Date: 1st April 2021 at 6:00pm
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Is it just me or does it feel like this end of March international break has gone on forever. Never fear though, there’s only a few sleeps left until Tottenham Hotspur make the trip up to St James’ Park to face Steve Bruce’s battling Newcastle United side.

Unless I’ve missed something during my little Vital Spurs hiatus as I’m not a huge international fan, short of maybe some tiredness I don’t believe any players will return worse for wear and that should give us a decent chance to make it back to back Premier League wins again after yet another recent wobble in our form and performance levels that also saw us booted out of the Europa League.

Manager Jose Mourinho will be unable to call on Ben Davies, but we’ll have to see what the later injury update says when it comes to Son Heung-Min, Matt Doherty and Sergio Reguilon. Erik Lamela will return following suspension.

17th placed Newcastle might not have won in their last five, but they are keeping their heads above the drain and have proven tricky for plenty of sides this year, even if they aren’t exactly potent or that threatening on the attack.

As ever though, this is the sort of side that on paper we know we are capable of blowing away, yet we all season long it’s the kind of game that has been our Achilles heel and we’ve struggled to perform in.

All eyes to Sunday as we can still end what was once a promising 2020/21 campaign on a high and with something to cheer about.







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254 Replies to “Match Thread – Can Jose Get The Better Of Brucie As Spurs Travel To Newcastle”

  • Whey, hey, hey first post
    I just think we’ll be too much for Newcastle, I feel they have lost their way, their belief, their competiveness, Bruce is like a rabbit in the head lights stumbling from one result to the other.
    They have 11 people on the pitch but not certainly not a team.

  • Well done N D
    Unfortunately these games which we ought to win comfortably rarely seem to happen .
    I have no confidence that we will win which is rather sad as we ought to put the Magpies to bed by HT.
    Wait to be impressed but will hold my breath !!

  • I thought you were describing us but got confused about who manages who Niall. 🙂

    Of course you are right, the Toons have been very poor but we all know how we often slip up against sides that are on a poor run!

  • Cheers Allan but I just think we will be too much for them I don’t really see any position where they are better than us. I also think that we will be back to free flowing Tottenham, I hope to see Bale back in the mix with possible Dele. I just think Newcastle are in free fall, as HT says one of their strikers is an 8 goal a season man in Wilson, I just don’t see them getting it together, plus we owe them for their very very lucky result last time, 4-0 to Spurs.

  • Another banana skin game for spurs… we are better than them, and yet we dont win these type of games as much as we should. So as they got that lucky penalty from dier at WHL we should look to get all 3 points. Spurs win 2-0. COYS

  • We need to use these matches as preparations for our great run at the Thai Energy Drink Cup in thee weeks and three days. The only chance to keep our manager is to win that match, so this Sunday and all the other matches until then must be thought of as preparations for the great day that JosĂ© leads us to the cup win that saves his job. Come on Newcastle, give us a real run. We’re getting ready for Mourinho to lead us the the great Thai Energy Drink Cup. Every drink needs a cup or the liquid makes a frightful mess. Don’t spill the drink and lose JosĂ©. He’s the best thing we’ve had since Georgie Graham, and Georgie Graham didn’t even invent bus parking. He tried, though, he tried. Raise a flag in salute, oh side judge.

    Prediction: ) x 1 Spurs from the 20th minute until the 89th minute, when the newbies score to take two points away from us, thus keep the recent Mourinho record consistent.

  • make that 0 x 1 Spurs until the 89th minute…

    apologies for the sloppy typing and lack of proof reading.

  • It is agreed that we have of late slipped up v the free fall/lesser teams, but for me, this time it will not happen, we will win, full stop. COYS

  • Should be a very interesting game, they badly need the points. Cannot predict a result for this one

    Bale out Hazard in ?

  • To me, it seems ridiculous to suggest that winning the Carabao cup, is in itself enough keep Jose in his job beyond this season. Or that losing it means he will surely be fired. That is way too simplistic, imo.

    Chelsea fired him after winning titles. United fired him not long after winning both the Carabao cup and the EL final.

    Levy will keep JM if he thinks he can improve us to be so much better for the following season. And win or lose at Wembley, if Levy is not convinced that things will improve greatly with JM, then he will fire him.

