Date: 25th May 2018 at 11:47am
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So, at last it’s been confirmed; Mauricio has had his contract extended and is now earning 8.5 million pounds a year. That makes him the third highest paid manager in the PL. It’s good news for everyone. It even means, for those that thought it was time for MP to move on, that they have got their wish, although it’s unlikely to happen for another five years!

Most of us would have killed to be a fly on the wall of Levy’s office when he sat down with Mauricio to discuss the future of THFC.

Mauricio’s support staff have also received new contracts and, being the loyal person he is, anything less would have been unacceptable. The managerial unit is intact, the Chairperson, Board, and manager remain firmly together …. and it’s full steam ahead.

But I wonder what the ‘fly on the wall’ heard at the meeting.

Before sitting down at the table with the Chairman it was obvious that Mauricio knew exactly what support he needed if he was to stay at Spurs and take them to a new level …. or at least try to. The good news for Spurs fans is that we have a manager who is totally committed to our club. More importantly for Spurs fans is that MP must feel the support he needs will be forthcoming.

If this was not so; why would he accept a new contract when he would have been welcomed with open arms and a higher salary by many of Europe’s elite clubs. Given this, I presume Mauricio would have been negotiating from a relative position of strength. But it doesn’t seem to have bothered Mr Levy!

So, what does it all mean?

Does anyone really think Levy would pay MP a salary of 8.5 million pounds a year if he was not going to splash some cash, as many supporters have continually demanded, in other areas? It would be very un-Levy like to spend so much on his manager if there was little chance of Spurs improving where it really mattered …. on the park. It would be far easier to say goodbye to MP and welcome ‘our-old-Arry’ back as his replacement. It really looks like those ‘knee-jerk’ manager appointment days have gone forever.

Of course, there will be some fans, still living in the past, who will point to apparent failures in previous TWs to add real strength to the playing squad. They will expect their frustration to continue. Well …. sometimes it’s comforting, in a perverse sort of way, when nothing changes! But this is a new era and the past means nothing. We can only speculate on what MP’s new contract signifies for the future but, one thing is for sure …. we won’t have to speculate for very long.

It’s going to be a whirlwind three months for football fans in general and Spurs fans in particular. The new stadium is approaching completion, the transfer Window is open, and the World Cup sits on the horizon.

The fence that divides the optimists and pessimists among us stands as tall as ever and we can position ourselves on either side!

So …. What does it all mean to VS members?


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  • Thank you for another well written article Geof.

    I had no doubt that this was on the cards.

    Pochettino has always spoken about building for the future at Spurs. As has Levy. And so, I see no reason as to why he would not have rewarded MP in this way?

    For me, this is as good a signing as any new player arriving at Spurs may prove to be.

    It brings some stability and a continuation of our clubs obvious intent to carry on in our quest to compete with the big boys.

  • Daniel Levy’s first priority is to ensure the long term future of THFC. This means 1) Financial stability and prudence; 2) Having and delivering a long term vision for the club – world class training facilities (✔️), world class academy (✔️), world class stadium (coming soon), world class manager (in place and progressing well), world class team (work in progress).

    He spends when it is prudent to do so. He has not got much applause in his 17 years with the club – he deserves so much more. He is the one person we cannot afford to lose.

  • Poch is also a realist. He knows that if he were to take the “grass is greener” approach to his career and move to another club now that would be fraught with risk. It could catapult him into the elite or he could end up drinking coffee with Moyes and Allardyce very soon. That’s the way it works in football nowadays. Regardless of what the Spurs chairman and us supporters wanted, he’s made the decision he wanted for himself.

    As for whether there were conditions he made or promises he wanted outside of his own package, I doubt that. He has been part of a THFC leadership team for 4 years that has been managing the “project” in infinite detail. He will know the multi-year revenue projections of the club, the projected operating expenses and what that means for him, the 1st team manager. He will know he can’t just fundamentally change that model just because he’s signing a new contract.

