Date: 8th August 2019 at 6:00pm
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It’s official, the transfer window is closed and until January Tottenham fans can rest easy and stop tearing their hair out over Daniel Levy’s stubbornness in the market. In the end, it has certainly all worked out for the Lilywhites.

The club made the earlier moves to sign both Jack Clarke and Tanguy Ndombele, although, after well over a month of radio silence from the club, they’ve left it very, very late to announce their final pieces of transfer business, with both Giovani Lo Celso and Ryan Sessegnon finally announced.

It hasn’t been easy for the fans, though, and it may well go down as a window that is remembered, at least by Spurs fans, of one where they failed to get the signing of Paulo Dybala done. However, that should not be what it goes down as, as the club have made some very big steps forward.

Undoubtedly, it was hard to stomach for the Lilywhites earlier when David Ornstein, famed for his excellent coverage of Arsenal and their transfers, dealt a huge blow to the club’s deadline day plans when he revealed that the Lilywhites’ deal for Dybala was off.

Dybala was always going to be a massive deal, and to get him in would have cost masses in both wages and a transfer fee, so to get him on top of the deals for the other four players was always going to be a massive stretch, and the fact that it hasn’t happened shouldn’t dent the success of their summer.

It also must be said that the trio of Toby Alderweireld, Christian Eriksen and Danny Rose have all stayed, so the missed signing of Dybala really can’t be looked at as a move that killed their window seeing as their success in every other area.

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16 Replies to “Opinion: Despite huge fallen deal, Tottenham’s window has been a roaring success”

  • no it was not a success le celso on LOAN and will only sign IF we make champions league next season,no dybala jack clarke back to leeds

  • We don’t have a top right back, so it wasn’t a great transfer window.

    We lost Llorente, who gave us a different option up front, and was the best in the team for laying off the ball to create chances.

    Erikson appears to be wanting to leave. We never had cover for him in the first place and Lo Celso can play in his position and also deeper. If Erikson leaves, we still need to bring in another replacement.

    Arsenal signed Pepe, who has ridiculous ability and also Tierney who I have wanted Spurs to sign for ages. I am very disappointed that Spurs didn’t go for Tierney.

    Unfortunately Arsenal will be much stronger this season. So I have mixed feelings about the transfer window. If we had brought in Dybala and a top right back, then I would have been pleased with it.

  • Joke of transfer window how u think it’s a success I’ll never know, where our marquee signing , where taking spurs to next level, where the ambition poch was asking for, 18 months not single signing and we get 1 decent player one on loan sess who really didn’t prove himself last year , and another we loan straight back out , no replacement for trips , joke walk in to new stadium start of season hoping again we can achieve some thing

  • If you had been offered our signings at the beginning of the window a fan would have snatched your hand off.
    S clearly has not read the details of the Le Celso deal as the option is ours if we fail to qualify for the Champions League, so we won’t be lumbered with a massive fee or wages if finances aren’t there from European money.
    Debatable had a mediocre to terrible season last year and we dodged a bullet by no dealing.
    Kyle Walker Peters, Sissoko and the Young speedy physical centre back whose name escapes me are more than enough cover especially as Foyth will be back long before January.
    Well done Levy!!! COME ON YOU SPURS!!!

    If Erikson grows up, and Troy Parrot is used as back up we will be tight.
    Levy gas kept us financially sound and I wouldnt worry about the ARSE, they are still years behind us.
    Keep the faith.

  • There’s no denying that Ndombele was a brilliant signing, we bagged Lo Celsco on loan with a view to taking him permanently next season also good and acquired long term target in Ryan Sessegnon (though he remains promising as opposed to accomplished) but in all I feel this is a largely underwhelming and un-fulfilled summer that threatened to deliver the far more that in truth is required to muster hopes and ambitions for success in terms of long overdue trophies and titles. For me nothing less than four and probably more like five or six new additions (we can discount Jack Clarke here immediately being loaned straight back to Leeds as his influence on Spurs fortunes in the here and now is absolutely zilch! And my biggest problem in these regards is the manner in which Levy conducts the whole process seemingly oblivious to what Spurs need in footballing terms to truly convince anyone that we are ready to mount a serious and credible challenge as opposed to a hit and miss notion with large elements of luck attached. In essence Tottenham are not simply paying the price for 18 months of neglect to the strength and depth of a squad seriously in need of revitalisation, but the simple truth is that he has been mishandling recruitment of new players now for several years with a distinctively haphazard and penny pinching outlook that just doesn’t work. So many times I’ve heard the same old nonsense about how shrewd a businessman and negotiator Levy is, but I’ve lost count of the golden opportunities that Spurs have had these last years to sign some fantastic players only to be eclipsed by others through his noted hesitation, procrastination and stubbornly difficult outlook. For me Levy has and always will be the veritable thorn in our side, and I believe he is the main thing actually holding us back. I have never understood an approach that doesn’t seem to cater to what is really lacking as opposed to a philosophy that seems driven by the notion of a hard bargain. And given now the history of subtle but please read between the lines comments made by Pochettino in recent times as an ongoing dialogue of frustration you wonder at what point the Argentine coach – who dreamt he was once a manager – will look the Tottenham chairman and tell him enough is enough before marching toward the exit? This is truly not a scenario any Spurs fan wants to happen but may just sadly come back to bite us anyway! So sorry not the roaring success I’m afraid, more a damp squib!

