Date: 25th October 2018 at 8:47am
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With Tottenham Hotspur’s chances of qualifying out of the Group Stage of this season’s Champions League competition now being extremely slim – albeit still possible – following the 2-2 draw with PSV Eindhoven yesterday evening, there are a number of thoughts on how manager Mauricio Pochettino should move forward when it comes to our priorities for 2018/19.

There are those in the fanbase that believe whilst still possible we should throw everything at it in the next match to better ensure all three points even if it means a weaker Premier League selection as we can always try and play catch up on the odd game if necessary.

Others think the campaign is cooked and now is the time to blood some players for the remaining ties with an eye to the future and adjust our true focus directly on the Premier League or the possibility of lifting other silverware.

BelgianSpur is in the latter camp.


At the very least, some honest words from MP after the game:

“I think it’s easy to judge the game. If you didn’t win following what happened then you don’t deserve to be in the Champions League. It was a situation where we needed to think a little bit, because in this type of game, at 2-1 you must kill the game. If not, the opponent is alive. If we need to blame someone it’s ourselves because with all the situations and the circumstances in the game you must win because I think we were much better than them. Chances of qualifying are nearly over. We’ll see what happens now in the game between Barcelona and Inter Milan but with only one point after three games, it will be so difficult.”

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I just wish he will actually translate that into future team selections for the rest of the CL group games. We had a go, we came up short. It’s not going to happen for us this year in the CL. Move on and refocus on objectives where we can be contenders.

Writer: BelgianSpur

It’s hard to disagree with the sentiment, we can throw everything at the Champions League now and have nothing to show for it maybe other than a slip-up or two domestically and having not strengthened over the summer, allied to not performing brilliantly even if we’ve been far from as poor as some criticisms levelled, we have to focus on what’s more achievable surely.

Nobody is saying throw the remaining CL games and look to lose or get battered but use the group more wisely.


6 Replies to “Some Honest Post-Game Words From Pochettino But Spurs Boss Should Back Them Up With A New Focus For 2018/19”

  • Just as there is a section of our fan base who seem to need a player to hate there is another section who seem to really want glorious failure, the magnificant empty gesture. Europe has gone, truthfully it was never there this season. We would actually be better off finishing bottom and avoiding the Europa altogether but we won’t get that lucky. Somehow, despite our obvious problems with injuries and the world cup hangover we are hanging on in a tough premier league where even Arsenal have won 10 in a row. Its what you have to do, win any way you can and hope over time the injury list clears up and you start playing better. But for some that mentality, keep going season after season, grinding out wins where it matters. Keep getting top four and getting more European experience until you are strong enough and smart enough to actually try and win the Champions League is an alien concept.

  • “We can blame the ref all we like. The truth is that we were once again unable to hold onto a lead and see the game out, both times against very average opposition. Had we seen those 2 games out then we would be on 6 points and cruising”

    On the Button. Well Said.

    When We were 2 -1 up, we played average and did Not Capitalise. Same at Inter

  • I suppose I’d be put into the category of someone who is looking for a player to blame, eh jod? But you must admit that Lloris is really cocking up far too often in the CL matches when he goes into his sweeper keeper mode. Granted that he was responding to another cock up that put him in the position of having to make the decision rush forward to save the day heroically, but come on, man, this wasn’t an isolated cock up of the same type. And his red card was the major contributor to the team giving up its lead in the closing minutes of the match. I’m with great doubt that this man should be our captain, or even if Alfie Whiteman might not be a more steady presence between the pipes. Player to blame or not, it seems to me that it’s near on impossible not to point a few fingers in this case.

  • I’m probably more positive than most, but I see us beating PSV and Inter at Wembley. I also see Barca beating Inter at the Nou Camp. If I turn out to be right Barca might be confirmed group winners before the last game and rest the likes of Messi, improving our chances against them. Even if they play their strongest team it becomes a cup final for us and less important game for them. All speculation, but also likely in my view!

  • P’yido…..I’ll have some of that, very possible, for me Spurs v Psv 5-0, v IM 3-0 at the Nou Camp 0-2. COYS

  • As much as I can see us beat PSV at home, I have doubts about bearing Inter, even at home (they do have very good players), and I am hugely suspicious or our chances of getting anything in Barcelona, let alone win…

    We live in hope, but hope is the only thing we’ve got.

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