    But if things do improve this season and we finish in the top 4 as well as winning the C cup. Then I’m sure there will be many supporters that will be just as unhappy with Levy to see Jose go, if he does then fire him. As there are those that will be gutted to see him stay.

  • HT.. Levy is between a rock and a hard place / dammed if he does dammed if he doesn’t…so to speak about jose tenure at spurs. Also the season results will force his decision in the summer months, as a rebuild of the squad is urgently needed, and can jose work on a budget / will players accept him after 18 mths of his time at spurs treatment of certain players….and his antics?

  • HT…..your correct in your post there.

    b108spurs….ditto above, but your “rock n a hard place” spot on.

    Both the two of you’s summations/posts are correct, regards our Mr Levy, esp pleasing 50% of the fans either way, but this is normal for us isn’t it, some unhappy, some happy, dammed if he does, dammed if he doesn’t.

    The everyday life of a Spurs fan eh! lol! COYS

  • Looks as though we have lost the chance to sign up Eddie Howe to replace Moanino. We definitely need a modern, forward thinking coach to inspire some life into our club. How long will it be before Levy realises his ghastly mistake. Eating humble pie is the only way forward. Act now.

  • HT,

    I think that people are saying that Mourinho is far less likely to be fired if Spurs win the Thai Energy Drink Cup because of a general belief that Mourinho has a performance clause in his contract that makes it far more expensive to fire the bastardo if he wins a cup. DL is more likely to can the bastardo if he isn’t paying a penalty for so doing. That’s based on another rumour that DL is a cheap bastardo. If it were up to me I’d pack Mourinho on an empty Thai Energy Drink can and makes sure he’s canned and gone to the garbage dump. Do they sell Carabao in cans? Perfect for canning the miserable man.

    I don’t think a call to can the man is mean spirited at all. He can slink off with millions plus in his various bank accounts. Tchau, JosĂ©. Vai embora. Fora!

  • HT totally get your point, Ive read other website where the comments are very much in support of JM, more so than this site where there are many against a few in support and one or two on the fence.
    For me even if he were to win the Carabo Cup and top four, he should still go, with his “professional credentials” in tact and as they say over here, he can go and haunt some other house.
    But it wouldnt be beyond speculation that if this were to happen, that he could remain at Tottenham until as usual he outstay his welcome.

  • Happy chocolate time, lads. Here’s a chocolate-time story. It’s football related because …. I watch football!

    My mate Barney’s a bit of a battler … like most of us. He does his best to make ends meet, but now and again he has to tighten up his budget. Christmas, birthdays, Easter, are all bad times when you don’t have much cash and there’s an excited child close by asking for the world. Barney, to his credit, solved the Easter cash problem several years ago. Kids love playing games. Barney knows this because he used to be a kid. So … some time ago, when his teenager was much younger, Barney told his child that on Easter day they would play a great game. He said that he was going to hide some big chocolate eggs around the house and garden and the lucky child could have every one that was found. Great! The kid thought this was a fine idea. Kids are weird like that. Barney thought that his child would never find all the eggs and so they could be used again the next year, cutting down on the overall cost of the Easter Bunny’s visit. Then Barney had another thought. He didn’t actually need to hide any eggs at all to play this game, in which case his Easter spending would be zero and even he could afford that. Barney’s teenager (at thirteen it’s the child’s first year at the job and so there’s a deficit in experience) still has a great time looking for the eggs every Easter. It hasn’t quite occurred to the child why no eggs have been found over the last couple of years, but, I guess, as all true sporting people are aware … it’s playing the game that counts. Anyway, Barney, who enjoys watching his teenager’s bemused (yet ever-hopeful) frustration during the annual egg search, continues to financially survive the Easter chocolate invasion, and his child continues to have the healthiest looking teeth in town. : – )

    Easter is not the same without watching Spurs on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Times change!

  • Brent Council has announced that there will be supporters attending the Carabao Cup final. Apparently it will be about 8,000 in total.

    Tickets will be offered to local NHS staff and residents, but with a limited allocation for THFC supporters as well. It’s uncertain just now if there will be any allocation for City supporters, to travel down from Manchester.

    So at least the place and the game will have a bit more atmosphere to it on the day.

    What is a live football match without its supporters in attendance? Just 22 geezers or girls running around kicking a ball about and shouting at each other, ain’t it?

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