Date: 9th May 2018 at 4:30pm
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Mauricio Pochettino wants the players to play with passion tonight in what he is billing as a make or break last two games to qualify for the Champions League.

After a couple of flat performances in the league, the Argentine is pushing for the squad to up its mental game as the season draws to a close:

“It’s in our hands. We need to die to try to achieve that. It’s not, ‘We need to play like this, with two centre-backs or two strikers or two keepers’. It’s about the players dying trying to achieve it.”

Poch looks to be going with a blood and thunder approach for these two final home games. Whether he’ll get the response he is looking for from the players and the fans tonight, we’ll soon find out.

The build-up to the game has been scattered with stories talking about the implications of missing out on Champions League football next season, yet the manager has been surprisingly blase about the financial consequences of finishing fifth:

“I think Daniel is safe with the money. It is not a problem. The plan four years ago was not to play every season in the Champions League to be sure that the club is going to survive.”

“If you over-achieve, fantastic. You have more money to invest in the facilities like the new stadium, but I don’t think money is a problem.”

It does sound like a mixed message, downplaying the importance of the money off the pitch, but upping the stakes on the pitch to finish as high as possible.

The reasoning for this is because Pochettino has always been focused on the long-term project. In his press conference yesterday, he talked about the progress that has been made in the last four years:

“When we arrived four years ago, the team was sixth in the table and the gap to the top four was massive. The dream is to fight and reduce the gap and four years after we are there.”

It’s hard to argue with him that during his time in charge, we have become title challengers, and are consistently in the running for top four finishes. If there is one season where we come fifth then for him, it’s not the end of the world. The bigger picture is more important to him.

For fans, that attitude can be hard to grasp sometimes. When a team is not winning trophies, and finishing lower than past seasons, it looks like stagnation and there is a fear that we are going backwards.

Poch’s vision for the club is well beyond the results of one solitary season. His intention is to build a dynasty. On more than one occasion he has said he is working at the club as if he will be here for life.

At 46 years of age, he is in no rush. He believes in what he is building, and he has the confidence that the trophies will come sooner rather than later.

We, as supporters, are hungry for success, which is no bad thing. However, it can also lead to impatience, and the fact that the club has only won one League Cup in the last decade, makes us understandably itching to get things rolling. The desperation to win is understood by the Argentine:

“I understand. To win is not an easy thing to achieve like magic. It’s about being second, third, to fight for the top four and if you keep going, keep going, taking the right decisions, you’ll be close to winning.”

The manager is optimistic that success will come eventually. He is confident in the project at Tottenham, even if we do fail to qualify for the Champions League this season.


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  • Is Poch for real????? Try being a supporter Poch and see the hurt and frustration on our faces. We beat Chelsea at the bridge, decide not to play v Man U in cup and watched us drop points at Brighton and wba.No heart in the side , no pride and now you say finishing 5th is okay , in fact progress. You need to get wise!!! If we don’t get 4th at least it’s a disaster whatever you believe. Conte is firing his players to give 100% last 2 games, learn from him, a manager who has won trophies, if not move on!!

  • As a life long Spurs fan I cannot believe that Poch has said what he said, it does sound a bit defeatist, which I think is not his normal way, but who knows maybe he is getting his excuses in and covering his backside early, or it could also be a reverse phsycology angle, but still am open mouthed at the remarks.

    Like Bigstu said “Try being a supporter and see how hurt and frustrated we will be”

    Don’t matter anyway we will qualify for the CL for next season. COYS

  • Thanks Pompey yid for your reply, pleased I’m not alone sitting worried about tonight and fearing the worst.

    • So why can’t we finish like last season with some awesome high scoring wins against mediocre teams.

  • Guys, Pochettino didn’t say what it say’s in that headline.

    The headline which has a quote within quotes, is both sensationalist and wrong!

  • He is referring to the clubs finances. ie the clubs financial plans were not centred around guaranteed CL football every season. So if we do miss out every now and then “its not a problem financially” or to use his own words.

    “I think Daniel is safe with the money. It is not a problem. The plan four years ago was not to play every season in the Champions League to be sure that the club is going to survive.”

    It would be reckless to assume regular CL football, when making future financial plans, especially 4 years ago, when we’d never even managed consecutive CL football even once. Which is one of the reasons our increased revenue last season, from CL football and Wembley stadium has to be treated cautiously, as those factors, are not the norm… yet.

    His full quote in regards to the 2 remaining games themselves are,

    “To play Champions League is the dream of everyone and for me it’s impossible to think and not give your best when it depends on you to win,” he said.

    “It’s massive because the Champions League is the best competition, with the Premier League, in the world.

    “It’s in our hands. We need to die to try to achieve that. It’s not, ‘We need to play like this, with two centre-backs or two strikers or two keepers’. It’s about the players dying trying to achieve it.

    “If we cannot, we cannot. That’s different and we need to analyse why. Now it’s to be altogether and fight with our fans and create a good atmosphere tomorrow and Sunday and try to achieve altogether to play Champions League football in the new stadium. That will be fantastic.”

  • Thank you Guyver for making it more clear.

    I didn’t bother to do so myself as the key phrase about the finances, etc., is right there in the article…

    Those words from Pochettino are far from defeatist. It sounds like unadulterated fighting talk to me.

  • What MP probably means is that if we finish in the top 4 he will get a tenner to spend, but if we miss out he will only get a fiver, either way we won’t be competing so nothing unusual there.

  • Missing out would cap a “nearly season”. We have already lost to West Ham in the LC from 2-0 up, lost in CL last 16 against Juventus from 1-0 up. And 2-2 in Turin, losing in FA Cup semi from 1-0 up v Man Utd, winning only 1 in our last 5 in the crucial stage of the season. To cap this by missing out on CL for next season should be asking MP some serious questions.

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    #THFC: Lloris (C), Trippier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies, Wanyama, Sissoko, Eriksen, Dele, Son, Kane. #COYS

  • This was a question fired at Poch, he responded, they most likely twisted his words to make it sound defeatest, lets move on…..

  • I’m gonna go true to my own form here. Whilst knowing that many Spurs supporters are probably expecting the worst…

    I predict a handsome victory for Spurs tonight. Goals, goals, goals…and, even more goals?

    Up the Spurs!

  • Same old, same old! As I said in the WBA match let’s hope he switches to something new in good time if it ain’t working. He didn’t take my advice then:-(.

  • Sissoko , Son and Wanyama are having terrible games. Son can’t keep the ball and Sissoko and Wanyama just lose it.

  • Lol, you spuds are missing out on top 4 and you deserve to pathetic team you have and it is as funny as hell then you have idiots like Geoff defending your pathetic team … it’s hilarious, your manager is overrated. 10 point gap over us and now the might blues ar
    E taking 4th from you.

  • Terrible. Awful to watch, slow, no threat. MUST change it. Wanyama or Sissoko off at HT, not 75 mins. Not looking good so far. More worth cheering on Huddersfield

  • Not good is it?

    If we can just string just 2 clean passes together, that would be an improvement already…

    2nd half has to be better.

    Chelsea also nil, nil…

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