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It looks as though the club will turn their attentions away from Ryan Sessegnon for the time being following Fulham’s promotion to the Premier League.

The 18-year-old has been a long-term target but the winger’s desire to play for the Cottagers in the Premier League club, combined with his £50million valuation, has put us off, reports the Telegraph.

Instead, it is believed we will be going after Borussia Dortmund’s Christian Pulisic. Also valued at £50m, the 19-year-old’s first team experience in both the Bundesliga and the Champions League make him a more cost-effective target. So, who is this teenager?

The American was brought up in Pennsylvania before being spotted by Dortmund’s scouts when playing for USA’s Under 17 team during a competition in Turkey. From there, he was given a path through the Bundesliga’s side’s youth setup.

After gaining a Croatian passport, he was able to play for the German club at 16, rather than 18 if he was just an American citizen, and those two years of player development seemed to have really born fruit.

Working under Hannes Wolf in the youth team, and briefly under Jurgen Klopp in the first team, he was then given his senior debut by Thomas Tuchel. He has impressed observers with his close control. Likened by some to Eden Hazard in how he can glide past people, the American is technically gifted, and looks to have a huge future in the game.

Prior to this season, he wasn’t a regular in the Dortmund first team, but Liverpool, at Klopp’s behest, were keen to snap up the teenager last summer. He remained at Dortmund to continue his development, and he finished last season with 42 appearances to his name.

He managed five goals and seven assists, but there looks to be a lot more to come from the winger. He can play out wide or through the middle, but he is also an intelligent footballer. In an interview with the Independent, he listed off a number of areas of where he wants to improve his game.

He wants to improve his final ball, his shot precision and his ability to beat defenders one-on-one. He doesn’t limit his thirst for improvement to himself. After the USA failed to qualify for the World Cup, the 19-year-old wrote an essay for the Player’s Tribune outlining his thoughts about what went wrong.

Such a desire to improve is a clear perfect fit for Mauricio Pochettino and us as a club. The sky really is the limit for this kid, and although there will no doubt be huge competition for his signature, we do have a good chance, especially with Poch’s track record in improving young players.


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  • U.S. newspapers have him going elsewhere than to Spurs, but who knows. Maybe to Liver Poo. He’s the rising star of the U.S. men’s national team. but newspapers are apt to report anything. we’ll see. if he does come to spurs I wouldn’t expect a lot of him next season. we had another U.S. wonder player recently at RFB, remember? he’s long gone.

  • Pullisic is largely consistent though whereas yedlin had one decent international game. I’d think he’d be an OK to good signing, it just frustrates me that we lack the funds or rather refuse to spend money on the 1st choice targets. Bale, Isco, Sessegnon and De Ligt is where we start… We’ll end up with Evans, Shaquiri, Rabiot and Luke Shaw….

  • Massive talent. Technically gifted, has pace and grafts. He would fit in the side like a glove. Sign him up.

  • We want to compete next season especially given the new stadium. It looks unlikely we’re keeping 2 world class players in Dembele and Alderweireld, and potentially even Rose will go. That’s 3 big signings we’ll need this season coming just to stay still. I don’t even think Levy will do that. It’s going to be tough expecting Spurs to qualify for CL next season without a spending spree.

    We really need to be lining up with something of the quality below if we think we’ll even have a chance at a title.

    Aurier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Sessegnon (50m)
    Wanyama, Erikson
    Son, Isco (60m), Bale (60m)

    Subs: Lopez (5m), Trippier, Davies, De Ligt (50m), Dier, Ali, Moura

    Other: Gazzinga, KWP, Foyth, Winks, Llorente, +1, +1

    Its big money and even bigger wages for established players, but that’s football today and if you want to win trophies then money talks.

    It’s not impossible to fund if we off the deadwood:

    Out: Sissoko (20m), Rose (40m), Alderweireld (50m), Lamela, (20m), Janssen (15m), Demebele, (25m), Sterling (10m), Vorm (free), Oonomah (10m), N’koudou (10m), CCV (10m).

    Your looking at around 200m in revenue and wage savings in excess of 500k per week. Surely any cost gap can be funded by the club as an investment to actually move forward.

      • Probably not but one can dream. If Bale returns to the prem and its not in a lily white kit I’m going to be pretty peeved…

  • I see the press have switched their attention to starting rumours about the players not at the World Cup. We’ve now seen Zaha and Pulisic in the last few days. Last week it was Tierney. Just surprised we haven’t been linked with any Italian players yet.

