Date: 8th April 2018 at 11:34am
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The Difference Is In The Belief.

In any area of endeavour, it is never easy for young men in their late teens or twenties to feel completely confident in whatever field they are employed. It usually takes a few years, first to train, and then to gain experience, before confidence kicks in. And it’s not until we hit the thirties that most of us are really on top of our game.

Because of the nature of the sport and the limited career span of footballers, to become one of the best in their chosen profession means confidence and belief in their ability has to be found earlier than usual for young aspiring footballers.

Tottenham seem to be leading the way in identifying and training young players in such a way that confidence becomes the key to the way they perform. Whether they arrive through the Tottenham youth system or are found elsewhere and brought to the academy or into the squad, the emphasis at Tottenham is to train them to play the ‘Spurs way’ and allow them to step onto the park with confidence. In other words …. to play the ‘Spursy’ way!

The ‘Spurs way’ is never more visible than when the team is affected by injuries. The replacement player rarely makes any difference to the way we play because he understands the expectations of his manager. From the spectator perspective, it can be frustrating because supporters demand an increased level of intensity when their team is behind (well, you would, wouldn’t you). But being behind does not seem to concern the players as much as it does the fans … they continue to play their game, exercise patience and believe in the ability of their team to win. And many more times than not, they do.

That’s not to say that every young player will succeed, but every academy member will be aware that they will be given the opportunity to succeed if they work hard and follow instructions. Any deviation from the prescribed training expectations will result in a red card before they even reach the pitch.

This belief is, to me, what sets Spurs apart from most other PL teams. They all demonstrate belief; belief in themselves, belief in their team-mates, belief in their manager, belief in their training regime, belief in the Tottenham Hotspur project, and belief in their support people. It all culminates in …. the belief that they will win. And the current Spurs team never give up.

To do and to dare is etched into their psyche. Long may it last.


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  • Very good article geofspurs, completely 100% agree, the most complete word you used is “belief” which also iterates what the majority of us Spur fans think, we believe!

  • Wrote this this morning on what is likely a dead thread, so forgive me for copying here:

    Citeh has been disgraceful vs. Poo and manure in consecutive matches. Let’s beat them of the three points this coming weekend for a trifecta of disgracefull Citeh performances, and the race for 1st place is on. ???? Possible? The main thing is to grab the three points from them. I’m not sure why, but suddenly they appear quite vulnerable. We need to play a tighter more disciplined match than we did vs. Stoke, though.
    got us the three points, but wasn’t our finest match. COYS. Train with seriousness this week. Don’t allow Manure and poo to beat Citeh unless we join the party.

    Like to see Harry start looking like Harry again.

    Good to see Delecatesen looking better. Nice patient pass for the 1st goal yesterday. Show match sense.

    I wonder if Rose will ever be Rose again? Bursts of speed seem lacking. Chippy attitude, though. I’d prefer to see Davies on the weekend coming.

    Son alternates these days between the brilliant and the frustrating.

    Think Aurier will mature into the beast we hope he will become? Seems to fall into dimwitted moments a bit too often, but at moments he looks a monster on the pitch.

    The magic Dane has indeed been magical.

  • Sorry about the re-posting above. Now to a comment on the topic of this thread directly:

    There is a Spurs way, and Pochimon has fit that tradition well. We do not play timid football, and we play with confidence in ourselves and in our tradition of bringing joy and beauty on the pitch.

    why should we change that attitude if we go a goal down early in a match. If we think we have the right way to play, then we should play that way. Of course, a manager should have some tactical flexibility, but the philosophy need not change to accommodate moments of panic.

    We played our way in Turin after falling behind in the first minutes of the match, and our steadiness paid off.

    The thing to do is avoid those moments where concentration is lost, as happened for those three minutes at home vs the same Juve team. We should have taken that series, but the loss didn’t occur because of a change of attitude, it happened because of a loss of concentration and failure to attend to their tactical change.

    Spurs must continue to believe in playing with beauty and grace, in our ability to play our way. May the gods help us if we abandon that by bringing in some tactical cynic to run the team.

    Let’s continue to nourish the youth in the organization. Much better for the soul that to buy expensive imports whose heart has not grown into our way. Spurs football is not for mercenaries. Let them go to Madrid of to some northern team in the Mancs.

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  • First time posting since the upgrade. Let’s see what happens.

    Nice article Geoff. Agree, Spurs have the belief they haven’t had in the past. The only part I slightly disagree with is the replacement players comments. It works in some positions but looks a complete disaster at full-back at the moment. Davies and Trippier are adequate but not the most fantastic full-backs in the league. However, the team looks significantly weakened when Rose and Aurier deputise. Rose seems to have lost the plot altogether and a shadow of the player he was. Aurier just doesn’t look up to the standard he’s been asked to play since moving to the club.

  • Aurier has his flashes, but looks undisciplined too much of the time. But you’re on to something, Muttley. FB is a weak position in our team right now. We could a signing or two at this position that goes beyond the hope of developing someone.

    by the way, I never was a great enthusiast of Kyle Walker, who, despite his pace and moments, always fell short in my view. His pace allowed him to catch up to his mistakes, but catching up to one’s mistakes is not what one wants at FB.

    Rose is not the same player he was. Whether it’s a loss of pace or a change of attitude, I don’t know. But he doesn’t seem right these days. Hope we can get a good price for him, for it i were another club I wouldn’t pay much for the current version of Danny Rose. I loved his play 18 months back, but not so much these days. Where’s the anger coming from? seems mad at the world–opponents and others. Find your center, Danny.

    Davies and Trippier wonderful bench players, who should not be the starting pair on a PL champion club.

    Aurier? losing patience with him, but who knows, Physically looks like a potential beast. Mentally? wait and see. Can Pochiman work wonders with him? Don’t know, and less faith about this than I had.

  • muttley …. Yes, I have to agree with you to an extent. Rose has never really been the same since his lengthy spell out and Aurier will, I think, improve dramatically before next season …. with the help of MP’s pre-season training sessions. But the reality, looking at our defensive performances compared to other clubs, is that they are all doing their job quite well.

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