  • Well said, geofspurs, and I’m delighted to see the longest serving manager in the Prem has agreed the extension he has definitely deserved.

    The current squad should appreciated his commitment, while the newcomers will also be aware of the project that is taking place, as evident from our last 3 seasons in particular and recent CL expedition.

    Being THFC’s 6th longest serving manager (please correct me if I’m wrong) appears to be no mean feat, especially given the rapid nature of manager departures under Levy’s 17 year tenure.

    I hope this leads to some good signings in this current transfer window, particularly if done early, while also allowing for the development of more youth players coming through the academy.

    218 games, 121 wins, 50 draws and 47 losses are pretty impressive and 2nd in overall win%

    The Future’s Bright and Lilywhite. COYS!

  • Very true there, muttley.

    At only 46, Poch is still young as a manager and has the opportunity to continue to build something special at Spurs.

    When many were tipping him to replace Zidane (a legend at the club) I thought it wouldn’t be a smart move seeing as he could be out of a job within 6 months if it went pear shaped.

    He hasn’t won any trophies yet, as a manager, and that could really count against him trying to get instill his philosophy to players who have won countless medals etc.

    Unlikely to go to a team on the level of Spurs after that could mean his downfall, becoming a journeyman on the same level as Big Sam, Pardew, Moyes et al.

    “Longest serving premiership manager”

    Wonder what the odds were on that in 2014. COYS!

  • Geofspurs…thank you another well written article, getting to be a bit of an habit

    Muttley…ever the realist haha.

    For me I believe Poch can see what’s around the corner with what he is building, I think he has confidence in his own ability along with his backroom staff, plus I believe the players themselves believe! and have trust in him, thus the signing of his new contract means a well chuffed squad and a very happy changing room, with all the WC players going off with a smile on their boatraces.

    Its the start of season to be happy. COYS

  • MP is the new Wenger without the trophies, hopefully he can improve as a manager and get to that next level and start winning trophies.

  • What makes me laugh is the falsity of what pepple are saying anout what MP was sayjng. Like media,pundizts and fans alike they assume MP was adhering to Levy giving him more cash. Its all nonsene and made up just like the stories surrounding him leaving. Total crap and boring. He simply said he had ideas of what we needed to do to take us to the next step and there was nothing about investing loads of money. In fact his statement statses they are sticking to their philosophy. Why do people jump to conclusions. We dont know what MP meant when he said we need to take risks, be brave could mean anything but as usual its always about money. Then when we don’t spend loads everyone gets on Levys back assuming he isn’t giving MP what he wants. Total nonsense, MP has said enough times he has a philosophy, project and we are doing things different and it requires patience and it’s long term. That philosophy hasn’t change as far as as i can see and i am not assuming his comments about taking risks, being brave necessarily amounts to huge cash investments. Why do i use my energy with these articles, reading them and writing responses same with media trash. Actually its all negative and its time we looked at ourselves and dealt with facts and not interpretations which always amounts to negativity, often includes abuse, cash, and made up stories. Its obvious that we are doing things differently whether the fans agree with it or like it or not. MP and Levy do not believe in splashing huge cash to buy titlwes, get over it and start being like MP and Levy, positive and stop being greedy and wanting instant gratification. We will continue to work the way we have done over the last four years, MP is happy working that way, he believes that way because he is a decent human being, not greedy, not trying to satisfy his ego with instant gratification, living properly within his means, the club’s means, doing things through hard work and commitment to the cause. Everyone has jumped on his comments assuming he was demanding huge investment. Hear from me, he did not mean that and don’t expect it to be that way. We may buy a top player but investment want be what most people are suggesting. It wasn’t about huge investment. If we get a top player i still expect most of it to be funded through sales. I’ve had enough of the media, pundits, fans and these articles, waste of my time and energy, too negative, false and not actually interesting writing about such nonsense. I want to talk positive, i want to support, i want to speak about truth and be grateful for what we have. I want my Tottenham life to be similar to what my own life is like, and I’m not getting it here or through the media, pundits, so I’m going to leave and wish you all well. No offence, but im sticking to official site only and only listening to MP and Levy no one else. COYS

