Date: 19th June 2020 at 10:24pm
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Tottenham Hotspur
1 – 1
Manchester United

White Hart Lane

Premier League

19/06/2020 8:15 pm

Attendance: 0

Referee: Jonathan Moss

Tottenham Hotspur Manchester United
Bergwijn (27) Fernandes (pen 81)
Lloris De Gea
Aurier Wan-Bissaka
Sanchez Lindelof 78
Dier Maguire
Davies Shaw
Sissoko McTominay 89
Winks Fred 63
Son Heung-Min James
Lamela 70 Bruno Fernandes
Bergwijn 70 Rashford
Kane Martial 78


Lo Celso 70 Pogba 63
Fernandes 70 Greenwood 62
Matic 78
Ighalo 78
Bailly 89

Game Statistics

10 Goal attempts 12
3 On Target 6
7 Corners 6
17 Fouls 18
0 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
39 % 61

With Tottenham Hotspur fans left twiddling their thumbs for the last 100+ days, tonight was the night where we all got some kind of distraction from real life once again and we welcomed Ole Gunnar Solkskjaer’s Manchester United side to what was an eerily empty White Hart Lane Stadium.

Sitting four points off our opposition and the Champions League places, victory would undoubtedly put a nicer reflection on the top flight table given our struggles so far during the 2019/20 campaign, but there was every reason to believe the performance wouldn’t be fantastic – not least given match sharpness after the layoff.

And it wasn’t. It took a while for the game to more come to life and although United dominated possession, we edged chances in the first half, despite having less of the ball, and Steven Bergwijn gave us the lead 27 minutes in.

Second half, well, we’ve seen it before haven’t we. The visitors came more into it and we ceased being a threat and then eventually equalised late on as Eric Dier brought down Paul Pogba, and Bruno Fernandes made it count.

That was where it ended but for a first game back I think most would take that, even if losing the advantage was a bit gutting. I don’t think I’m going to get used to drink breaks or the ridiculous five substitutes though – and maybe the less said about computer game like crowd noises the better.

At least the technology was off furlough tonight though or I might be typing different words.

Onto the next one and hopefully more sharpness and improvement.

Unused Spurs Subs:

Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sessegnon, Gazzaniga, Ndombele, Skipp, White.

Unused Man U Subs:

Mata, Lingard, Romero, Williams.

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German striker Jurgen Klinsmann spent two years at White Hart Lane in separate spells, but how many league goals did he contribute?

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40 Replies to “Same Spurs Different Day, But It’s A Point On Our Return To Action – Match Stats”

  • So we’ve got the second best centre forward in Europe (after Lewandowski) and people want to sell him ? Presumably we’ll recruit one of those men with no names fans are so fond of to replace him. Or maybe we’ll play with a set of runners up front and no focal point to the attack, because that’s always worked so well for us in the past. Its up to Mourinho to set the team up so that he gets the best out of our players. If he can’t do that it will be him, not Kane, who leaves.

  • Watched the match on Friday night and have to say you got to credit Serge Aurier, and Eric Dier they are so reliable in Cocking up they have actually perfected sheer stupidity on and of the football pitch. I watched the game without the noise in the background and I have to say I felt sorry for Hugo Loris especially his throat constantly trying to get Aurier to wake up basically, what a nightmare it must be to play in a team with him. Dier ain’t good enough either as a midfielder or centre half position so clumsy and 100% a pen he shoved him in the back, and nearly followed it up with a second luckily he pulled out of the tackle. Regarding the game mourinho set us up to be compact and hit utd on the break and I reckon we may get use to watching teams with more possession than us. It ain’t going to be pretty, positives I suppose was Loris, sissoko, stevie wonder, and lamela except his final ball let’s him down. Kane way of the pace and probably will be for 4 or 5 matches. The truth is we ain’t as a team or a squad good enough to get top four or even top 6. I believe we will have to sell one of the top players to fund any sort of spending in the summer otherwise free transfers will be the best Levy will come up with. Utd, Chelsea, will continue buying quality players, along with Liverpool and City leaving us back to battling for Europa league Kings but we have the best stadium in the world. THAT’S THE REALITY FOR US.

