Date: 5th October 2020 at 3:34pm
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So, another Transfer Window saga is almost over. This time it’s a fruitful one. There’s little doubt that this was one of the most interesting TWs in recent times for Spurs. And it sends a clear message to anyone who follows football. That message is; Tottenham is serious in its intent.

Levy and the THFC Board have long been criticized by many supporters for keeping his hands in his pocket. Many considered that his long-term plan involved making money rather than building a team that can bring trophy success on the park. And he certainly was not a risk taker.

Levy’s detractors are mainly those supporters who do not have the patience or the vision to understand what he hopes to achieve. They demand instant success on the pitch and silverware for the trophy cabinet. Life rarely works that way…. and football never does.

Obviously everyone associated with THFC, especially the Chairman, want success, too. But to achieve long-term success there has to be a solid foundation on which to base all of the club’s operations. Levy has long been committed to making his vision a reality and has worked steadily toward that end. We have all witnessed the amazing development of our facilities in recent years. He is wise enough to know that he cannot please every supporter because, well, because everyone is different. But he is focused and motivated enough to maintain his efforts to make his vision a reality. The product that is THFC today is a vastly different product than it was fifteen years ago …. and in a good way.

The perception by some seems to suggest that the THFC members of the management Board are either stupid or out of touch with reality. And I don’t think anyone considers Levy to be stupid. Without doubt he understands that to make money in business (and football has become big business) a football club needs to achieve success on the park. That’s what Levy wants, too.

It takes a great deal of time, and many things have to come together, for a club to reach the heights of its aspirations. Few have the financial resources to try. Few achieve it. And there are so many very good reasons why they fail. Not long ago Tottenham looked, and played like, potential champions. But it wasn’t to be. That chapter, and opportunity, has now passed and Tottenham have had to start rebuilding again. All clubs go through the same process every few years.

Levy progresses the club in his own time and in his own way. He’s the boss. That’s how it works. He won’t progress the club in the way I want, or in the way anybody else wants. He has a plan and he is intent on following it. Comparing the club now to how it was fifteen years ago suggests he is going in the right direction.

Levy has taken a huge risk by bringing Gareth Bale back to The Lane in view of his age, lack of recent game time, and tendency to suffer injuries. He has taken another risk by appointing Jose as the club manager. For despite his trophy success with his previous clubs he remains an enigma. His ability to manage and support his players when the going gets tough poses a few questions. Tottenham have the players. It’s up to Jose to make them winners. In the past Jose has not been one for the long term in his managerial career. Levy is planning for the long term.

All transfers are risks but the risks posed by bringing Bale and Jose to The Lane are at the upper end of the scale. Maybe Levy is a risk taker after all. He has made some sound signings, and he has opened his wallet and negotiated some clever deals in the most economically troubled times the world has seen since he became Chairman.

But Levy is not just the Chairman of THFC; he is a supporter. Come the day when he leaves his current position behind I would still expect to see him at the ground on match days.

THFC is a strong club with world class facilities. It is a club which is respected wherever the game is played. All Spurs supporters can be proud of this. And the vision that leads Daniel Levy onwards is alive and well. Levy should get credit for this. My overall sense as I write this is that, for THFC, the good times are coming.

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  • Geofspurs, thanks for the article, one of your best, really thought provoking for the detractors.

    Brings to mind the Grass isn’t always Greener. COYS

  • Geof… a good summary of what Levy is about. I have been saying the same over many years as well. Levy is a fan and had his season ticket in Upper East Stand in old stadium not far from me in Block D….many years.

    On some points… You may remember a few years ago, i posted about the Enfield training ground. First Levy tried to build facilities at Abridge golf club spent 300k planning apps. surveys etc. but residents objections prevailed. So within a short space of time he did a deal with Enfield Council, and we have the training ground. He used the £20m we got from the CL Harry R. took us to 1/4 finals. So he left the money in the club, not taken out.

    Then we had the saga of new stadium going on at the same time, he did try his best and dealt with numerous problems, Archway Steel in particular.

    Now we are on a rebuild of the team after funding the stadium, as seen he is spending on transfers Jose requires. This is IMO a continuing progress of a true fan of THFC. COYS & Daniel Levy

  • B108 …. Yes, we’re not quite there yet but we could well be on our way. We somehow missed out on silverware with MP’s team. Maybe this team under JM will find success. I think there is every reason to feel optimistic. There are real signs that the squad is becoming a team.

  • Thank you for another good, well written article Geof.

    Levy has played an absolute blinder in this TW. That is Levy and his team…

  • I believe it is the current buzz word within our camp and it is also very appropriate here indeed – “BRAVO” GEOF – END OF (no disrespect of course HT), LOL!

    I’ve bought into (and thus backed) Levy’s dream all the way with my hard earned INDEED – SPURS share-holder HERE too fcukin right LOL!


    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO – BRING IT ON LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Geoff good article.
    Nice one.
    I think the ship is definately starting to turn in the right direction. A lot of the detractors have gone silent just now. The results and performances, not to mention goals shows that there is improvement in the team. There seems to be a bond back with the team members, the new additions appear to have fitted in well, improved the team, added a bit of competition and, taken away a bit of the staleness which was there previously.
    Looking forward to this season.
    I make a virtual bet.
    £50 we get a trophy and a CL finish this season.

  • Here’s a funny one:

    According to his Wikipedia page, (Swans) CB Joe Rodon is a Spurs player! 🙂

  • Joe Rondon is now back to being a Swansea player according to the same Wikipedia page.

  • HT….well reported that we are in talks with Swansea at least. Anyone know anything about Joe Rodon?

  • Hi TQ,
    It was the reported Spurs interest that made me go to his Wikipedia page…

    I know that he is well regarded at the Swans. I know that he has played as a left sided CB for them but more recently as a central CB in a back 3. He is right-footed. 🙂

  • Oh, and he is 6 foot 3-4″. Is solidly built. And he will turn 23 later this month….. That’s the sum total of my scouting report.

  • Hi HT, thanks for that.

    We obviously failed with our approach for Skriniar and others we supposedly linked to. If this guy is any good I presume he also has the advantage of being home grown?

  • Well he’s been with the Swans since the age of 8. So as with Ben Davies, he will be seen as homegrown for the EPL but not for the EL…

  • I just refreshed Rodon’s Wiki page. And he is now a Spurs player once again! lol

    Someone’s playing games…. Is it Rodon himself?! Now you see me, now you don’t!

  • Of course, if we are in for the Swans CB, because he is in the Championship, the deal doesn’t have to go through by tonights 11pm TW deadline.

    So it’s no cliffhanger, as Sky is making it out to be…

    Apparently it’s been reported that Josh King has been seen loitering with intent, around Hotspur Way. He’s waiting for Levy to grab him and pull him in…. Why not? It’s not Kane we need cover for now, but we could do with a back-up for Vinicius!

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