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The club will reportedly prioritise the signing of Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha before attempting a move for Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, according to the Guardian‘s rumour mill.

Although the column is a tongue-in-cheek look at the latest transfer rumours, writer Paul Doyle isn’t citing any other news sources with these claims.

On Twitter, it started a debate over which forward/wide-man they would prefer Mauricio Pochettino to sign:


I have always had my doubts about Zaha. Poch has clearly been keen on the Ivorian for a long time so I would trust his judgement, but the winger still is very inconsistent and frustrating to watch at times, despite moments of magic.

In contrast, that special something seems to be lacking from Martial’s game. He does have ability and perhaps the manager can get the most out of him. Either way, the two players will cost a significant amount, and neither could be said to be the finished article.


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  • Good to see us being linked with winger/forwards as we need them, we already have Ericksen, Alli and Lamela who are all similar in that like to play centrally ACM and then there’s Dembele who plays in CM and could be argued is also a deep lying play-maker, Dier helping with this aswell in a Carrick kind of way. So we have Son and Moura, atleast 1 more needed, maybe even 2 especially as these days they can double-up as wing forwards. Many names banded about so remains to be seen what happens. Another position would be to help HK10, there’s always the option of bringing back Janssen and giving another go whilst getting rid off Llorente, alternatively look for another no.9 and getting rid off both.

  • ‘… that special something seems to be lacking from Martial’s game …’

    Really? Well if he has been playing without that special something, let’s grab him quick! He scores 1 goal per two games and provides 1 assist per 3 games. There are very few with better figures. He has done this consistently for two PL seasons. He is genuine class and would at last provide a decent alternative to the reliable three behind Kane. The problem is none of this will happen unless some are shifted out and you cannot make players go. I would give away Lamela, Llorente and Sissoko just to shift them off the wage budget, but of course Levy will not do that. Unless all these speculations explain how the problem of shifting these dead weights is to be resolved, it is meaningless nonsense. We will end up keeping these and getting rid of good players.


  • Brian would not call Lamela or Sissoko or even Llorente dead-weights – Lamela needs a pre-season, Sissoko did OK when called upon and Llorente never given a chance. Perhaps we can do better but remains to be seen as to replace for example Lamela or Sissoko would mean replacing the likes of Dembele and Son who are ahead of them in the first 11 and we still need a squad. If we improve the first 11 then current 1’s fall back and become squad players and then we can shift certain players but it’s not as easy as it might seem.

  • Lamela does not know where the goal is and has not barely created assists in PL games since he arrived. The other two are also simply not up to scratch for a team wanting to win the PL and the CL. They are not even good enough for cup competitions. We have better youngsters. If Any of the usual three were not available, I would not want any one of these characters playing. God forbid we have two unavailable and have both Lamela and Sissoko going round in circles and disappearing up their won vortexes. They really are not good enough -check the stats. Please don’t tell me how they help with pressing. Lamela gives the ball away more often than the rest put together and to cap it commits stupid fouls. He was a dreadful buy and needs to go.

  • I’d give Lamela another season – good pre-season and then see what he comes up with when called upon. I’ve heard he’s an MP favourite perhaps being a fellow Argentinian. I was one who questioned him mid-season and said he needed to produce much more but I’ve a feeling that he’s going nowhere, same with Sissoko who did OK when called upon. If you want my honest answer it would be get rid off both for better but it’s not that simple, we need a first 11 and then a squad and they are decent enough squad players to be called upon. I remember Sissoko having a cameo against Bournemouth where he looked impressive and Lamela did well in the final game against Leicester to quickly back them up a bit. Like I said I would prefer better but reckon they’ll still be here next season and as squad players are decent enough.

  • You’ve a point in that to challenge for the Prem League and CL we need better but getting the rotation done of getting rid and bringing in and all for the right price with our constraints and now the new stadium make it even harder than what it could be. I guess Lamela promised greatly with his last season at Roma and was something of a coup at the time and Sissoko we’d tracked since his Toulouse days and when signed had just missed out on Euro 2016 glory with France. They ain’t shit but granted we could do better but then you look and see Dembele (who somehow cost half of Sissoko) and Son (on the wing) (Ericksen and Alli through the middle) (all of whom cost considerably less than Lamela) and realise we already have better but to have better overall that’s a hard task to complete.