  • We could sell Harry to Barca or Real for a couple hundred million. And replace him with 2 (men-with-no-name) forwards worth a 100 million each! One as a starter and one for the bench.

    You know it makes sense, jod. …………………………

    Seriously, Jose of all managers. has been known to mostly set up his teams with strong target men such as Harry. I think that in theory, Harry should be his ideal frontman. ………….

    Jose, against MU, used the default tactics that he often does, against strong rival teams. I don’t think we will see the same vs WHU on Tuesday. I think we will attack them on the front-foot from the off. And hopefully kill them off… With Harry banging in a couple and, Son as well.

  • Pauric. I have to strongly disagree with you on Dier. I thought he had a very good game. Both him and Sanchez alongside. I think that if Eric was as poor as you say, that we would have conceded a lot more than 1 and so lost the match. Dier was in the right place at the right time on a few occasions. With very timely tackles, blocks and clearances etc…

    You know Pogba is a top player. An extremely expensive top player. And top players can and will beat other top players. Kane and Son do it all the time. They score goals against top clubs with top defenders…

    Our goal saw another expensive MU player, an England international central defender Maguire easily deceived when sidestepped by Bergwijn for our goal. And it was one of the worlds best goalkeepers making an error to let that goal in. It’s football. It’s what happens. Pogba deceived Dier and IMO he also duped the ref . Pogba is clever. It don’t mean that Dier wasn’t or isn’t.

    It’s all about opinions I suppose. But the 2 goals that were scored on Friday saw 3 high profile International players apparently balls up. But all 3 also did some stuff that prevented a few more goals being scored on the day… That is football!

  • Agree with Pauric rather than HT. We are a mid-table team at best with a mediocre, defensive coach bereft of ideas. We are carrying too many ordinary players….Dier, Aurier, Davies, Winks…squad players at best. We needed the win on Friday but never looked like keeping a clean sheet. Thanks to Lloris, we were not hammered. United had far better players than us in most positions. Not one shot at goal from Kane. Poor substitutions . Why did we not use more and go out for a win. Jose can’t see that…..far to defensive minded. We needed 3 points and struggled to get 1 which will keep is anchored in the mid- table zone. We have to be realistic. We are not good enough and Jose has been a poor appointment. We used to dominate possession. Now we get 30% .

  • We didn’t struggle for the 1 point Wentworth. We took the lead and then held on to it for over 50 minutes of the match. If United were so good and Spurs so bad. Why was it 1-1?

    I’m not a big fan of Jose. I’ve made that clear on many posts. But he is a manager that in his career has won for clubs more trophies than THFC has won in it entire 100 and odd years history. So to call him mediocre is just a wee bit unfair don’t you think? 🙂

    • Or, to put it another way. Jose, in just 20 years of being a head coach/manager has won more trophies than every single ex-Spurs manager combined. And even in just the last 20 years, that is quite a few ex-mangers let alone all of them together from day one… Wow!

      So, if he can win at least one for us next season. Preferably the PL. He can then bugger off! We can then re-employ MP who has still to win just the one little cup! LOL

  • Re theHarry Kane debate, who says we have to replace him. Neither Liverpool, Man City or Leicester play with a traditional centre-forward (the top three teams in the country). If Werner becomes Chelsea’s main striker then maybe Chelsea won’t either. What’s wrong with a fluid front three of Son, Bergwijn and Moura with Parrot as an option. Much s we all love Harry Kane, the evidence seems to be mounting that we have seen the best of him. I think it has been 18 months since he has been at his best. If we were to receive a massive bid for him (probably unlikely at the moment) who is to say that selling him and using the money in areas that clearly need improving wouldn’t be the right thing to do. It’s just a thought that I believe is worthy of debate.
    Of course we would need a manager who is not stuck in the dark ages for that to happen. COYS

  • Myself; I was just joking about Harry. Even so I would’t want him sold.

