Date: 5th April 2018 at 8:00pm
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Mauricio Pochettino says this season’s achievements have to take into account the fact we have had to play at Wembley this season.

Speaking earlier this week, he gave credit to everyone for how the move to the national stadium has been handled:

“We are so happy with what we are doing this season. Playing away from home plenty of matches, because we started the season at Wembley, it was so difficult to create or give comfort there. For our fans for the team and everyone, it was difficult. But our ambition is to try and win.”

There was much made of the Wembley hoodoo earlier this season, and for sure, our form under the arch in the first couple of months (in the league at least) was not the greatest. However, as the season has worn on, the effect of playing away from White Hart Lane has diminished markedly.

Our only defeat in the league came against Chelsea on the first weekend of the season, whilst in other competitions the only blemishes have come when we gave away a lead in games against West Ham and Juve.

That is testament to both the resilience of the squad, but also to Poch himself, whose ability to set up teams away or at home make him the ideal manager to have in place while the club make what is a seismic transition in its history.

When we move into the new stadium, we may have to go through a similar bedding in period, but going by what has happened this campaign, it’s unlikely it will be a long one.

I think on the pitch what will be of most concern to the management staff is not how’ll we deal with playing in the new 62000 capacity arena, but resolving to ensure we build on our improvements away from home against the other big six.

Perhaps things won’t go as smoothly as the picture I have painted above. There could unanticipated issues off the field that could make things more of a challenge next season, we just don’t know.

I am more than confident though that if we keep this squad mostly in tact, combined with a couple of notable additions, next season could be quite special one for every aspect of the club.


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  • CL in our new stadium. Sweet, neat, two feet playing to our own beat. What a treat.

    If we play the pochiman way, the Spurs way, with the discipline he’s instilled, we should be alright. I look to a successful season.

  • Hear, hear! I think Levy will look to secure contracts (for what they’re worth), before the World Cup, of our spine and Poch to earmark the occasion of potentially/hopefully/ComeOnYouSpursy! an FA Cup as we depart our new “home” and enter a new era on the big stage for 3 consecutive seasons. Bar possibly Toby (hail Sanchez), all players have 3+ years and are likely to extend.

  • hindsight: we’ve waited a year to long to sell Toby. but who coulda known back then?

  • Absolutely. If it wasn’t for the inflated market the clause would’ve been fine. Be a shame to lose him, but Sanchez does look more than adequate over the long term. COYS! £40-50m+ for Toby I think.

  • If you look at our pattern the last few years it’s the same: slow start and completely written off for top 4 by October. Then progressive improvement with consistently impressive performances and results by January culminating in a 2nd or 3rd place finish and Harry winning the golden boot! I just wish we could start each season with the same strength we end them. I think this seasons Wembley factor will help the players a lot next season as they’re coming home to a better stadium with a better atmosphere and coming from playing in an unfamiliar “not built for Spurs” setting where they’ve still managed to do very well

  • There’s the thing, parklane, our club needs to get off to its best play at the beginning of the season, and not after spluttering for several matches. We seem to be battling uphill each season, and roaring at the end when we’re just a bit too far from coming in first place. averaging over the whole season for the last couple of seasons we’ve been the best team in the league.

  • Hoodoo is defined as Witchcraft or voodoo. Bad luck associated with a person or thing. A person or thing that brings bad luck.

    As for the Wembley hoodoo or the Stamford Bridge hoodoo, the Gareth Bale hoodoo, etc?

    I’m not one for such mumbo jumbo, and so I give you the words of one Mr. Stevie Wonder(ful)…

    Very superstitious, writings on the wall,
    Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall,
    Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin’ glass
    Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past

    When you believe in things that you don’t understand,
    Then you suffer,
    Superstition ain’t the way

  • Hopefully, we’ll kick the season off in the new stadium. That will be such a buzz for the players with 62,000 supporters behind them (all around them, actually). The mass excitement should overcome any need to adapt to the new stadium and the lads should be on fire.

  • It looks as though we will need to finish in top 3 to ensure CL football next season. I have a nasty feeling that Wenger’s mob will nick the EL and with it the fourth English CL spot, meaning the 4th finisher will go into the EL, not us please.

  • If the goons win Europa they’ll be an additional 5th English team in CL, top 4 in the league auto-qualify for group stage. It’s what Manure did last season and we had 5 teams in CL for 2017/18. It’s Chelsea would go into Europa, which is why I sighed a huge breath of relief when Barca knocked them out, including a cheesy grin which doubled up when we beat them last week 🙂

  • I think that melloSPUR is right re CL positions. There are 2 additional places for the holders of the CL and EL and associations 1 – 4 (we’re 3rd) can have up to 4 teams that qualify directly from their league position (1st to 4th). Also, the top 4 from associations 1 – 4 go straight into the group stages, so there’s no longer a potential “banana skin” qualifying tie for the 4th placed team (shades of Young Boys 1st keg). It seems from what I’ve read that there are potentially 6 qualifying positions for the top 4 associations and 26 automatic qualification positions for the group stage available in total. So it means that 4th place would be good for us this season. Re Wembley, I think we’ve done a good job considering we haven’t had a true home venue this season. At the start we stuttered, but the players have grown into playing there.

  • I thought the rule was not more than 5 teams from 1 country? If both City/Liverpool and Arsenal win their respective European competitions does 4th still qualify? I think not. Arsenal are a shoo-in as far as I am concerned so we have to, either secure 2nd or 3rd in the PL or hope City/Liverpool get n
    Knocked out in the semis of the CL.

  • Let’s run the table in our last matches so we don’t have to worry about this nonsense. Beat Stoke, beat Citeh, and run the table, and we don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Liverpool and City look to reach CL through the league, so their places are within the 4 that automatically qualify. If one wins the CL it’s still 4 teams. If the goons win that’ll be the fifth. There can only be 5 teams max per nation. Had Chelsea AND Arsenal won while being out of top 4 then the 4th place team would go into Europa, so we are safe unless we give up top 4 position.

  • Agreed Total Knobhead – Only banana skin is City, our squad is strong and we’re in great form (unbeaten domestically since Dec 2017). Let’s hope City will be a bit jaded when when we play them at Wembley 😉

  • I think Utd will lose at the Etihad, then only a draw and we can take 2nd place Beat Utd in FA Cup, then Chelsea to have 2nd place and winners medal. The dream is still on. COYS!

  • jvd, I didn’t read anything in the rules about a maximum of 5 teams? According to the Sun, 6 teams can qualify. City definitely, and Liverpool look likely to qualify through league position. If either of them win the CL and Arsenal win the EL, we should still go through if we finish 4th, as it will only be 5 teams from the PL (the winners position being taken). I’m quite sure that 4th place is safe for CL no matter what happens. there are 16 places available for the top 4 associations. 4 from league qualification and 2 for the cup winners. I’ve never been that good at maths, but if 6 teams from England go through including the winners. unless they drop the number of teams to 25 we should be in if we get 4th. I’m not arguing for arguments sake, just trying to clarify things.

  • From

    Twenty-six teams now gain direct entry to the UEFA Champions League group stage – including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League winners – with six qualifying places available

    Group stage
    There will now be 26 teams automatically qualified as per the access list drawn up from the UEFA association coefficients at the end of 2016/17.
    For 2018/19 they will be …
    UEFA Champions League holders (1)
    UEFA Europa League holders (1)
    Top four from associations ranked 1st to 4th: Spain, Germany, England, Italy (16)
    Top two from associations ranked 5th and 6th: France, Russia (4)
    Champions of associations ranked 7th to 10th: Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Turkey (4)

    Based upon what is stated here 4th place looks to be safe.

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