Date: 25th May 2018 at 8:00pm
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The club has pretty much been in a holding pattern since the FA Cup semi-final defeat to United. Mauricio Pochettino’s comments after the game prompted all sorts of speculation about the Argentine’s future.

That consequently had a knock-on effect not only in delaying the club’s transfer plans (albeit briefly) but also in many of the senior players committing their long-term futures to the club.

The wage structure that remains in place apparently meant that few were willing to sign on the dotted line until Poch’s future was sorted. Why commit to lower wages if you are not sure that the club will be in safe hands on the pitch?

With all those doubts swept aside, it seems six players will be secured to new long-term deals. It’s a domino effect, and the manager will likely try to use this momentum in order to make improvements to the squad.

You only have to look at the comments the manager made after the Leicester win on the final day that he was seeking assurances on transfer funds. The new five-year contract he’s been given must have come with some guarantees on this front as well.

Poch is reportedly determined to get the transfers done must earlier than previous summers. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that considering Levy’s negotiating strategy likely hasn’t changed, but the boss has to push the chairman into getting the deals over the line.

Three names are being touted as primary targets. Both the Evening Standard and the Daily Telegraph have named Anthony Martial, Matthijs De Ligt and Wilfried Zaha as the three main priorities, while talk of Ryan Sessegnon continues.

It’s consistent with the report earlier this week that our priorities are a forward, a left back and centre back, while the search for another central midfielder has seemingly not settled on one player as of yet. That’s likely because Mousa Dembele’s future is still up in the air.

Everything barring the Belgian and his compatriot Toby Alderweireld’s future have been positive. If the first four years of Poch’s regime can be seen as the first stage where we build a team to challenge, we are now entering the second stage which we all hope will see this side win the trophies it deserves.


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  • Great that MP has signed his new deal, and that allegedly 6 key players will re-sign, now we need to see the much vaunted “early transfer deals” done and dusted before the World Cup, including clearing out several “lemons” that are not good enough to carry us forward. The cynics amongst us including my good self still doubt whether key signings of sufficient quality will actually happen, I hope I’m wrong.

    • Like you Frank been a spurs fan for a long time, I will believe it when I see it. The chances of us getting the transfers done before the world cup are virtually non existent.

      At least the transfer window shuts before the season starts so we will know what we have before the kick off.

  • I read this morning that united won’t include Martial as part of any deal for Toby. Must then not include Toby in any deal for Toby… The only way I could possibly justify letting the best defender in the league join a rival is if we get a tremendously talented player on return. Anything less would be plain stupid

  • Frank…agreed on your comments about the “alleged 6 key players” to re-sign, and the “much vaunted early transfer deals” being done and dusted, with the clearing out of the, how you put it, “lemons”.

    Further to your comments, without sounding to critical are (a) the Lemons, are your lemons the same as Poch’s? (b) the much vaunted “early transfer deals”, again are Poch’s the same as yours/ours?, there are very many different opinions by all for the needs, to me Poch is the only one who knows really what we need.

    Regards getting key signings of sufficient quality, we will just have to wait and see, because maybe just maybe a new dawn might be dawning with our Mr Levy.

    Personally I believe Poch, for all we say, will know and make the correct decisions, again, as above we will just have to wait and see. COYS

  • Time will tell. I haven’t seen De ligt play so have to take it on trust. Zaha/ matial are a known quantity and would suggest that maybe there will be a change in set up as they are both speedy wide attackers, that would give spurs four players of this type Moura and Son being the others. The next stage for Mp is to win trophies to do that as a manager you have to get the system, tactics and player selection including subs spot on. This is an area were MP must improve.

  • A new contract for Pochettino means absolutely nothing for the club’s transfer strategy; he’s not going to walk away from five million a year without a firm offer from PSG, Real Madrid or whoever, and if Levy is desperate enough to throw another three million at him in the meantime, he’d be mad to turn it down. We all know that contracts mean absolutely nothing if the player or manager wants out, and what would be the point of holding an unwilling and probably unmotivated Pochettino to five more years at Spurs if he was determined to leave?
    As for Levy loosening the purse strings, I’ll believe it when I see it – it was widely rumoured back in 2013 that ENIC was going to give AVB a huge transfer war chest, but it turned-out to be little more than the Bale money (and when you remember how that was largely wasted, perhaps Levy/Lewis made the right call!), and I’ll be amazed if this summer sees a significant net spend.

  • Getting the new contracts signed would be very good news, the first priority is to keep as much of what you already have as you can. As for the transfer targets mentioned, I don’t know. Zaha ? good on his day but unreliable and essentially plays in that three behind the striker where we are already strong. Martial ? almost out of contract so United’s negotiating position is weak. But again, Mourinho has tried both him and Rashford as back ups to Lukaku and it hasn’t worked. So how is he a back up to Kane ? essentially he’ll be Son mark 2. Matthijs De Ligt ? I don’t know how good he is but at eighteen he’s clearly not a replacement for Toby. Whether we are interested depends on what Poch thinks of Foyth and Carter-Vickers. I suspect that we’ll see completely different players being chased once the window opens.