  • I don’t understand all the negativity we didn’t lose anyone again. We got the top 3 targets from the beginning and were willing to stretch the bank to bring I’m dybala only falling apart at the last second because juve changed their minds. I think we whine to much liverpool brought in 0 players. Nothing Man U looks like a mess and arsenal brought In more offense with the exception of David Louis who can’t play defense. Compared to anyone else in the top 6 we won this transfer season my goodness u ppl r rediculous

    • Calling other people ridiculous because they don’t share your views is actually pretty lame in itself. BTW I believe you will find Liverpool did actually sign three new players during the transfer window in Sepp Van de Berg, Harvey Elliot and Adrian so you would do well to check your facts before publicising inaccurate statements of contentious value before ridiculing the opinion of others. Whilst I maintained there were some positives to this summers business I also maintain Levy did not do enough (and unfortunately that is him doing it the way he always does, and never truly pushing the boat out). This is not an attempt to be negative just calling it as I see it and have seen it for quite some time – lack of trophies is its own testimony, as is Tottenham’s innate ability to not quite get there in this last decade. Would love nothing more than success for this club, but am not going to lie about its potential when others are clearly doing more than us!

  • It’s not always about getting numbers in but getting the right player in for the right positions. Andy is right, we lack a target man option and Llorente offered us a different way of playing, we definitely are weaker in that sense. Also RB looks very bare. Some obvious gaps still exist in our squad.

  • Sorry Pez, obviously you are disappointed . We made three excellent NOW signings and one for the future. Dybala was always a very long shot given all his financial baggage ( 40 mil naming rights to a mysterious Maltese company??) plus fee ( obviously large) to another greedy agent then the actual transfer fee to Juve PLUS HUGE
    wage demands for someone who may or may not make it in the Premier. No wonder everyone passed. He is not Messi or Ronnie, after all. You have to fully understand how the Premier League finances work and it is complicated. Levy HAS done a good job. The loan deal was only to thwart paying PSG 20% fee which we have avoided. We are building a very good side and remember we did not lose any of our stalwarts so we are three good players better off than last season. Before we judge lets see how all the other Prem competitors picks work out. No guarantees there either. My bets are with us making the smartest signings.

    • Please don’t be so patronising Graham, I already pointed out the positives in the signings, but just don’t feel it is enough, however I would be more than happy to be proved wrong if the season unfolds with real success. I never said for one minute we didn’t have a good side or that it wasn’t improving but unlike you I happen to think Levy isn’t all that astute when it comes to bringing in what we really need overall. I think he has partially listened to Poch’ and that is why we have three good signings, but I maintain it is not really enough in the long run! And lets not forget that 18 months of not signing any single player may well have cost us a CL trophy as well as a proper shot at the title! (please don’t tell me you’re going to ignore a dissasterous final three months of the last campaign). Dyabla may well have been a long shot, Coutinho also but Levy would not meet Sporting’s price for Fernandes despite him indicating his desire to sign. Where is a replacement right back for Tripp’s or a much needed actual competitive proper striker to challenge and assist Kane, and when will we look to sign at last one centre back to look forward when the eventual reality of losing Alderweireld comes into play?

  • After two totally static transfer windows I see this as nothing more than a holding pattern for Spurs. Ndombele has essentially replaced Moussa, and Lo Celso is (hopefully) replacing Eriksen, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he delivers from the off more than the not-so-great Dane’s net contribution since 2018. Sessegnon and the unavailable Parrott are not yet up to Premier League standard from what I’ve seen — yet more fodder “for the future”. Dybala and Coutinho both down the tubes after being confidently touted — what a shock.

  • Lets start with the obvious. You don’t make “marquee signings” you don’t sign players to “make a statement” or any of the other rubbish people come out with. You sign players because they are better than you already have, give you something different to what you already have, give you cover you think you need or are young players you think you can make better players. Oh yes and you only sign what you can afford. On that basis it was a pretty good transfer window. I won’t make a judgement on Ndombele and Lo Celso until the end of next season as it always takes a player coming in from abroad time to settle but they have talent. Sessegnon is interesting, he’s got talent clearly. But just how good is he ? the juries out at the moment. The fact that we still have Toby and Rose for another season is actually a bonus in my view. Eriksen ? not so sure. I am not sure how he will perform next season and I suspect a clean break would have been best for all parties. We clearly have a stronger squad and that in combination with the fact most of our players had a proper pre season this time around should mean we won’t be running on empty this season. One thing that isn’t clear is what formation we will be playing. We seem to be dropping the idea of playing a DM and Lo Celso isn’t a replacement for Eriksen, a dribbler not a passer. So it will be interesting to see how we set up on Saturday. As far as cover for Kane goes, we can re sign Llorente any time we want as he’s a free agent. Long term we may already have the cover in Troy Parrot. As has been pointed out Dybala was never going to happen. United also pulled out of the deal and I can understand why.

  • Lads we are better off without Dybala. He has so much red tape he isn’t worth the hassle. There is a reason Juve want rid.

    The deal was never really on anyway. His agent tried his luck. He didn’t want to join, we couldn’t afford his wages and his image rights nonsense made the deal impossible.

    Brooks from Bournemouth is the lad we need to keep any eye on. If he recovers from his injury and does well on his come back he is the type of player we should be looking at.

  • Real Deal – Couldn’t agree more. Dybala was an Ozil signing. From what I’ve seen of him Brooks looks a special player. But if we want him now he’s going to cost plenty.

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