  • I can remember when the British press was making up a story that Chelsea were going to sign Simeone as their next manager. A Spanish journalist thought this was hilarious, making the point Simeone didn’t believe in managing short term nor would he tolerate interference from an owner like Abramovich. Yet we talk as if managers simply blindly go to the biggest club available. A club can’t be run by one man and the chairman and manager need to be on the same wavelength. At Spurs they are, each knows his area of control and both have a similar view on where the club needs to go. Hopefully they can keep working in tandem for years to come.

  • Loz, (World Peace, etc) you seem very angry.

    With respect did you actually read the article or any of the following comments. It’s nearly all positive and not about what you have just ranted about.

    Stick around please. You make some very good points

  • Well, football is a team game, and that extends to the Owner, Board, and Chairperson. The THFC team is functioning pretty well at the present time.

  • Good to know MP has signed a new contract for 5 years and will be sticking around for foreseeable future – great stability gained with this. Now we need ambition and to back him fully especially this summer – last before Brexit and also no time like the present given we’re in the CL again and our London rivals most certainly are not.

  • How long as a club have we been waiting for some continuity with a Manager? When was the last time we had a manager stay more than 4 years under ENIC. Levy was just as bad as Abramovitch for turning the managers around too quickly! how many have we had since Enic took over? Poch is the 10th under levy ‘s reign and Poch is the only one who has actually become so credible that he actually has won Levy’s respect ..hopefully the dark days of October 1998 when George Graham was appointed, the way Martin Jol was treated only to have Ramos win us a cup and get sacked the next season! and that nutter AVB was appointed after Harry! No wonder our club has been going nowhere for years under ENIC. Now we finally have a straight line to follow, why it has taken 20 years and 10 managers I do not know but we are finally about to enter something close to what we have all dreamed of since we were kids! The Billy Nic era is all we have had to fall back on in terms of League title winners. What Poch has done is make us top 4 not just top 6 in fact I predict Scum and Chavs will fall away next season under new management and it will be a straight fight between the Manchester’s Pool and us. I hope Poch can do it, it may not be next season but the season after, and bring the Prem title home to the new White hart Lane. He’s got us knocking on the door but the gulf between us and City was there for all to see this season, being thumped 4-1 and 3-1 is a margin we have to reduce, we took points off all our top 5 rivals except City, they have to be the bench mark for us now and I hope Levy has finally got the message , he has to give Poch the tools to bring the titles back to Spurs! We’ll never match City for cash bit Poch is good enough to make us match them on the pitch! COYS

  • Money talks bullshit walks. If Poch meets his objectives he will get around 12m a year. Not many clubs will pay that amount on a manager.

    I’m intrigued to see who we buy because we need some new blood brought in.

  • don’t know how accurate or true this is, but if right could be a cause for concern in a season or two.

    However, fans will come back down to earth with a bump when they read MARCA‘s reports which claim that the contract includes an escape clause which would allow Pochettino to depart the club if Real Madrid or Paris Saint-Germain come calling.

    The report goes on to state that the former Espanyol and Southampton boss is desperate to one day manage the Champions League finalists, whilst his history as a player at PSG would certainly make a move there appealing.

    I suppose we won’t find out unless it happens, and hopefully it won’t, and as I have said on here a few times, the squad AND Poch need to grow, learn and gain experience together, if he stays then it looks like they will grow into greater things here.

  • Oyveh, Graham was already at Spurs when ENIC took over. He was sacked straight after.
    Funnily, as with Ramos, he also won the league cup with us.

    We don’t need another 5 years of MP and no trophies. What we really need is another Juande or GG!

  • MARCA? A newspaper that Sir Alex called Reals vehicle for upsetting players… Managers too it would seem…

    How are they at all privy to any hidden detail of MP’s contract?

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