bale and Modric.” Or, “How on earth do we hold on to a player like Harry if Levy won’t pay him Messi (or Bale) like wages and Lewis don’t fork out the millions to ‘buy’ him and the team a trophy or two! Ad nuaseum…

    And then… Its half time, we’re 1-0 down to Chelsea at Wembley Stadium…. Drop Hugo! Someone shoot Sissoko, please! Poch Out!

    45 minutes later? Spurs 3-1 Chelsea! … We woz lucky! Haha!

    Patience, my arse! We want trophies and we want ’em now!

  • Juan Foyth’s first match could have broken the lad’s self confidence, It didn’t. He came back strong, both for club and for country. MOTM strong. hard to come back better thant that. I’m enthused. I’m on the bandwagon for this one. One needs errors to grow, and the biggest questions concern how one responds to one’s errors. This lad looks good. Hope it’s not an illusion, and I believe at this point it’s not. He looks a keeper. (and I don’t mean a GK lol) Put him on a bit of weight training and he’ll be great.

  • Tkh….people (most) learn by their mistakes, its as simple as that, as Foyth is proving.

    HT…. on the other hand a few Spurs fans never learn, and they are mostly the newer kind of “Spurs” fan, majority of the the old hand “Spurs” fans do have the patience. COYS

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