Date: 1st April 2021 at 6:00pm
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Is it just me or does it feel like this end of March international break has gone on forever. Never fear though, there’s only a few sleeps left until Tottenham Hotspur make the trip up to St James’ Park to face Steve Bruce’s battling Newcastle United side.

Unless I’ve missed something during my little Vital Spurs hiatus as I’m not a huge international fan, short of maybe some tiredness I don’t believe any players will return worse for wear and that should give us a decent chance to make it back to back Premier League wins again after yet another recent wobble in our form and performance levels that also saw us booted out of the Europa League.

Manager Jose Mourinho will be unable to call on Ben Davies, but we’ll have to see what the later injury update says when it comes to Son Heung-Min, Matt Doherty and Sergio Reguilon. Erik Lamela will return following suspension.

17th placed Newcastle might not have won in their last five, but they are keeping their heads above the drain and have proven tricky for plenty of sides this year, even if they aren’t exactly potent or that threatening on the attack.

As ever though, this is the sort of side that on paper we know we are capable of blowing away, yet we all season long it’s the kind of game that has been our Achilles heel and we’ve struggled to perform in.

All eyes to Sunday as we can still end what was once a promising 2020/21 campaign on a high and with something to cheer about.







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254 Replies to “Match Thread – Can Jose Get The Better Of Brucie As Spurs Travel To Newcastle”

  • I see it has been confirmed officially that there will be 8000 fans allowed in to watch the Carabao cup final with a number of fans from both club sides and the rest made up of locals and NHS staff.

  • Just to say…..I find this catholic/protestant issue in NI so sad and it is worrying to see the rioting happening again these past few days. I’ve no doubt the action by extremists in England with their ‘kill the bill’ riots have given those in NI the excuse to come out and follow suit but for their own reasons.

    Stay safe Niall and any others living in that area.

  • Extremists, anarchists, minorities rule in this country, there I have said it, last for me on this very awkward subject.

    As for today, all the stars aligning again, so two things come to mind…..

    1 – Will we take advantage of the alignment at St James Park?

    2 – Will we eff it up again? as per the normal out come for us in these situations and carry on being S*****y.

    I hope for our sakes it is 2. COYS

  • A huge sorry to all you fans out there, I said “hope for our sakes it is 2” doh nut! I meant 1, what a pleb lol! I must still be feeling umm! do not know what am feeling. COYS

  • Is this Vital Politics I’m on? Or Vital Religion? Or is it Vital Poets Corner?

    I am an anti-Christ…. I am an anarchist…. Vital Sex Pistols?!

    It all kicks off in an hour and a half from now!

    No, not the revolution! Magpies v Spurs!

    No bloody riots to be seen here boys n girls. Just a football match!

    NU 0-6 THFC!

    Up the Lily-White Army!

    Power to the People…… Of Spurs!

  • TQ
    Thanks for the kind thoughts, the “trouble” here is a world away from me (thank goodness).
    It’s all about knowing where to go, like I suppose almost every country.
    The trouble has (in part) to do with brexit and not getting easy access to the British (mainland) markets, where traders have to go thru “customs” to trade in their own country, stuff is a bit more difficult to obtain as Europe is being awkward, we can’t for example get plants from the main land because of the soil(fek)
    Also there is a perceived, thought that a large of those in our “government” broke COVID rules, whilst telling us to keep to them, by a large number attending a funeral, there was a whole debacle with fines etc, but basically they got off,
    Of course they were one side of the divide, now the other side are up in arms because they got away with it. Long story folks sorry to bore the tits off you.
    For me I’d like to get my tomato plants please.
    I fekin hate politics.
    But love footie,
    Not sue what to think re the Arse /Pool result part of me is extatic, part of me hoping it’s not a springboard for (my 2nd most hated team) Pool. But we win today and keep winning, there ain’t much else we can do, common Suprs the stars are in line.

  • Not long now… I hope we will see the spurs playing a fast attacking / pressing game and score 2 goals minimum and a clean sheet. We have a chance again to get back to top 4 and his time take it and keep going to last game. We will need to win 8 games to make sure of the CL. COYS

  • Son not starting today? Is he still injured. I thought I saw yesterday that Mourinho said he was ready to play. What’s the story with this. match just starting this minute. COYS.

  • at least we got an early shot on goal. maybe mourinho won’t force them to play in a bus parking lot today. COYS

  • we could see that coming since the start of the match. mourinho’s got us playing like he wants to lose his job. we’re down a goal and it could be down by two.

  • kane thanks to the gods. thanks to the gods he’s still with us. but seriously, we easily could be down by two.

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