Date: 4th July 2019 at 6:00am
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Writer: Michael Zucker

It’s excellent news that Tottenham Hotspur pushed through the record signing of Tanguy Ndombele.

However, this only means we have replaced Moussa Dembele from last years squad (and we are yet to see if he can match or better our classy Belgium).

With top prospect Jack Clarke sent back to Leeds on loan, our current squad, quality wise, is as it was at the start of last season. I feel it might prove very difficult to better our team, especially if Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld leave. Is it likely they can be replaced by better players or would we be pleased if we could just bring in players of a similar calibre?

Another consideration will be as to how many players we should bring in in one window – remember the difficulties we had trying to integrate the seven players we brought in with the Gareth Bale money!

It might be we will see a significant change of personnel over the next two or three weeks but will we see a significant rise in quality?

Would Daniel Levy buy Giovani Lo Celso, even if Eriksen stayed, ie a real financial investment, a better squad creating real competition for places – Man City and Liverpool would and so would Man Utd!

Come on Daniel, let’s go for it!

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3 Replies to “Have Your Say – Come On Daniel, Let’s Go For It”

  • Is it Danny Winter or Michael Zucker who is responsible for writing this ridiculous piece of tripe ?
    I guess if I had written it, I’d want to confuse the issue too. Which team does “Vital Spurs” support ?
    My guess is Arsenal, but it’s hard to tell, the writing is so disjointed and the analysis so nonsensical.
    Spurs are currently negotiating for LoCelso. It has nothing to do with whether Eriksen stays or goes.
    You twits who keep harking back to the Bale transfer days are really lost in the past.
    In all likelihood – barring only reasonable pricing; we will acquire LoCelso, Ryan Sessegnon and a couple more. A few players are likely to move on. At this stage Eriksen will probably stay. RM can’t afford him and MU doesn’t even remember saying they were interested. An interest in players is a Woodward tactic used to throw players off the track. This is what he did to Rose and Alderweireld last year and Eriksen this year.

    • When a piece is opened by Writer: it’s a contribution from a reader Druid. Feel free to pen a counterpoint if you disagree but I’m pretty sure we can do without the childish Arse supporters crack just because you happen to disagree with somebodies opinion.

      I admin the site but I’m not the only writer and we have plenty of contributions.

  • Was trying to establish what players might be signed, not knowing funds available, taking in to account what we would need to strengthen the squad and potential players leaving. When you add to that the “inconsistent “ transfer dealings of Daniel Levy in recent seasons it is difficult to see the possible end result(s). Through Poch and Levy we have seen a remarkable upturn in our fortunes over the past few years and we all hope this great opportunity to take our Club to ever greater “GLORY” is taken now. I believe this what Poch had been demanding too. As a kid I saw the double side, then was lucky enough to see success through the Hoddle and after the Gazza/Lineaker times but for 20 years things have been pretty grim. Now is the time to really push and get one of the all time great teams up there challenging with the best

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