    But I get that we can still have a winning set-up without him. Od course we can…

    But, DH. I really wouldn’t write off Kane just yet based on those 18 months that you mention. For halve of that time he was out to serious injuries. I think its testament to his strength of body, mind and pure professional commitment that he was even already available to play on Friday.

    And if it were the Euros and him playing for England (as captain) at Wembley on Friday as it would’ve been without C-19. I think he would still definitely be one of the main contenders for the Golden Boot and one of a handful or top European attackers to put fear into all defences.

    And if he can bang in a few in these next 8 PL matches, he could well be the difference between CL, EL or nothing… We’ll see…

  • Another talking point – with Champions League qualification as good as gone, would fans prefer us to be in the Europa League or not in Europe at all. Whilst I see the arguments for not being in Europe at all (more time to rest and more time to perfect Jose’s long ball park the bus tactics) I would prefer us to be in some form of European football. Firstly, it is a chance to win something and qualify for the following seasons Champions League. Also, it gives more opportunity to develop younger players and although it is not the Champions League it will help us attract players and maybe hold on to some players. Interesting to see what other Spurs fans think COYS

  • On HK10 – we need to keep him for another season and I hope he feels the same also and gives us 100% if he stays. Now is not a good time to sell with the CV crisis and we would not get top dollar for him especially also as he has just returned from a very long injury layoff so I would suspect that any potential suitor would want to watch him next season and see if he gets back to his best both in terms of fitness but also productivity and it also allows the suitor time to build up a King’s ransom to prise him away anyway! One never knows we could surprise next season if we make some deft defensive signings this summer and sort out our defence once and for all for next term, etc and low behold a miracle might happen and he might decide to stay long term – seriously doubt it but I think JM deserves to be given a chance to prove what he can do and for that he will need his best players especially those of the calibre of HK10!

    What we could do with is some back-up to cover him properly though – problem is where does the money come from to make the necessary signings this summer?! Big, big problem for obvious reason’s so don’t know what or how we’re going to go about it.

    I’ve read we don’t even have enough money to make the 1 signing in Hojbjerg let alone anyone else and that is probably a priority position, the DMC role not to mention needing a RB desperately. Personally I think we need another LCB but JM seemed to suggest that if he keeps Vert’s for another season along with Toby, Davy and Tanganga not to mention Dier covering and possibly even Foyth that he is fine for CB’s – I don’t agree necessarily and would like us to get in a fresh LCB who can eventually take over from Vert’s but if money is tight and the priority lies at RB and DMC I guess we’ll also have to forego the back-up striker and hope HK10, Sonny and a hopefully a coming of age Parrott can manage the workload – one thing I’m pretty sure is we won’t get CL next season, possibly EL but I wouldn’t really take that or the Carabao cup too seriously next season even the FA Cup especially if we can’t make the right signings this summer – so I would concentrate solely on the Prem – let’s not forget that at the end of next season there’s also Euro 2020/1 to be played so player’s will further have their minds on that aswell – horrible season coming up for sure – big squad’s will definetly have a massive advantage – we if we don’t prioritise the Prem could find ourselves in trouble again basically meaning no proper challenge for top 4 again – which is vital especially for money as we will be missing out on crowd revenue for some time and have the stadium to pay off still in a large part, etc.

    We may be forced into selling HK10 eventually for several reason’s both of our own and his personal interest but I think for next season it is in both parties interest to keep the relationship going for the time being!

  • Sorry HT. We struggled to hang on to one point. We were outclassed and outplayed BUT we has the better, overworked keeper. Jose may have won things but he’s yesterday’s man . Boring, defensive football from a mid-table team. United were desperate to win we were desperate to defend but we can’t keep a clean sheet. Jose will ruin our club. Awful,
    desperate appointment.