    • > but getting the rotation done of getting rid and bringing in and all for the right price with our constraints

      Absolutely! I keep making this point when people say we should buy x or y. To do that Levy will insist on some going out. That requires the player agreeing to leave, another club being interested, the price being agreed, and, as part of the first point, the player agreeing personal terms. It is not easy. If I believe Martial is a top class player. Lucas has barely been used and I hope he is as good as his cameos suggest he may be. We also have a couple of youngsters that would, in my view, be better subs than the three first team players I mentioned. It would also do the youngsters the world of good. Aside from all this, I do not see a natural replacement for Dembele. Maybe it will require a different set up if he is out or if he leaves. When on top form he is a fantastic asset. Sadly, I think injuries have taken there toll and to win the PL or CL consistency is key. If Lamela or Sissoko could show they can play that role I would be delighted. I think Dier and Wanyama are decent enough, but Dembele + 1 always seems better to me. In addition, I did some stats for 2016-17 and showed the difference between the number of goals scored by HK with Dembele in the team and the number he scored when Dembele was missing. The evidence is really strong. Huge difference.

  • As for Martial – they’ll probably ask us for £100m or refuse to sell to a rival. Madrid may well even price Bale out of a transfer to Utd and decide to keep him after all, he’s still only 28 and quality and with Ronaldo now at 33, well worth keeping. Interesting Summer there aswell to see what they get upto in the transfer market even if they have just won the CL for a 3rd time! No real question’s they beat everyone barring Barcelona and they play them in Spain anyway. PSG, Juve, Bayern and Liverpool – hard to question they’re entitlement to it – indeed one might argue they’d already won it by the time they turned up at the final and were not facing Barca.


  • If we’re missing Dembele we could always drop Eriksen in there and go with a more attacking format playing 2 wing forwards in Son and Moura with Alli and Kane – love to see it – very Spursy – all out flair and attack. Moura is on a par with Douglas Costa and a massive number of Man Utd fans wanted him signed in a recent poll quoting £79m which suggests what a bargain we got Moura for at around £25m. Cannot wait to see him after getting a full pre-season and completely adjusted to the Prem, even if he was only a marked up Lennon still a great asset as Lennon was a good Prem player as proven elsewhere since leaving – used to be a fan favourite – how quickly people forget. Fair play his distribution but he used to scare the shit out of most LB’s so imagine Moura.

  • Lamela would have suitors in Italy (Roma, Inter, Milan, etc) and Sissoko in the Prem – worst case a Wolves or a Fulham. They could definitely be used in swap deals which would give a greater value than simply cash deals.

  • Out of the two Martial seems to be the available player as C.P have insisted they don’t want to sell Zaha. So i think spurs may get Martial, however, where will he play? I don’t see MP changing his set up so Martial and Son probably fight for one position. Moura hasn’t been used much and has played too narrow for my liking, however, he held the touch line Vs Lester and looked like the player i thought he was. It will be interesting if spurs have 3 wide players but only ever use them one at a time.

  • I think Sisoko and Lamela are both decent squad players who can do a job. If MP was a more tactical coach these players can be used to nullify attacking teams. When spurs beat city 2-0 at the lane playing 433 (due to injuries) Sisoko (rw) and Lamela(Lw) played brilliantly defending well and starting counter attacks.

  • Kwp, Serge, Foyth, Davies, Wanyama, Winks, Sisoko, Lamela, Moura: are all not going to the world cup so will benefit from a full MP pre season i wouldn’t let any of them go in the summer.


    • Lamela will have been at the club 5 years in August. He has yet to produce goals and assists, which is what an attacking midfielder should be doing. If he is doing some other role I am baffled as to what it is. He commits numerous fouls, thereby giving the opposition the ball. He misdirects passes, letting the opposition have the ball. He loses out in tackles. I thought the tide had at last turned on this recently with people realising he is not a first team PL player. It see,s some still see something that the majority (I think it has now shifted that way) do not. Five years is more than enough to nurture and bring out potential. It is not going to happen.

  • I think a smart signing would be Malcom, young, fast, very talented and he wouldn’t cost us as much as Zaha would.

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