  • I really can’t understand, towhy we would want martial. We need a higher quality player .. yes he has excellent skills, butnis he really what we need? No! … we need a dynamic player who is a proven winner, and ironically we need a bale type player… he will sacrifice his wage for a return to the lane, he could get a % of commercial revenue image etc … Levy isn’t daft, if there is a deal to be done get bale in he would be that world class player to take us to the next level and he knows us and loves us… Toby, IMO, needs to stay he is not injury prone .. 2 years young than man etc … jan can go on for us to 34/35 ..Terry did for Chelsea. If Toby, has to go go to Europe.. screw utd and JM at Utd.

  • The remarks that keep being said is “we need a higher quality player”, (a) who? (b) what position (c) who do they replace.

    My replies for what they are worth –
    (a) god only know’s.
    (b) is it CB, DM, AM or Striker.
    (c) CB to replace Toby. DM to replace Dembele/Wanyama/Dier/Winks. AM to replace Deli, Erik, Lamella, Son, Moura, Striker no replacement for “Our Arry”

    So in my opinion, this we need a “higher quality player” is bull because we will never replace the above, so maybe “higher quality” should read “better quality” as back up to what we already have, thus enhancing the squad, but these “better quality” players must be prepared to wait their turn, am I wrong, maybe!, I expect I will be informed on this. COYS

  • Further to last post, maybe I can answer my own questions, “better quality” player’s to replace – Sissoko, Loriente, to name 2, others will probably add – Aurier, Trippier, Davies, Rose, whom to be honest with you I am happy with. COYS

  • Given some of our recent aquisitions I’m always worried when we let good players go & then replace them with inferiors. Rose,Toby,Moussa,Lamela are quality players who get a bit of flak from some Spurs fans. I think they are too good to let go.Give em the money Danny & concentrate on bringing in players we really do need.E.G. a second top striker,creative midfielder & a devastating winger. Mahrez,Zaha & Martial would be significant additions to our squad,in my opinion.I’m sure you all have your own preferences though.

  • @pompeyYid. I completely agree, Rose needs to stay, he voiced his opinion last season, rightly or wrongly. It doesn’t take away his ability… .. I can’t see mass changes but, I do feel with Kyle Walker Peters, imo starting to excel, we can afford to lose one of trippier or Aurier.. due to liability reasons I feel Aurier would need to go, this summer, my players out would be, llorente, Janssen, Sissoko, Aurier, Vorm(free).. Dembele (if he refuses to commit to new contract). Get 2 quality players in keep Toby, and bring in talent.

  • To be perfectly honest, if we signed D-Ligt and Sessegnon that would do me.

    Sell Sissoko/Loriente/N’Koudoo.

    Cross bridges and react when we know exactly what is happening, regards Toby, Rose and Dembele. COYS

  • It is obvious that spurs need to establish a solid squad of players, and management team, with world class training facilities and stadium (almost there !). As if we did not we will go the same way as other one off PL winners.. Leicester for example… We have that quality and team sprit which is vital in a successful club. I have been a spurs fan / supporter for many years, witnessed a lot of false dawns.. win the FA Cup one season.. then nothing and mid table the next..

    With Poch and coaches we have a manager who is on a learning curve as well as the players, and have now shown they can compete against clubs with double our income. So now we are on the brink of some exciting times for THFC and all fans, lets enjoy the 2019 / 2020 season and get behind the players and management.. yes even Mr Levy / Joe Lewis and show the manchester clubs and our top six rivals we are a club / force to be respected. COYS

  • Hear,hear block d spurs. The future is ours chaps I can’t wait for the season to start[how sad am I].

  • Lol, I forgot about KGN.. realistically we could sell 5/6 without weakening the team .. and I agree re de legit , and sessengon.. just want bale also.

  • greavesabovall…”how sad am I” you ask, answer! not just you mate, loads of us haha.

    E17yid…your wish for Bale, can’t see it personally, it could even rock the boat a little. COYS

  • We have a core of top level players who are growing together into a very potent football team. They are all hitting their prime at the same time and will be a major force in the coming season and for the next 3 years or so. I’m talking of Lloris, Sanchez, Verts, Rose, Wanyama, Dier, Alli, Eriksen, Son, Lamela, Kane with 2 doubtful in Toby and Dembele. Behind them I see some young or new, as yet unproven stars in Moura, Foyth, KWP, Aurier, Winks. Then a number of Journeymen who have a role but who we can upgrade in Sissoko, Davies, Trippier and not necessarily in their specific positions and then we have those who can be sold outright in CCV, Onomah, Janssen, N’Koudou. The latter 4 could possibly bring us ~£40 million and we could buy 2 very decent squad players or 1 damn good player, either way it would give us a better return than names on paper which those 4 presently represent.

    What I’m pretty much saying is that we don’t have a lot of buying/selling to do. Probably 6 out and 3 or 4 in and we could upgrade the quality of this team significantly and I expect the net spend would be less than £75 million. Again all my humble opinion. Loving the continuity we now have and hoping to push on.

  • I said earlier that I would be happy signing D-ligt(CB) and Sessegnon(FB/WB) I forgot, I think his name is Barrios a South American midfield enforcer, who can play, sign these 3 then all is covered COYS

  • “The remarks that keep being said is “we need a higher quality player”, (a) who? (b) what position (c) who do they replace”

    I think they mean someone like Messi PY. This is the problem with some Spurs fans… a bit out of touch.

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