  • I have to admit Wentworth, that is how I had felt about Jose before he came to Spurs and then on hearing that we had hired him.

    I just want to be positive whilst he is our manager and give him the benefit of my doubt.

    I will say that it was only 3 years ago that he won the EL with Man U and 5 years ago that he won the PL with Chelsea. And they are his two last jobs before taking a year out and then joining Spurs.

    We also have to recognise that we were just as poor this season before he arrived. His task was and is a big one to turn it around for Spurs. And that hasn’t changed.

  • Late to the party, but my thoughts on the game:

    I probably would have taken a draw before kickoff.

    Based on the game, a draw is probably a fair result, in my opinion.

    I am a bit disappointed with what I feel is a soft penalty, but I understand why it was given. I just think that if refs are giving those, you can give 300 penalties per year.

    As for players, Lloris played well enough, and was his typical self. Good saves, poor distribution. Aurier was his atrocious self and cannot be sold soon enough. Dier played well enough save for the penalty, as did Sanchez and Davies.

    In midfield, Winks did his job but nothing more. Winks is great when he plays alongside players who can take the game to the opposition. Paired with Sissoko, he is often quite anonymous. Sissoko was his usual self – full of energy, but he’s never going to control a game.

    Further forward, Lamela was a big disappointment for me. Again, lots of talent there, but he fails to turn that into tangible results. How we miss an in-form Eriksen-type player pulling the strings… But I suppose Lamela will injure himself soon enough and the situation will solve itself when Lo Celso is fit enough.

    Son, Bergwijn and Kane need more time together, and they need to regain full fitness, but that front 3 shows a lot of potential.

    Based onthat performance, we are where we deserve to be in the standings. Are we currently one of the 4 best teams in the PL? No. Between 5th and 10th, the table is full of decent, but imperfect teams that can given anyone a game on their day, but teams that also have major flaws.

    Let’s see how we fare against West Ham.

  • DoncasterHotspur – Not sure what your definition of a “traditional centre forward” is but Liverpool do play with Firminho in the centre forward’s role holding the attack together and linking the wider play of Salah and Mane. If he isn’t available they bring on Origi to do the same job. It may be fluid but it isn’t unstructured, unlike Leicester who really do play without a focal point to the attack. Chelsea will play Werner alongside Giroud or Abraham not instead of a centre forward.

    As far as Europe is concerned no one in their right mind wants to end up in the europa. Two clubs have won the premier league while not in Europe. No one has ever won it while competing in the europa. To add insult to injury you don’t even make any real money.

  • jod – the only argument to be made for the Europa League is that winning it gives you a direct access to the following year’s CL, and any PL club entering the EL has to be considered one of the favourites.

    Before they introduced that rule, I would have agreed with you 100%. Now, for a club like us, I am starting to think that winning the EL might be easier than finishing in the top 4.

    Something to consider.

  • BelgianSpur – I understand what you are saying but I don’t think the odds are in your favour. Remember when Leicester won the title ? Everyone said their squad wasn’t strong enough, but by not being in Europe they played significantly less games and had a week to prepare for most matches while the competition had only three or four days. Less matches meant their players picked up fewer injuries and could maintain a higher fitness level. Not having the mid week games actually improves your chances of making top four by a significant margin. To me the most likely outcome of a long, gruelling europa campaign is you don’t win the competition and the extra matches kill your chances of making top four through the league. Generally as far as the premier league goes what the europa seems best at is making sure clubs stay in the europa. That’s what happened to us for years and is now happening to Arsenal.

  • The only way to make it work would be to put all eggs in one basket. Play the kids in the PL if you have to, and make Thursday nights a priority.

    I’m not sure how realistic that is, nobody has ever one it that way. But maybe, thinking out of the box, this could be a novel way of looking at things.

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