Date: 12th June 2018 at 8:00pm
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It’s been a very good few days as a Tottenham fan. Harry Kane’s new deal on Friday has been closely followed by news yesterday that Dele is close to signing a new £100k a week contract. Things got even better today with the announcement that Spain boss Julen Lopetegui will be Real Madrid’s new manager.

Even those who had lingering doubts about Mauricio Pochettino staying will have been put at ease. Long-term security is a breeding ground for success, and it now falls on Daniel Levy and the recruitment team to get things right in the transfer department.

After all, Poch is reportedly keen to get our transfer business out of the way early this summer, and with the window closely almost a month earlier this year, that means we have much less time to get things moving and transfers finalised.

There can be no excuses for not getting deals done early in July following the World Cup. If we have a list of transfer targets prepared (as we should have), first bids should not be far away.

Of course, there are always mitigating circumstances. Negotiations with some clubs can be arduous and drawn out. Levy as a negotiator tends to drive a hard bargain for our players but in the same measure, try to drive down the price of any signing which lends itself to lengthy discussions that take weeks instead of days.

This year though, with time of the essence, I’m hoping for a slightly different approach. Whether a leopard can change its spots, I don’t know, but it would certainly be better for the club if Levy can mix up his negotiating style somewhat.

Even though the move hasn’t worked out, the model of how we signed Fernando Llorente from Swansea last summer could be used for how we do dealings. We signed the player from under Chelsea’s noses who were haggling over the fee.

The player was someone Pochettino needed so we matched the Swans’ asking price and sealed the deal. The time pressure of the deadline day move no doubt sped up negotiations. Hopefully, the shorter transfer window this summer will have a similar effect and get Levy moving.

For sure, there is always a risk of another Llorente where we overpay for a misfit, but at the same time, we could easily get in early before our rivals and secure a deal that could prove rewarding for the long-term instead.


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  • Our problem in this and every other TW is that we are largely reactive and rarely proactive. We watch market activity from the sidelines, and try to pick up crumbs and left overs in the final day or two of the window. Have we got specific targets, if we have why do we not go in with a genuine attempt to sign them, rather than “fiddle whilst Rome burns” , watching whilst others sign. What has happened to the opportunism that saw us sign the likes of Luca Modric and Gareth Bale virtually unopposed.

  • The model of how we bought Llorente? Waiting till the last day of the transfer window buying an over the hill CF who was never going to fit the system.

    It was a poor buy and I sure hope we don’t use this strategy again.

    The way we signed Toby, Wana, Davies, and Trippier was much better. Signed at good times during a transfer window and for decent fee’s.

  • Guys, who knows who we target and what approach and when, is made. Do you believe the papers when they suggest we are targeting some player but we never hear about them anymore? Suppose we were but when we inquired the club said they were not interested in selling? Even when we were dead set on buying that speedy forward a couple of years ago where the club was asking a ridiculous fee of some £25mm and levy offered £15mm then £18mm and the deal went bust. Where is that player now? He’s been shite since then, that’s goodness we didn’t bust the bank for him. Yes we’ve made mistakes but we’ve also got a few gems. My feeling is that Aurier and Maura are going to be top notch players for us this year as well as KWP. A couple of quality players before July 5th would be excellent business.

  • I do find some of these comments amusing. You want to sign a player quickly ? pay whatever the selling club asks even if that’s twice what he’s worth. You can see how clubs conduct business with United and Toby. They want to buy him but don’t want to pay what we are asking. So now we get a barrage of stories about how they really don’t want him after all and no sign of a bid as they try and wear Levy down. Its business.

  • Imagine starting this current window already knowing your main signings are already in place. Other clubs do.

    Personally, I like the Goretzka and Keita transfer models. Bayern and Liverpool got the pre-contract agreement in place and I’m not sure what down payment money passed at that stage. They then went into this summer already knowing who they were signing and how much it will cost. It’s subtly different from buying and loaning a player back but you have the same assurances they will be joining you in one or two windows time.

    Spurs need to get into that proactive model and stop this nonsense. It works both ways as well. Personally, I’d rather get my head around losing a player like Eriksen knowing that he would be joining RM or Barca in the future and he’d be ours for now. That means you can plan for his departure proactively.

    In this window, if there is no main targets available then we should go and put these deals in place for guys like de Ligt, Sessegnon, Neves etc now. If not now, then be ready to pounce in Jan. Most of us are sick of players like Llorente passing through our club and the horse trading in the last week of the window. Let’s use a bit of nous and change our transfer model.

  • That is not a transfer model as you call it muttley. It can’t realistically be a regular way of doing business for any club.

    Everything involving a transfer deal has to be mutual for the several involved parties. There are so many variables and different situations possible, that I’ll not even bother starting a list of them…

  • HT – We’ve seen Liverpool use it to bring players in from Europe. We’ve seen it used domestically in Germany. What I’m thinking is understand the stage payments model and the contractual paperwork and figuring out what changes need to be made. Pre-payments and accruals already exist on P&L’s so that’s not a problem. Players are intangible assets in a very well known, and controversial accounting model. That can be catered for. It’s the FA rules where I see the grey area. If we were to put in the paperwork for Sessegnon joining Spurs for the start of next season, can they process the paperwork now? I would hope so, otherwise all clubs should be lobbying hard for that model to be put in place. Then there’s other things like signing on fees and agents fees etc. All that is manageable with clear guidelines.

