Date: 29th May 2018 at 3:00pm
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Reports in Italy suggest that Napoli are leading the race to sign Mousa Dembele this summer. The Partenopei’s new head coach Carlo Ancelotti was reported by Italian media as having expressed an interest in the Belgian international.

Another source is now indicating that the Serie A club’s sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli will head to the UK to spearhead talks and agree on a deal for the 30-year-old.

Fans on Twitter were pretty mixed in their reaction to the news:


The source for this story is an Italian website Calcio Napoli 24 which is certainly not a high profile media outlet in the country. There is likely some interest from Serie A sides because the midfielder has just one more year left on his contract.

However, having the intention to buy a player, and actually making a concrete bid, are two different things. So far, there have been no reports that our no.19 has been a subject of an offer from any club.


7 Replies to “‘No way should we be selling’ ‘I’m not too bothered’ – Spurs fans on Belgian Star Exit Claims”

  • Expect him to sign a new 3 year contract soon enough taking him through to his 34th birthday, we need him around 1 way or the other. Cannot afford to be losing 1st teamer’s especially with Liverpool having already been busy in the market. Unique ability, sure would be nice to see him get more goals and assists but that ain’t necessarily his role/game in our team so we better make sure he stays – irreplaceable, especially at the moment.

  • Of all the over-hyped, all style no substance players we’ve had in the PL era at Spurs, Dembele takes the biscuit. No goals, no assists, endless sideways passes and dribbles into blind alleys, but he’s become the pinup boy for people who think that there are finer points in his play too subtle for the great unwashed to appreciate. No there aren’t – he’s a bone-idle wage thief who’s got a season ticket to the treatment room, and plays well within himself when he plays at all, and made some sort of effort last season because the World Cup and a chance of a big payday were in the offing. In the current inflated transfer market we might get back what we paid for him, but the three or four million per season in wages are gone forever, and he’ll have left no more to show for his time at the club than a fat bank balance – good riddance!

    • The players all name him as the best player at the club and do to a man over and over again. Dier, Alli, Lloris, Rose and on and on and on.

      How about Pochettino? The same guy that publicly states you sign to train and if you don’t train hard you don’t play. The same Pochettino that has for a couple of seasons now used the word “genius” to describe Dembele.

      I’d love to see him score and assist double figures every season, but to palm off praise as being some kind of hipster analysis that doesn’t really exist when the people that work with him daily are the ones doing the praising is frankly laughable

  • for the Belgian- is ball retention.
    Dembele’s USP as a footballer is his press resistance; the ability to use his natural strength to shield to the ball and retain possession in the face of a pressing opponent, typically attempting to take-on said player and find space behind.
    A testament to this unique ability is the fact that he completed 66 take-ons in the Premier League, at a success rate of 88%. By contrast, Can completed less than a third as many (21), successful 72% of the time.

    Dembele’s ball retention is a vital component of Pochettino’s system, with the Belgian used as a means of progressing the ball further up the pitch. Dembele’s passing accuracy, too, is something to be marvelled at, with the 30-year-old successful 92% of the time.
    Given the importance afforded to Dembele in this respect, can Spurs compromise their style with a midfielder unable to retain possession as effectively?

  • Sorry, but possession without punch is precisely why Spurs are still waiting for a trophy after ten years of dominating the possession stats in 90% of our games, and Dembele is the main culprit. As for his passing accuracy, the fact that he didn’t manage a single assist last season shows that he doesn’t lose the ball because he doesn’t try anything dangerous to the opposition; it’s all backwards and sideways, and the only surprise is that it’s not 100% pass completion. He could have been a great player, but he was happy to take the money and drift along, and no amount of skill can compensate for lack of personal ambition.

  • The punch comes from the front 4 a la Ericksen, Alli, Son and Kane. The reason we have so much possession is down to Dier and Dembele and their style of play. Why do so many rate him and so many clubs want him especially in Italy where possession football is what it is all about just like Spain? Dembele’s a top quality player a la Modric (doesn’t score or assist much) but keeps the side ticking and actually given his strength, etc is perfect for the pressing style we employ aswell when defending.

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