Date: 29th June 2020 at 8:00am
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With Tottenham Hotspur getting more back into the groove in last week’s London derby clash with West Ham United, this Thursday sees us make the trip to Sheffield United.

Chris Wilder’s team have been impressive in 2019/20 and proved plenty of critics wrong with their performances and results ahead of the pause in the fixture list, but it very much looks like the break has counted against them as their momentum seems shot, despite previously being in the battle for a Europa League slot.

Manager Jose Mourinho’s side make the trip with back to back defeats for United and we should be fresher having played a game less, and Harry Kane will definitely be in better confidence having again silenced his own critics in the last match.

In terms of team news only Juan Foyth, Troy Parrott and Japhet Tanganga should be out for this game, but as ever, we’ll get a more accurate update tomorrow I expect in case anyone has picked up a niggle in training.

This should be another win for Spurs really, and if Brighton and Hove Albion can do us a favour tomorrow night, that gap on Manchester United should close nicely.

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95 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Will Be United For The Win But Can Brighton Do Us A Favour”

  • £40m for Lamela Niall. Now that is living in fantasy land. Jod would not be impressed with your financial illiteracy- ha ha. COYS

  • jod – maybe it’s semantics, but a stretch and a certainty are 2 different things. You are stating that a decrease is a certainty, when the reality is that it’s a hunch.

    You are assuming that teams will spend less because they made less money. It’s not an unreasonable assumption to make in itself, but even in the real world, there are caveats to that thinking.

    For example, did you know that luxury brands such as Rolls Royce actually sold more cars in the aftermath of the subprime crisis, compared to before the market crash? It’s because billionaires, even when they lose 50% of their money, are often still billionaires…

    And guess who owns most PL clubs today… That’s right, billionaires.

    It’s just a different world, with different rules, and in the large majority of cases, no shareholders to be held accountable for.

    While football isn’t immune to economic principles, top end football is a very specific industry, with its own set of rules. Believing that you can compare the logic of the sports and entertainment industry with other industries is a mistake in itself.

  • Hi ND, on my list were already Foyth and KWP (both who can play RB) – so even if we buy a new RB we’d still most probably need to keep Aurier for competition and cover! Also I would value Aurier at £15-20m at the moment – don’t think we’d even get our money back which was some £23m spent if I remember correctly! If we’re getting rid off because he ain’t good enough no way are we going to make a profit on him indeed we’d probably be lucky to get anywhere near the stated top end of £20m! In the £40-50m bracket are players like Ziyech, Werner, Sane, etc this summer – top class talent – Aurier is certainly not in this bracket unfortunately LOL! The same could be said of another you mention in Lamela – nowhere near as good as the 3 mentioned so again I’d give him a value of around £20-25m at best again we won’t get our money back unfortunately (some £26m again if I remember correctly) – sad but that’s the reality of life! On Lamela I’d probably still argue for keeping him as JM said he is 1 of our 6 attacking option’s (and further stated he liked Erik very much so doubt will sell him) in the squad and I think that is the bare minimum needed for a full long hard season! I don’t include Lo Celso in these 6 as he looks likely to be used as a CM. Just my take on it of course but I think my value’s are much more realistic to be fair.

    On a separate note both Leicester and Chelski lost but surely too far ahead for us to catch even if we keep on winning – oh well like I said before do our best to keep the pressure on those above us and see where we end up at the end of the season!

  • Maybe I have over priced one of our players. I wasn’t pricing Aurier at a high price it was Davison SANCHEZ. On Lamella unlike many in this forum I will stand corrected. However I still say if we sell em all at top dollar we will have around 100 mil.

  • It seems quite fruitless to me for us to argue in such detail, the pros and cons of playing in the EL.

    Because if we do finish in a qualifying position for it, we will quite simply be in it. And then surely we as supporters would/should expect the team and manager to be honest, hard working professionals and attempt to win each EL game as it comes and therefore , do their utmost to win it outright… I would certainly expect it of them.

    As for tonight? (yes there’s a PL match to be played :-))… If we win it we will be just 4 points behind MU and Wolves. With all us 3 clubs having played 32 matches and with just 6 left to play and 18 points still to play for. I don ‘t think a CL placing is an unrealistic target to aim for by eventually topping those 2 clubs into 5th place.

    Of course we will probably need most, if not all of those 18 points and those above us will obviously need to drop some points. But, it’s not at all unlikely to me. We’ll see…

    (I am of course banking on Man City’s CL ban being upheld. As, I do think that 4th place is probably beyond us).

