Date: 29th June 2020 at 8:00am
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With Tottenham Hotspur getting more back into the groove in last week’s London derby clash with West Ham United, this Thursday sees us make the trip to Sheffield United.

Chris Wilder’s team have been impressive in 2019/20 and proved plenty of critics wrong with their performances and results ahead of the pause in the fixture list, but it very much looks like the break has counted against them as their momentum seems shot, despite previously being in the battle for a Europa League slot.

Manager Jose Mourinho’s side make the trip with back to back defeats for United and we should be fresher having played a game less, and Harry Kane will definitely be in better confidence having again silenced his own critics in the last match.

In terms of team news only Juan Foyth, Troy Parrott and Japhet Tanganga should be out for this game, but as ever, we’ll get a more accurate update tomorrow I expect in case anyone has picked up a niggle in training.

This should be another win for Spurs really, and if Brighton and Hove Albion can do us a favour tomorrow night, that gap on Manchester United should close nicely.

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95 Replies to “Match Thread – Spurs Will Be United For The Win But Can Brighton Do Us A Favour”

  • What a masterclass from Jose. Against a team riddled with injuries we have no defensive organisation, we can’t get Le Celso into the game and the strikers are getting in each other’s way. The best move of the match has come from Sheffield United. A really good goal. What on earth are we working on in training. How about bringing on N’Dombele, one of the most gifted players in Europe. Of course Jose the special one is unable to work with him. What a poor team we have become. Jose out now. He is clueless, has no idea how to implement an attacking plan, just put a load of attackers on the pitch and see what happens. He is OK though. He has his ready made excuse with the VAR decision.

  • hard to imagine a more discouraging display, I’m sorry they decided to continue the season. at least a few more like this and DL might sack JM. really no pleasure in watching this team these days, Hard to believe that a year ago we were watching Spurs in the CL final. This was a disgusting display. Vai embora, José. fora Mourinho.

  • post a comment here these days on VS and it might as well be traveling by sail boat from Liverpool to Tasmania.

  • Why can’t we get over a set back. I’m lost for words. Best decision made was to take Aurier off I’d have Lucas as RB in front of him any day.

  • Shocking. Dreadful. Hopeless. Absolute shambles. After the thrills and top 4 excitement of the Poch era, we have now become an established mediocremid-table team of no hopers.Thanks to Jose who hasn’t a clue. Hands in pockets, sullen bored looks, moaning and grumpy. Two shots against a team of unknowns who could not complete their bench with subs. Goodbye Europe, goodbye super,silky spurs. Hello boring, struggling football. What will be the usual Jose excuses? Be honest, we were rubbish and are deteriorating match after match. Levy you are a muppet for appointing this hasbeen. We needed a modern, attacking coach not someone living on past glories. I knew I was right. We could struggle even more next season. Time to rethink and start again.Jose is an utter disaster for the club.

  • I’m nor sure what’s worse these days–spurs or vital spurs? is the Little Moor managing both? I’ve watched better football played on a Brazilian beach when half the players had been drinking a couple too many beers.

  • Pathetic, poor tactics, Son has spent the last two games pretty much playing back-up to left back instead of doing what he does best. We should be doing so much better wth the squad we have.

  • That was just as bad as the dark final days under Poch, was getting rid of Poch worth it? I would have given him the rebuild he deserved. We got trigger happy and thought Jose could save our season.

  • FFS……….how about we look for a working Spurs forum that we can all move to?

    • I endorse this suggestion. This site has lost its way. Posts don’t show up for hours. Adverts often intrusive. Just like a José Mourinho team, VS has lost its vitals. Too bad after all these years. If someone finds it, make sure to post the URL here a few times.

  • It’s no wonder Jose falls out with players, Sonny must be ecstatic that he has been expected to play as a second left back in the last two games. Moaninho should do the honourable thing and resign and walk away right now.

    • “Sonny must be ecstatic that he has been expected to play as a second left back in the last two games.”

      There was a time in his career that Pelè was told told to play GK. Sometime talent gets wasted. But not when a manager knows what he’s doing. JM and his negative creativity. You want to add when you do unusual things, not subtract.

      Next we’ll see HK relegated to the reserves with N’dombele. His talents are being wasted at striker.

      new site. new site, new site. or: go back to the old site, the old site, the old site.

  • The honorable thing requires more than just a Mourinho resignation. Seppuku in the traditional way would be closer to what is needed. We than can celebrate on a new site.

  • Absolute rubbish – we can’t defend to save our lives – there was a reason I didn’t give a back 4 in my line-up earlier today and that’s because currently none of them can be trusted and I have serious doubts if any of them are actually good enough to stay with us for where we want to go still (like back to the top 4 and challenging for trophies, etc)……!

    I will say that Dier won quite a few header’s but overall the defending was atrocious by all 4 quite frankly – they really let us down by constantly getting turned whenever Sheff Utd managed to lump ball’s forwards and not getting tight and marking up properly in and around the box – unfortunately though I have to add that nobody really looked to help out defensively further up the pitch either leaving the said 4 more exposed than they should probably have been especially on the counter- then again good defender’s manage to get out of tricky/sticky situation’s and help recycle the ball more often than not for the attacker’s to do their thing – it does of course help if you have a top DMC in there to help do this however!

    Poor choice by JM to start with 3 wingers also – but then they couldn’t have let him down much more than they did – Lucas did atleast put in some effort – Sonny was very poor (even though eventually set up HK10) and Berg’s non existent! These 3 need to remember even learn that it’s not all about attack and that they need to chase back and help their full-back’s everytime we lose the ball – indeed with full-backs like Aurier and even Davies you need all the help you can get!

    Fact is though we managed to get a goal and if we were able to keep clean sheets it would have been good enough to get all 3 points! Even playing badly we still dominated possession away from home and scored – it should be good enough for a top 4 team and more so for one with even higher aspiration’s than that!

    Back to being repetitive but we need defensive signings this summer – a RB, a DMC and a LCB are desperately needed and Davies for example needs to really up his game so that we don’t need to go looking for a LB also! The same to be said of all the defender’s in our squad – not good enough – must try much harder, etc!

    I will add that the referee and VAR were just as atrocious – I thought it hit Lucas on the back not the arm – impossible to see properly IMHO – goal should have stood – great turn and finish by HK10 by the way (leading by example) and still managed to get his goal – Hero as JM said recently! Also why was Norwood not sent off for a 2nd yellow for elbowing Sonny in the first half? He looked worried enough but low and behold the ref’s give us a decision like that – no chance – we’re not Man U/Chelski, etc are we?!

    Rant over and out – we don’t deserve to be in Europe next season – let us concentrate efforts on the basic, bread and butter like – Premiership end of…..!

  • ND – I’d still keep Davy and give him a chance in a new look defence for next season and in the future – at 24 there’s still time and if he cuts out the errors and can be put in a regular and reliable back 4 he might even flourish finally. He’s got it all to succeed as I stated yesterday and again as I just said he still has time on his hands! Aurier I’m pretty much finished with, get a new RB and have Tanganga offer competition and cover as appropriate. Lamela again I’ve still got time for – yesterday came on and as usual was lively and helped set up the goal with a beautiful cross pass to Sonny!

  • I am not going to add to all the moans and groans, because they are all spot on, yes I will add…I GIVE UP! COYS

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