    This would probably take a shift in how we allocate our transfer budget and I wouldn’t mind betting that you have to break the cycle we’re currently in once to make that a very feasible model for THFC. I’m not advocating throwing our whole transfer budget into this model but using a hybrid approach would take us to a better place.

  • jvd – you mixing 2 different things there: how we get a deal done, and how good the player turns out to be.

    We’ve signed players fast who have gong on to be successes (VdV) and failures (Llorente).

    We’ve had drawn out negotiations for good players (Toby) and bad ones (N’Koudou).

    We’ve tried to play hard ball and missed on good players (Batshuayi) and bad ones (Berahino).

    The 2 are unrelated.

    But the merits of signing players early is having a settled squad and players who get to participate in preseason. Some players like Son have taken far too long to have an impact despite being good players, and some of that could have been avoided by signing the players early.

    The bad players will be bad no matter what. The good ones may start poorly because of the timing of the deal.

  • Talking of Son, do people know that the Asian Games have a football section that runs from Aug 15 to Sep 1. Apparently, if South Korea don’t do well in the WC, then their players will want to fill the over age slots and try to win that tournament. That would exempt them from national service. Just wondering whether Son will be AWOL again for the first couple of weeks of the season like he was for the Olympics.

  • So where did the idea of a ‘transfer model’ come from? What is it? Has someone invented a new terminology? And if there were such a thing, does that mean that two clubs with different models can’t do business. It’s far simpler than that …. in a more complicated kind of way!

    I agree with HT. Transfers involve complicated negotiations between clubs during which many variables affect the outcome. A hard and fast model within which to operate does not suit transfer dealings and could easily prove counter-productive. Just my thoughts.

    However, we do need a model for taking corners, avoiding red cards, and ordering a beer at half-time. Actually, I can think of a few ‘models’ I would like to adopt but I’d probably end up being arrested.

  • hahahaha! love it, so many different opinions on our transfer policy, who/when/why etc, so many, keep it up boys, some great reads though, me! I am just a wait and see type geyser. COYS

  • What’s the wording got to do with anything? Model, transfer, strategy….pick your own word that gives you a fuzzy, warm feeling inside. I don’t give 2 hoots.

    The way we do transfers is currently sub-optimal and our own manager must agree as he’s been on record publicly talking about how difficult it is to manage pre-season. We’ve got off to a less than great league start in most of the last 5 league campaigns and that is a pretty decent indicator. In response, the club has also strongly implied that it is looking to be more proactive in getting business done early. That’s good enough for me, and now I want to see the results by the time pre-season starts in 3 weeks. We still have time on our side at this point.

  • Muttley … I wasn’t having a shot at you (although I can see how it appeared that way and so I apologise for that). I just have this fascination with words and how they are used, as you may have noticed! It comes from decades of writing poetry …. which is my excuse. lol

  • Geof – No worries, wasn’t thinking that anyway but thanks for checking. Just slightly bemused how a genuine proposal for a “new transfer territory” (i.e. the title of this thread) was dismissed out of hand and became a thread about nomenclature instead.

    Perhaps it’s the nomenclature that Daniel Levy gets stuck on in the contracts that takes so long 🙂

  • muttley – maybe because it’s easier to divert the discussion away from sensitive subjects… It might invite questioning, or even criticism, of the way we operate.

    And VS doesn’t like that very much.

  • Sensitive subjects?

    We’re talking of Levy and transfers, not child poverty…

    Myself and Geof have so far been the only ones to give an opinion on muttley’s model. Hardly a diversion. Just a genuine response…

    What do you have to say on it?

  • muttley has phrase it perfectly:

    “The way we do transfers is currently sub-optimal and our own manager must agree as he’s been on record publicly talking about how difficult it is to manage pre-season. We’ve got off to a less than great league start in most of the last 5 league campaigns and that is a pretty decent indicator. In response, the club has also strongly implied that it is looking to be more proactive in getting business done early.”

    As opposed to him though, that isn’t good enough for me and I have every inclination to doubt that we are going to operate the transfer market more effectively this year, if history is anything to go by. The only saving grace is that the TW shuts before the season starts, so we’ll be obliged to finish our business somewhat earlier, probably not in time for preseason, but before the first PL game..

  • Hey, BS, we’ll see… There’s a few weeks left yet.

    Not every single player we may be after will be at the WC and therefore that won’t necessarily cause a problem or delay. And not every one that is at the WC will be going all the way to the Final… That is unless we are only after Belgians and Englishman, of course…. LOL

  • Players at the world cup will still be able to discuss potential moves. It’s not like they will be training 12 plus hours a day. Most of the time they won’t have jack to do. They have agents doing all of the dirty work anyway.

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