    Up the Spurs!

    • Then again if the Foxes keep dropping points as they currently are and Both MU and Spurs (possibly Arsenal) beat them as well, it could see them dropping out of the top 5… I don’t think Chelsea will…

  • I didn’t watch WHU vs Chelsea last night. But having looked at the match stats; WHU had just 27% possession and yet still managed to put 3 past them… (3-2)

    I’m going for 0-4 to Spurs tonight. But 0-1 will do and is probably a wee bit more realistic…..

    Realism? What am I thinking!?

    Come on You Spurs!

    I’m going to change my predicted line-up for tonight and stick Dele in there for Bergwijn. But I have no personal preference, either way… Thankfully, Jose does at least have many more options in midfield and in attack than pre-lockdown… Over to you JM…

    • HT….realism and Spurs, do those 2 words go together, lol!

      A win tonight, any score will do as long as its a win, simples! lol! COYS

      • Hi PY.
        Do you know that out there, in a parallel universe, THFC have been non-stop Double winners since 1961! And that just last season Pochettino helped to win us the quadruple!

        • Hey there HT, hope all is well, esp in our parallel universes, cos am with you there, mind I got dragged into more by Ziggy in the early 70’s lol! COYS

  • ND – on Davy if he could just cut out the bloody silly errors from his game – he’d turn into a monster of a CB as overall he has everything to succeed (tall, fast, strong, etc – all the makings of a top defender). Still only 24 and now got 3 year’s of decent Prem experience under his belt (79 games in total) – hopefully next season will see the full making of him now that the regular Toby, Vert’s partnership is more than likely to be broken up finally!

    I don’t see the point in selling him myself – we’d probably be lucky to get our money back and then who would we sign to replace him who is so much better and would be got for a similar amount?! Also some of or a lot of his errors might be down to not yet being a full on regular 1st team starter especially in his favoured RCB position and the same goes for his colleague’s in defence and them building a regular relationship (Aurier being the only constant all season at RB as Davies has been out most of the season at LB and as for his CB partner he’s played with Toby, Verts, Dier, even Tanganga, etc so no continuity or fluidity) – a solid back-line game in, game out to build said relationship and confidence individually and in each other!

    Arguably our most prominent future CB is Davy and around who one would hope the defence gets built finally – let’s wait and see how it goes.

    That said the jury unfortunately is still out on Davy for the time being – cut out the bloody silly mistakes and fulfil that promise finally!

    As for Aurier and Lamela like I said earlier I think they are most definitely needed as squad players and we won’t get top dollar for either especially at the moment IMHO so we might aswell keep them for now and squeeze them for all that we can do lol!

  • HT – agreed Dele defo has to start and you are right in that JM has pretty much all of his midfield and attackers available finally – great to see!

    Here’s hoping for no less than a win, indeed a comfortable one at that!

    Want to see the likes of Sissoko, Lo Celso, Dele, Bergwijn, Sonny and HK10 in midfield and attack, will reserve judgement in defence LOL……!

    Great to have on the bench the likes of Winks, Lamela and Moura – great diversity finally now having a near fully fit squad to pick from!

    Would also be good to see the likes of Sessegnon, N’Dombele and Fernandes finally get some minutes especially before the end of the season – young big guns hopefully chomping at the bit to prove themselves for us!

  • Morning EJ…

    Depending on Jose’s tactical thoughts for tonight and the general fitness of those 3 players… I wouldn’t be surprised to see one, two or even all three of them get some minutes tonight. Sessegnon, Ndombele and Fernandes, that is…

    I’m keen on seeing Ndombele most as I really would like him to get up to some scratch before this season is over. And Sess looks to me like he needs to start building on his fitness, strength and also self-confidence as a Spur. (We are a big step-up from Fulham). Fernandes has looked ok to me in the limited minutes that I’ve seen of him but also looks like he needs to build on his general match-fitness as well…

    • HT….read today that Jose reckons N’Dombele will be the new Modric at Spurs, sounds good and hopefully true!, also he said that N’Dombele will have to get used to sitting on the bench for the time being, that tell’s me fitness is being worked on, could be wrong, but there you go, its my opinion. COYS

  • HT – “I didn’t watch WHU vs Chelsea last night. But having looked at the match stats; WHU had just 27% possession and yet still managed to put 3 past them… (3-2)”

    Going back to the discussion we were having about the value of possession after our game against West Ham, it just goes to show that there isn’t just one way to win a football game.

