Date: 29th March 2020 at 8:30pm
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With the current hiatus in the 2019/20 fixture list and no real clues as to when, or if, the campaign will continue or be voided – we all need a bit of distraction as we know transfer rumours have already spiked and there will be more nonsense on the newsfeeds than even Donald Trump can muster in a single off-script press conference.

While away the time here with chat, nonsense and even good news stories doing the rounds to help keep our spirits up during this period.

And above all else, as we self isolate or social distance – follow the advice – but don’t forget to say ‘morning or evening’ to folks and check if those close to you (or even the random neighbour you don’t really know) are okay.

We’ve all seen stories of the worst of us, let’s make sure we continue to do our part in being the best of us.


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180 Replies to “The CovYid Distraction Thread 1”

  • I’ve read some bad news….
    An ice-cream salesman was found dead covered in nuts and raspberry sauce, it seems he topped himself.

    Dyno-rod has gone down the drain.

    Bra manufactor has gone bust

    Food blender com’ has gone into liquidation

    Local dog kennels has called in the retriever

    Origami Paper com’ has folded

    Submarine building com’ has gone down

    Interflora is pruning its business

    Sorry all pretty lame, but might just put a smile/grin on some boatraces. COYS 4 ever

  • I really don’t get what Levy has done that is so wrong…

    AND… It is up to the players to go ahead and negotiate any pay cuts with THFC, if that’s what they choose to do. Levy cannot just cut their wages as he feels. Ah but could he just sack them all instead?! No, that won ‘t work…

    By the way, many of the PL players (if not all), that have already negotiated pay cuts with their clubs for now, have had it deferred and then perhaps to still be paid to them if and when this season gets to be finished.

    Sorry Geof but there’s no punchline to that… 🙂

    What I do see now is that many supporters that endlessly slagged Levy for not paying his players enough or the “going rate” (whatever that is) or spending much larger sums on transfers, are now livid because of the ridiculous sums that all PL players are paid and including Spurs players of course. (Make up your minds). And, are angry as hell that they are now not giving large chunks of it away…

    Funny that but, it’s still not a punchline…

  • lol Good start, HT.


    I had an altercation, just a minor point of law,
    With a chap in Kununurra, though his verbal skills were poor.
    I’m an educated fella, and enjoy a good debate,
    But this chap was not aspiring, to let logic shape his fate.

    It soon became apparent, from his lack of self-control,
    That rhetoric would be wasted, and my wit was far too droll.
    He was clearly agitated, for his nostrils flared and shook,
    And I thought perhaps some pages, might be missing from his book.

    His face betrayed frustration, with each premise I’d propose,
    And his body language told me, I was starting to impose.
    His temper was outstanding, when it finally slipped its brake,
    And I wondered for a second, if I’d made a slight mistake.

    A lightening blow descended, and convinced me that I had,
    For, though rather busy bleeding, I could tell this chap was mad.
    Then a storm of action followed, first his fists, and then his feet,
    He ‘discussed’ things with a passion, that did not admit defeat.

    I was forced into conceding, that when this chap had a beef,
    He excelled at innovation, using elbows, knees, and teeth.
    His style was controversial, of a disenchanting kind,
    And I knew that my best interests, were the last things on his mind.

    On the brink of Krakatoa, or the burning sands of hell,
    I would have found more solace, than with this chap, I could tell.
    I retaliated bravely, when he seemed about to tire,
    With creative bursts of reason, aimed to wrest me from his ire.

    ‘Though his theories quite confused me, in the way they were expressed,
    He appeared in better humour, as our ‘argument’ progressed.
    Later, they informed me, he grew bored with our debate,
    But was able to find comfort, in my limp, unconscious, state.

    On subsequent reflection, from my Health Department bed,
    I thought the chap more suited, to an outback shearing shed.
    Certainly, in court, you don’t expect such fierce debate,
    For I’m a flaming lawyer, and this chap … the magistrate !!

  • Doctor: Do you want the good news or the bad news first?
    Me: The bad news.
    Doctor: There’s no toilet paper …. anywhere.
    Me: What’s the good news?
    Doctor: You’re constipated.

  • Danny; maybe you could put up a C-19 distraction thread 2, please. In which we can all endeavour to make it a proper distraction.

    And, as Geof has suggested we can put up jokes and whatever and hopefully get into a more positive vibe that isn’t all about players “greed” etc… or just a more personal exchange about our own lives and daily thoughts that are a personal take rather than to just be pinning it all on others we don’t know. Anything but that which is beyond our control really. Favourite bands, tunes, movies blah blah… Anything but another cheap dig at Levy etc… Please…

    After all, this virus ain’t going away, anywhere fast. Just like most of us…

  • DW….a complaint from me, I put up a post at 11am ish yesterday of 1 liners, I know they were all lame lol! but they still haven’t appeared, are you trying to tell me something lol. COYS 4 ever

  • Happy Easter people. The younger generation have no idea about the meaning of Easter. I’ve just had to explain to my youngest grandchild that Easter celebrates Man’s discovery of chocolate. I love to share my knowledge of the world with my grandchildren but have recently noticed that they have started treating my words of wisdom with an element of doubt! : – )

  • Unfortunately, our reputation continues to be dragged through the mud. If it is true, that the first team did offer to have their wages reduced temporarily, then Levy has seriously dropped the ball and it could have further consequences with business being reluctant to associate themselves with us – shirt sleeve sponsor, stadium naming rights etc.

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