    Don’t know anything about Pulisic. I had to google him 🙂

  • When we were told “we want to get our transfer business done early” did that mean new signings or securing MP on an improved contract. There has been hardly a peep from Spurs, although rivals are signing (Liverpool) and making positive noises (all the rest). We can finally put our aspirations for the return of Bale to bed as his fee and wages are out of our league. We are presumably hanging on for our usual assault on the bargain basement for the leftovers, once Levy has been busking on Oxford Street with his begging bowl, so that we can afford a fee or even possibly 2.

    • Ha, Frank, it’s exactly that!

      It’s frustrating climbing as high as we have just to then show the same ambitions in the transfer window as clubs 12 places or more below us.

  • Ryan… Am I right to presume that you can see Ryan Sessegnon as pretty much a ‘world class’ replacement for Danny Rose?

    I ask because you have him playing in a team that you feel we need to have, to stand any chance of winning the PL title next season.

    And yet, he has only just turned 18, he has no PL experience whatsoever, having only ever played at Fulham in the Championship for just these past two seasons, having only signed his first pro contract a year ago.

    You must rate him very highly. Especially when knowing that the highly experienced Rose himself, had only just stepped up into the England senior team as recently as 2 years ago and that Ryan has only just moved up to the U-21’s, playing 1 match for them.

    Even if he were to come to Spurs, it’s quite probable I think, that he would be more for the position that you have Bale in. But who knows? And, this is all just fantasy football anyway.

    I like Isco a lot and if we buy anyone from Real he at least seems realistic enough. It would be a little ironic as he is often the guy that Zidane will pick ahead of Bale.

    You’ve also dropped two probable world cup England starters, in Dier and Dele, to your imaginary bench, whilst also demoting an up and coming England player, Winks, to not even feature as a sub… You also want to keep Llorente but sell Lamela? And, sell young Sterling for £10m after just one brief CL appearance from the bench?

    And why do you then choose to label Dembele, Toby and Rose (amongst Sterling and others), as deadwood?

    I’d really like to know your reasoning behind all these changes and new arrivals as I’m really not that good myself at seeing future, possible Spurs line-ups. Especially featuring players such as young Ryan, that I’ve only seen play a couple of times… I am genuinely interested to know…

    Also, by the by, CCV has just signed a new contract.

  • Hi HT,

    Rose, Toby and Dembele aren’t deadwood but they look to be on the move. I’d categorise everyone else in that list excess to needs though, hence deadwood. Sterling and CCV I’ve seen many a time (bare in mind I’ve followed the youth teams at spurs for almost a decade now as my cousin use to be part of the set up) and he isn’t going to cut it. Griffiths is already miles ahead of him, so in my honest opinion kaziah should really be thinking to move on for both himself and the club. I think signing Moura signalled the end for Lamela. If we sign another winger in the likes of Bale, Zaha, Pullisic or whoever, he’ll find it even hardee to make the team. He’s had an injury plagued career at Spurs and hasn’t contributed enough for me. He isn’t exactly young anymore either, so he’s stock is decreasing. As a manager I’d look at cashing in to invest in the future.

    Sessegnon is a future star. Let’s make that clear. He may not be the full article yet, and may never aspire to be world class, but Rose has never been and has been very poor lately. His comments also suggest he wants out, so I’d happily see a young and versatile Sessegnon grow at Spurs in Danny’s place, would you not? We can sign an established Left Back but I think Sessegnon is growing at an alarming rate, and with his goalscoring / assist record in the championship its hard not to look at him. We still have Davies to allow Ryan the space to grow if he isn’t ready immediately.

    The other questions you ask are simple. Llorente will be hard to push, besides we need a backup striker, so unless we’re spending even more money in a revamp he’ll probably need to stay. Dier or Wanyama should play, but not both together. We look so negative when they both play. They for me are the same type of player, which lack creativity in the middle of the park. We miss Modric, and I’d like to see Cristian controlling the game more from a deeper position, he definitely possesses the skill.

    Im clearly dreaming with Bale and Isco, but I can’t see why the board don’t go out on a limb to make these type of signings. It’s clear the value they’d add to this squad. It’s doable, just risky.

    • Sessegnon is probably not going to be a FB going forward. He played the second half of the season as a winger and was much more effective there. Would love to have him but he is not going to be the long term LB solution IMO.