    Some football styles are easier on the eye than others, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily more effective.

    If wentworth wants to say that he doesn’t appreciate Jose’s brand of football, that’s fine. We can all respect that. But that isn’t to say that it can’t be effective.

    Personally, I will judge Jose on results first, style second. I don’t care how he does it if we win tonight.

    In other news, Sky Sports have reported that Monaco are apparently interested in signing Serge Aurier this summer. If true, I am willing to pay for the plane tickets myself.

    As a side note, has anyone heard from Frank recently?

    • Hi BS.
      It was that conversion about “possession” that I had in mind when I wrote that.

      It’s funny because a lot of supporters used to complain about Spurs having high possession stats but playing boring backwards and sideways football. Thing is that to have very high possession stats akin to Chelsea’s last night, that is what a team will have to do, unless the matches were much longer and the pitch much bigger!

  • Normally when someone on here says ‘this is a must win game’ … it isn’t. However, in terms of qualifying for a CL place, every game is now a ‘must win game’. Lose a game and we are playing for a EL place until the end of the season. In my opinion, of course. At my age memories play tricks but I can’t recall being wrong before. : – )

    jod …. Why do many of your posts have an element of anger attached to them? Or am I wrong and that is simply how you express yourself.

    • Geofspurs…..surely you must realise, you are never wrong, lol! the memory does play up sometimes though lol!

      Regards jod, “element of anger attached”, how did you ever get that thought lol! mind I do believe he does put across a good argument. COYS

  • EJ it was just with all the talk(mostly by the press) on JM having to sell players with likes of HK10 or N’Dombele mooted to create a war chest. I would argue that at all costs, we retain these players. The players you listed and the names I added would create a decent sum to get players in without I feel the selling of these players would not really adversely affect the team to the same extent as selling others. I don’t dislike Dave and it wasn’t until I read the item on him that he came into my sights. Similarly Lamella is a good player but has been injury prone and has been on the phisio table quite often. If we were to sell I think we would probably get our best price for him now. And there is cover in that area. Aurier I just want away at any cost, for me he is a liability his forward play in no way make up for his defensive mistakes.

  • Morning HT…..

    Hope you are right about tonight and the 3 of them starting to get minutes – 3 big talents there for us hopefully, especially going forwards………..!

    Sissoko and Lo Celso have to start for me in CM though – they ran the game against Wet Spam and deserve to continue!

    Hoping for another shut out – clean sheets help build victories end of!

    Looking forward to the match now as usual – bring it on lol….!

    Will check back in a bit/later on… all the best gents!

    • El J….who you calling a gentleman lol! or who are “all the best gents?” I thought we are all the same in this day and age lol! COYS

  • Geof… I also said we need max points in all games. Looking at the PL table 5th is our position if one or 2 of the teams drop their points. While I am hopeful of Euro League qualification, a season in PL would not be that bad, and as to attracting top players…. A chance to be a title / cup winner in the best league in europe, with a big club and top manager…. is enticing. COYS

    • b108….my advice, go and have a lay down, you are talking sense, it ain’t right on here lol! COYS

  • B108 …. Yep, agree with you there.

    PY … jod makes a lot of good points. But I do think he could articulate some of them in a more respectful manner.

    I don’t care who starts or finishes. Our squad should be more than capable, shouldn’t it? And we do seem to have a few handy options now. COYS!

    • Geofspurs….I am with you there about jod.

      Who is up for for it tonight, cos I am, a big win cometh! says the lord, or rather I do, lol! COYS

  • Just thinking on our last 2 results, and the subsequent results for those teams we faced. It shows we didn’t do too bad. Mau appear to be red hot at the moment and I think we limited their chances, and for all their possession they created very little. Similarly W/Ham barely got out of their own half against us yet were able to walk away with all 3 points against Chelsea. Both games we played a different brand of football and came away with something each time. I think we may be turning the ship in the right direction as BS says more than one way to win a game.

  • PY – naturally by gent’s I meant all my Spurs buddies on here lol of which you of course are one! Only true gentlemen support the mighty Spurs so could not go wrong with using the term on here! Wouldn’t use it with regards to supporter’s of any other London club LOL!

    • El j….ha ha thanks for that, how did I know that would be your answer, I was just trying a bit of humour lol! COYS

  • BS…….I’ve not seen Frank posting since before the league was shut down, hope he is ok.

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