      Pulisic is very skilled and would provide both pace and good footballing skill/brain to our attack. Just not sure if he is going anywhere this summer as he is very settled at Dortmund.

      Bale and Isco aren’t going to happen but I agree that we need to make improvements and provide more competition for the first team.

  • Thank you for such a detailed reply.

    I’m rubbish at seeing a likely Spurs team of the future. All I can ever say about possible new players that I’ve seen play is; Yes, I can see him at Spurs or no I can’t or I don’t know.

    Isco and Bale is a yes, albeit unlikely. Sessegnon is a, I don’t know…

    I hope that Rose now stays but it does seem that both Dembele and Toby are on their way out and Rose leaving is still a possibility…

    I can also see Christian playing a more deeper role but then I feel that we would then missing his input higher up the pitch, if he is seen as having this more deep lying role. Having said that he does drop very deep at times. But, I see him as having quite a free role, to roam, create and get space where he can find it. And, I think he excels with this freedom. Lamela I like but even after all this time it’s a… I don’t really know.

    I agree with Dier and Wanyama not being the ideal pairing.

    The younger guys, I am not as familiar with as yourself.

  • HT

    I think it’s hard for anyone to predict a likely lineup for Spurs. We tend to get linked with everyone under the sun and end up with players we’ve never heard the likes of.

    We do also need to remember our obligations to squadding homegrown, so if Rose goes we need another homegrown player to take his spot. I’d rather it be Sessegnon than Luke Shaw in all honesty.

    I can see us signing a new LB, CB and CM this window regardless, I just hope it’s closer to the dream picks and we’re not picking up the scraps as usual.

  • Whilst he is picked ahead of Bale at RM, I actually think Isco is too much luxury for teams like Spurs. Liverpool and even City. Our relative success of getting 3 consecutive seasons of CL football has been about the collective work ethic of the squad and that starts form the front. Eriksen epitomises what it means to be part a our 4-2-3-1 with some of the highest running stats known in PL history. Pulisic is apparently similar in what he does in the Bundesliga.

    I might be wrong but feel that Isco could end up like Affelay in the Prem.

  • Looking at the latest official pictures and video footage from the new THFC Lodge and training ground, it would appear that Levy has only gone and splashed out on the entire Brazil World Cup Squad…

    City, here we come!

  • HT and Ryan…just been reading your very well thought out debate, well said the pair of you, some where in the middle are correct opinions from you both, maybe am just sitting on the fence lol, so again very well debated. COYS

  • Pulisic and Martial are the 2 buys I want this season. As for Sessegson if we sign him, I hope its not as a full back, potential star he is no doubt, but as full back that’s an immediate downgrade, wing back maybe not, but it doesnt seem like we playing that system.

  • Carrying on the subject of Sessegnon, we all have our opinions whether a LFB or LWB, what I see is a striker in the making, I hate to say it but Thierry Henry like, I could be wrong but as the season has carried on he has played further and further forward getting more and more into the second striker role behind the main, if I am right he finished season leading goal scorer.

    So to me he would be a fantastic buy for 3 positions to sort out, just the type of young player Poch could work with. COYS

    • For sure. Shorter transfer window this time round too, hope Levy pulls out the stops for Poch, he deserves it or I wouldn’t blame him following in Modric and Bale’s footsteps…

  • Whilst Sessegnon has had a great season in the Championship, I think it’s about to get a lot tougher for the lad. Fulham go from being the best footballing side in their division to probably being in a relegation dogfight in the Prem. Sessegnon becomes a marked man and every defender will be that little bit better in the top flight. An example was the Villa game where Mitrovic and Cairney were fantastic and Sessegnon did very little in comparison but they still gave him MoM. All that nonsense will stop after the first couple of months of next season.

    Saying that, I’d still love Spurs to own him and loan him to Fulham for the entirety of next season. That could theoretically make it possible for us to do a deal now that is slightly less than what we would pay if he came straight to us. It may also allow us to phase the payments with less up front which we would need if we’re not getting the player.

    I am a Sessegnon fan but don’t expect him to have as big an impact next season than if were to buy someone like Zaha. He’s already learnt the hard way about the ups and downs of the Prem and prevailed as probably the best player outside of the top 6 teams last year. I want both though.

  • When talking of his son and the interest for Christian Pulisic from Spurs and other clubs, this is what the young players Father had to say;

    “He was linked to Tottenham. Last week it was Liverpool. The week before Man United. The week before this… it’s hogwash,” Pulisic said.

    Isn’t it all?

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